Highland Capital Management is the brainchild of two established business executives James Dondero and Mark Okada. The company has provided financial management and consultancy services to clients in a wide range of industries including pension plans, fund of funds and international corporations. It all began with the formation of a joint venture in with Protective Life Insurance whose main focus was the fixed income markets and senior secured bank loans. In 1993, this venture blossomed into Protective Asset Management Company giving it a wider scope and more responsibilities in management markets.
Over the years, Highland Capital has grown into a reliable market leader in various areas. One of its pioneer products is Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market which has been enhanced by working with institutional and financial retailers around the globe.
Highland Capital has an estimated $10 billion worth of assets under its watch, a huge responsibility that must be managed with aptitude and great levels of professionalism. With a team of over 180 employees in various places around the globe, the Dallas based company is well aligned for its mandate.Its branches are spread across New York City, São Paulo, Singapore, and Seoul.
One of the strategies that have kept Highland Capital ahead of the competition is a diversified portfolio through which it offers several products. From High-end Credit, long and short equity to healthcare products, the company has focused on several markets
One of the areas in which Highland Capital has lately given a key interest is healthcare.With equity, fixed income and loan assets under management totaling more than $2 billion in healthcare alone, it remains a force to reckon with especially in the wake of ranging policy changes in the health care sector. A team of nine sector specialists and analysts sit on Highland’s health care management. Their role includes monitoring of over 400 stocks in areas including medical technology, pharmaceuticals/biotechnology, life science tools and healthcare services.
The emergence of capital management as a preferred way of harnessing opportunities has led to a diversification of ideas and consolidation of skills that aim at the best results. As financial literacy widens and investment opportunities grow, services of organizations such as Highland Capital Management gain prominence.

James Dondero- a Smart Investor with a Heart for Dallas People

James Dondero is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management, and he also serves as its president. He is well known for being the most philanthropist investor in Dallas. Dondero is always ready to give back to the society in areas that deal with education, public policies, and in Veterans affairs for people living in Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Dondero co-founded Highland Capital in 1993. His successful contribution to Highland Capital can be credited to his long-term experience in equity market and credit. He also serves as the Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, MGM Studios, and American Banknote.

James Dondero’s career began in 1984 at Morgan Guaranty Training Program as an analyst. He then worked as Corporate Bond Analyst. He moved to American Express as the Portfolio manager. Before founding Highland Capital, James worked as the Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. He helped the business to grow to a startup up of $2 billion in 5 years. James studied at the University of Virginia where he pursued a degree in Finance and Accounting. He is also a Certified Management Accountant.

James Dondero has a huge influence in the charity sector. Together with his friends, he supports several charity activities like Perot Museum of Natural Science, Snowball Express, George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute and many more.

He has been an asset to Highland Capital because of his genius strategy of advocating for distressed investing. Highland Capital is famously known in providing solutions to investors who are facing credit problems.

In 1993, Highland Capital established Protective Asset Management Company. It is valued at $16 billion in assets under their management. James Dondero has made sure that the company continues to be innovative. In 2000, the company was the first one to come up with Commingled Bank Loan.

Dondero has worked hard to ensure that funds associated with his management have scooped an award. These include the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities in 2014, the Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation in 2014, and the Morningstar’s number 1 ranked Healthcare Short/Long Equity Fund in 2015.

James Dondero stands out as one of the most charitable and successful investors in Dallas.

Ricardo Tosto, the Legal Expert in Brazil

The legitimate calling in Brazil is administered by the Order of Lawyers, identical to the bar or law society in most English-talking nations. The nation’s legitimate framework is considerate law based, which means it depends vigorously on understanding of systematized laws and not on lawful point of reference and law, which are more imperative in customary law nations. The Order of Lawyers is an automatic association which controls admission to the legitimate calling. Each state has an area of the Order, and a uniform law oriented scrutinization is important to pick up affirmation.

Admission to the Order of Lawyers requires a law degree, which for the most part requires five years of study. There is no post-graduate experience prerequisite, despite the fact that graduate school educational module require a temporary job or reasonable experience. As of late, bar pass rates have been to a great degree low, with many applicants rehashing the exam a few times before at long last succeeding and more information click here.

