Guilherme Paulus Will Participate in Tourism Event in Paraná

Guilherme Paulus was born in the City of São Paulo, and as a young man Paulus attended college and graduated with a degree in business administration. Since then he has become one of the most influential businessmen in the tourism industry. Paulus founded the now very successful and well-know CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A in 1972. Once CVC had reached success in Latin America Guilherme Paulus transferred control to the Carlyle Group in 2009 and proceded to enter fully into the hotel business. Named after himself GJP Hotels and Resorts was founded in 2005 but had only one hotel in Gramado, and a resort in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná. With the administration of CVC not on his mind, Paulus acquired more hotels, and GJP now operates more than 23 hotels in Brazil and Portugal. In 2016 Guilherme Paulus founded a construction company, GJP Incorporadora & Constructora. For more information about Guilherme Paulus , view his Crunchbase profile.

Entrepreneur and tourism industry expert Guilherme Paulus, the founder of CVC, Brazil’s largest tourism operator, and GJP Hotels & Resorts, one of the largest national hotel chains, will be in Cascavel, Paraná, on Tuesday the 4th to participate in the Tourist Routes Forum as Territorial Development Strategies. The invitation was made by the council of Sustainable Economic Development of the municipality.

The event starts at 7:00 pm and will be in held in the city hall auditorium. The forum will bring together experts in the area of tourism. The intent is to hold a discussion about ways to leverage resources that Cascavel offers to attract visitors and investments. Guilherme Paulus will address the theme, Tourism as a strategy for economic development.

The rural tourist routes of the city and Cascavel as the regional center of the agrotourism are other subjects that will be discussed in the forum. These themes will be addressed by entrepreneurs Andréa Roque and Jaime Nascimento, respectively. The Tourist Routes Forum as Strategies for Territorial Development has the support of Cascavel Convention & Visitors Bureau, Cotriguaçu, Murog, Pezzini, and Tápia Human Development, Cascavel City Hall, Nova Fase Magazine, Sesi / Sistema Fiep e Sicoob.

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Celebrate National Coffee Day with Organo

September 29th will be observed as a National Coffee Day throughout America. The customers who are waiting for their orders of the products from the famous coffee company Organo should keep their coffee kettles and pots ready. Almost half of the total population in America and Canada is depending on the daily consumption of coffee. Therefore this day won’t be that different as much of the population have already made coffee a part of their daily routine.

Many of the famous coffee spots would be offering free coffee on this day making it more special. The celebration of this day would be observed in almost 20 states. This day is also observed to be a national holiday in more than ten states.

National Coffee Day was officially celebrated in the United States in the year 2005. The other day celebrated which is the International Coffee Day became official in the year 2015. This day is celebrated on 1st October. Many people celebrate this special day by drinking coffee, by sending cards to their loved ones, purchasing stickers related to coffee. People eat food which is made of coffee such as coffee shakes, coffee cakes, etc.

Organo, the famous coffee company celebrates this day every year. The company celebrates each day as a coffee day by selling their high-quality coffee to different distributes around the U.S and in other states. The company provides with different discounts and offers from the year 2013 when it was launched.

Serge Belamant- the founder of Blockchain Technologies

Serge Christian Pierre Belamant was born in the year 1953 in France. His father, a skilled tiler, migrated to South Africa together with his family at the age of 14 years. It was at this time when Serge Belamant learned reading and writing in English. He later joined Highlands North High school in South Africa’s capital, Johannesburg. He displayed brilliance throughout his school time and took part in various activities like rugby and athletics.

Later, Serge Belamant graduated and joined Witwatersrand University in order to pursue engineering. Although he changed his course to computer science with applied mathematics during his second year of study. He later moved to the University of South Africa to pursue information systems. He made a decision to join workforce at the age of 22. He was employed at a civil engineering company called Matrix. As he was working on software analysis on IBM computers and Cyber computers, he developed applications that analyzed levels of water in dams in South Africa.

Serge Belamant became the best analyst of the year in 1980. He was then appointed to fix performance problems in banks and he invented a new national ATM switch, which operated on fault resistant hardware and parallel processing system. He applied innovative techniques in developing a new switch for SASWITCH which enabled connection of all South African banks.

Serge Belamant founded the technology of blockchain. He is an innovative software and applications developer. His invention have fostered the financial sector. He got credited when he, for the first time, invented the blockchain technologies which formed the basis of creating massive cryptocurrencies. His achievements were spanned by the use of smart cards with a microcontroller that was able to create a distributed and independent transactional ledger. His technology enabled financial institutions, governments and people to securely and quickly process activities such as investments, deposits, withdrawals and payments.

Blockchain can be defined as a ledger of records linked with cryptography. Originally, blockchain technology was used to increase transparency, data accuracy and security of institutions and customers in financial services. He developed blockchain applications via the use of smart cards. The microprocessors in the smart cards functioned both online and offline.