As in most respectful law purviews, the law is a to a great degree scholarly field in Brazil. Prior to the principal Brazilian colleges were established in the 1930s, graduate schools were among the most imperative social organizations in the nation. Law is a standout amongst the most focused majors at educational cost free state funded colleges, with trying legal counselors taking confirmations exam pack courses for a considerable length of time while in secondary school.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a pioneer in the Brazilian lawful group. Mr. Tosto started as a performance specialist and in a brief timeframe moved toward becoming turned into a global figure in high-stakes corporate suit. His firm,Leite, Tosto, and Barros is among the 500 driving firms in the nation. He went to graduate school at Mackenzie Presbyterian University in Sao Paulo, graduating with unique excellence, and went ahead to manufacture the lofty firm with workplaces in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Brasilia. The full-benefit firm practices in an extensive variety of territories, particularly credit recuperation and open law, and in addition general case and his Website.


Mr. Tosto is likewise a refined creator who has distributed a unique, imaginative work investigates a recorded trial from a contemporary viewpoint. Tosto’s book, The Trial of Tiradentes, measures the proof in the popular plot to topple the Portuguese pioneer government in Brazil and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.


Rising to the Occasion: Celebrating Reliability with Talos Energy

We require energy for most of the societal operations to become successful. Whereas society is currently adopting energy from renewable sources, the world is still heavily dependent on non-renewable sources. Since the 19th Century, the need for fossil fuels has grown tremendously. To this end, nations and companies alike have been forced to keep up with the ever increasing demand by finding better and efficient ways of gaining access to crude oil. To this end, corporations that deal with offshore oil and gas drilling have been on the rise, companies like Talos Energy. In spite of Talos Energy starting small, it has grown into a global venture worth your applause. Talos is a corporation that started off with an initial investment of $600 million but has since grown and extended its state of the art services to the rest of the world.


For more than eight decades, the Gulf of Mexico has gotten monopolized by state owned agencies that deal with gas and oil exploration. However, the introduction of Talos Energy into the oil and gas exploration industry in the Gulf of Mexico has given a company like Petroleos Mexicanos a run for its money. By partnering with formidable forces like Premier Oil Plc and Sierra Oil & Gas, Talos Energy through the watchful eye of Ash Shepherd and Tim Duncan has sunk the Zama-1 Well in the Gulf of Mexico. From its proceeds, Talos Energy recently gained possession of Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc. at a substantial cost of $620 million. However, since drilling is still ongoing, analysts project that the entire project will be a huge success in the end.


So far, Talos Energy has thrived from ingenious strategies coupled with the financial support it gets from institutions like the Apollo Global Management LLC, Talos Management, and Riverstone Holdings LLC. With Talos Energy being the second largest shareholder after Sierra Oil & Gas, it possesses much potential to cause a great impact in oil and gas exploration across the Gulf of Mexico. It is only a matter of time before Talos Energy breaks the mark and unlocks tonnes of oil and gas prospects in the region.

The Functions of MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental is a dental practice management company that has its headquarters in Carrollton, Texas. The company was started in 2009 by Steve Villanueva. Since it began its operation, MB2 Dental has expanded to become a top dental company that operates in 6 states in the US which include New Mexico, Tennessee, Alaska, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Currently, MB2 Dental has over 60 affiliates and with big dental specialists such as Dr. Akhil Reddy who has helped in introducing an important lifeline when it comes to dental solutions of high profile.The main aim of MB2 Dental was to alleviate the hurdles that are brought about by inadequate professionalism in the dentistry pool. The dentists who are affiliated with the firm are normally exposed to a huge network of acquiring career growth opportunities, learning as well as mentoring.

An independent organization, MB2 Dental depends wholly on the associated clinics’ financial input. The organization now deals with IT services, dental credentialing, accounting, Human staffing, legal issues, business development, training and procurement as well as compliance.A seasoned dentist, Dr. Akhil Reddy works from his office in Fort Worth., Texas. He is among the most recommended dentists by MB2 Dental. Dr. Akhil has been a dentist for more than 9 years and has amassed lots of expertise and experience in the practice. He closely works with many different health cares B20B agencies of high quality. The career path of Dr. Akhil started when he worked at Hulen Mall Family Dental. While still working here, he managed to win various awards. Some of the services provided by Dr. Akhil Reddy include basic dental treatment, dental solutions and surgery.

He is a graduate of the Pacific University where he studied a Science Degree in Biology. Dr. Akhil completed 4 years of dental surgery training at the Pacific College and 2 more years in dentistry residence.A wine lover, Dr. Akhil Reddy wrote an article about 5 star French Wine Finds at affordable prices. According to Dr. Akhil, there are good wines which are not expensive. According to him, French wine has a lot of taste and a rich smell. Dr. Akhil goes on to say that a good wine has to bring out its taste of richness. Good wine is not determined by the price tag but by the fermenting mastery and type of grape used. When he is not being a dentist, Dr. Akhil Reddy sees himself as a wine connoisseur.


The innovative processes at The Cancer Treatments Centers of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has partnered with Nan Health and Allscripts implementing an innovative custom technical solution. The collaboration of this partnership will enable NanHealth and Eviti to easily access clinical workflows with Allscripts Sunrise Electronic Health Records (EHR). This innovative clinical process will enable the Clinical Pathways to access The Cancer Treatment processes without interrupting the physical workflow.
Nantos, a direct interface of the clinical operating system was designed by hundreds of oncologist throughout the nation. Nantos also has a comprehensive collection of evolving cancer care data.
The Cancer Treatment Center of America was founded in 1988 by Richard Stephenson. In 1982 Stephenson mother lost her battle with cancer. Stephenson embarked on the mission to start The Cancer Treatment of America because he was not satisfied with the treatment that she received during her battle with cancer. His ultimate goal was to create a better experience with cancer patients, which empowers them giving them hope and multiple options to choose from.
The Cancer Treatment Center of America is a for-profit network located in Boca Raton, Florida. The Cancer Treatment Center of America now has five hospitals throughout the United States. The five locations are located in major Metropolitan areas such as Tulsa, Oklahoma, Chicago, Illinois, Phoenix, Arizona, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and a location located near Atlanta, Georgia.
Each Cancer Treatment Center of America has a state-of-the-art cancer center, which is fully staffed with qualified cancer experts. The staff utilizes advanced treatments and leading –edge technologies to deliver the best treatments for their patients. The CTCA uses innovative treatment models with a conventional approach with chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and surgeries.
The CTCA has earned a Five Star quality rating by the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services. The CTCA is recognized as the leading health care organization which includes the American College of Radiology and the Association of Community Cancer Centers.

Nathaniel Ru Talks About What Sweetgreen Means for Him

When Nathaniel Ru and his friends were still in college, they set out to make some major changes to the way that college students were able to eat, learn and live. This was something that they were committed to and something that they knew they would be able to do to help other college students have a better experience in their time while they were in school.

It was something that solved a problem not only for Nathaniel Ru and his friends but also for the millions of other college students who were all around the country.

Sweetgreen is an alternative to fast food. It is fast and affordable but it is also healthy. Nathaniel Ru believes that everything you do should last longer so that you are able to enjoy the benefits from it. He believes the same about Sweetgreen and plans to make the company last a long time into the future.

He is hoping that he will be able to make things better for the people who want to enjoy food but who are also in a hurry or who may not have a lot of money to be able to buy pricey gourmet natural food.

While Sweetgreen may be considered a salad bar to some people, Nathaniel Ru knows that it is much more than that. Each new restaurant that is opened is designed by its own architect.

It is made to seamlessly blend with the community around it and that helps to keep Sweetgreen a major part of the community that they are a part of. It also helps to keep the people who are working there a part of the community and can make things easier for everyone who is a part of the company.

Nathaniel Ru plans to make Sweegreen grow. He wants to see it in new areas and in different locations. Since Sweetgreen is primarily on the East Coast, Nathaniel Ru has big plans to expand it to other areas.

He is going to do this so that he can make sure that things are going to work for him and for the people who enjoy the restaurant. He believes that everyone deserves access to food that is clean, healthy, affordable and convenient.

He knows that, no matter what he does, the point of Sweetgreen will always be to help people and to show them what they can do in different situations.

Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:


Porfirio Sanchez Galindo: A Diplomat with Excellent Corporate Leadership Skills

While working as an economic advisor in the Mexican Finance Ministry for over six years, Porfirio Sanchez Galindo gained more than professional experience in economic analysis. He also acquainted himself with the important insight on how economies work. He also gained insider information on how businesses can leverage some of the inherent risks in the business environment and exploit emerging economic opportunities. This professional experience played a key role in his joining Televisa and the subsequent appointment to head the newly formed subsidiary of the media conglomerate: Editorial Televisa.

Career Background

For six years, Porfirio Sanchez Galindo gained valuable experience in government economic operations and policies while working as the chief of staff to the then Mexican Minister for Finance, Francisco Gil Diaz. He was primarily tasked with offering economic analysis and advisory services to the minister as his chief advisor. He left his diplomatic position in 2006 and was quickly snapped up by Televisa before he could join World Bank. For over ten years, he has served as the company’s chief economist where he is tasked with overseeing all of the company’s economic analysis and strategies. He was also appointed to serve as the company’s corporate vice president and chief of staff.

It was a remarkable transition into corporate leadership after serving for several years a confidant in the government. His star continued to shine as his career has continued to take an upward trajectory at Televisa. Following the establishment of Editorial Televisa, a subsidiary of Televisa, Porfirio Sanchez Galindo was appointed to serve as the entity’s chief executive officer. He has been at the helm of the subsidiary since 2015.

Academic Background and Skills

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is a multi-skilled corporate leader with excellent background in his area of professional specialization. He is a bilingual with fluency in Spanish and English. He also has excellent business strategy skills. His vast experience has also equipped him with excellent strategic planning skills. He attended the prestigious Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics in 1998. He also studied a short course in 2012 at Carnegie Mellon University’s Institute for Software Research. He also studied a short course in executive education in 2011 at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

The Life of Cassio Audi as a Musician

Cassio Audi made headlines in his music career. He was a member of Viper band and worked alongside Pit Passarrel, Yves Passarrel, Filipe Machado and Andre Matos. The band was formed in 1985 and by 1987, it was already popular in the Brazilian music industry upon release of their second album Soldiers of Sunrise. The band was nicknamed as Brazilian Iron Maiden and all the members of the band were recognized for their good music.

They received coverage on various magazines such as Metal Forces and Kerrang as well as invites to various shows in Brazil and before long they received attention from all over the world and did shows in different countries. Cassio Audi toured the world during this time as they performed in various cities. His good drumming skills were appreciated by the fans and he largely contributed to the success of the band. He stayed with the band for four years until 1989 before leaving to pursue his education. Cassio Audi is still passionate about music. Despite the fact that he chose a different career path that is quite demanding, he uses his free time to play with the former band members and his friends and family.

Cassio Audi believes that music gives him an opportunity to express himself in different ways. Thus, he appreciates the funs who still adore his music and is not willing to let go of his talent any time soon. His music gives hope to the listeners most of whom purchased their album or listen to the music online. His music evokes a good feeling about his country bringing into the mind of the listeners all the beautiful places in Brazil such as the jungles and beaches of the country. The music is an escape route for Cassio Audi, it makes him change lives and reach many people at the same time, and for this reason, he has chosen to hold onto music.

Vinny Parascandola Is The Leader Of One Of The Best Financial Companies

Vinny Parascandola is the Vice President of Finance at AXA Group. He oversees over 225 employees within the central New Jersey area. He is responsible for training the new sales agents as well as improving profit margin efficiency. You may find him working in Woodbridge, Morristown or Manasquan.

Vincent Parascandola was educated at the Lubin School of Business of Pace University. Although he got into the financial industry, his career path was originally Computer Science. Vincent still participates in university events and was the keynote speaker at the Pace University Commencement. His early career included Prudential Insurance and the Irving Trust Company.

Prior to his Vince President position, he worked as the Chief Sales Officer of the Continental Division in 2013. He was responsible for leading all employee recruiting projects for every branch in the United States. He had also managed the profitability of sales strategies used nationwide.

The AXA group is an asset protection company that originated in France. It is recognized as one of the major international financial companies on Earth. They set up plans to manage individual, family or corporate assets. They also have various insurance programs including life and health programs. They also have investments in other corporations including Microcred Group, Africa Internet Group and Jumia.

The Corporate Insight Monitor Awards awarded AXA for being one of the best in Client Management Services. The company received 6 awards in total during the ceremony. One of the awards was for a gold medal thanks to the superior user experience on their website. They had also maintained the number one spot for the monitor awards for three years straight. Their business has been always focused on personalized services for the clients. With the help of Vinny’s recruitment strategy, they have maintained a superior customer support team.

Axa also offers great services when it comes to large business financial strategies. They will with their business goals to direct the company into a more efficient and profitable path. They will also offer options to protect the assets of the company. The company will help organize employee benefits and retirement plans as well.

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