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Nicholas Krafft is the Vice President of Global Business Development for L’Oreal USA. He has held this post from January 2014. Prior to this, he was the company’s Eastern Europe Deputy General Manager a post which he left in 2013. Between 2009 and 2011 he was the company’s General Manager. Before being promoted to this post, Mr. Krafft was L’Oreal Asia, Marketing Director and he held this post from August 2004 to December 2008. However, his illustrious career in the fashion company begun in December 2002 when he was employed as the Kerastase, Marketing Director.

L’Oreal Paris is a fashion and makeup company that has been at the forefront of ensuring that women look glamorous and smart for several years. The company’s aim has always been to convey beauty to individuals all around the world. This year the company held its Spring/Summer Fashion Week in Central Paris, River Seine.

The fashion runway was an amazing floating catwalk platform designed to stretch for 60 meters. This great fashion show displayed the diversity and creativity of Paris. The romantic and fashion conscious city is the inspiration behind L’Oreal Paris. The fashion event had a star-studded attendance which included famous actors, renowned models, fashion moguls, and other great personalities.

They included Marie Bochet who is the fresh brand ambassador of L’Oreal Paris. The champion of Paralympic skiing was debuting her runway skills. L’Oreal Paris had partnered with 13 fashion brands in order to make the event successful. They include great brands such as Miu Miu, Isabel Marant, Chopard jewelry, Sonia Rykiel, and Balmain.

The remarkable show was filmed by drones. Moreover, it was broadcasted concurrently in more than 30 countries. This was in a bid to aid L’Oreal Paris to spread all over the world. In addition, uninvited fashion enthusiasts, tourists, and even observers were able to view the star-studded show from the giant screens which were set up. 70 innovative makeup and hairstyles were showcased by a renowned makeup artist from L’Oreal and a popular hair artist.

About Nicholas Krafft:

Krafft attended the University of St. Gallen between 1990 and 1995. He studied Business Management in the institution. Thereafter he attended the INSEAD Business School for the World in 2006 for a Corporate General Management Programme.

Deirdre Baggot Promotes Innovative Payment Model for Healthcare Industry

Deirdre M. Baggot, PhD, MBA, RN has spent her entire career in the healthcare industry. Although she began her career as a registered nurse, over the years she has advanced to become a healthcare executive who is an expert in the alternative healthcare payment model known as bundled payments.

In 1997, Deirdre Baggot started her career as a staff nurse and resource coordinator at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. She also served as manager of the hospital’s administration group. In her work as a staff nurse, she was ahead of her time. She developed patient care checklists to follow for each type of patient. Today care protocols are standard in the practice of American medicine. Find out more about Baggot at Resumonk

After six years with Northwestern Memorial Hospital, she joined the University of Michigan Health System as a business analyst and administrative manager. While there, she was honored with an award for her leadership in safety. In 2006, Baggot became the senior administrator with the Cardiac and Vascular Group at SCL Health. In that role, she oversaw a staff of 450 and had several major accomplishments. Under her leadership, the organization opened 11 additional clinic locations. She also recruited talent to fill key roles in the organization.

Deirdre Baggot became Senior Vice President at GE Healthcare Partners in 2010. During her six-year tenure, she focused on healthcare payment systems. She became a nationally recognized expert in bundled payments, an alternative healthcare payment system. As of June 2018, Baggot had created programs for 200 hospitals and 60 bundles.

In addition, she has served as an expert reviewer on bundled payments for the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services. She has made numerous presentations on bundled payments at medical conferences. Also, National Public Radio has featured her on All Things Considered and Morning Edition.



Genucel and Camonix Look to Help Women Improve Their Self Esteem

One of the most common effects of abused individuals is low self esteem. There are other effects of abuse which include a lower level of self worth and violence toward oneself. It is important to know that violence toward oneself is more than just physical. This includes thoughts against the self as well as considering self harm. One of the best ways to handle and cope with abuse is to participate in activities that improve self worth and emphasize the care of oneself.

A number of survivors of abuse and mental health professionals often recommend self care routines in order to help abuse victims improve their well being. There are a number of things that they recommend which include self affirmation, reminding them that they are valuable people and also individuals who are loved. Many survivors don’t often believe these affirmations initially, it has been proven that over time continued affirmations can help abuse victims change the outlook of themselves, reports


When it comes to overcoming the negative energy from abuse, victims are often able to benefit by participate in creative expression. Activities such as dancing and art have helped individuals provide adequate self care on a regular basis. It is important to focus on keeping the body healthy with exercise and good hygiene. This will help increase the victim’s sense of self worth.


Using the products and services of a company is also a good way to overcome the negative effects of abuse. Companies such as Genucel and Chamonix have been proven to provide lots of support for both women and children who have been abused. Genucel by Chamonix has provided beauty bags for women which include a number of company products as well as hygiene accessories.


Another way in which Genucel helps abuse victims is by operating a nonprofit organization called Women Aware. This organization provides support for battered families. According to recent statistics, one in seven men have been victims of domestic abuse and 25% of women have been victims of this type of abuse. While victims of domestic abuse occur with both genders, women are often the majority of victims. As a result, they are more often in need of support and care.


Women Aware has been around for nearly forty years and looks to provide lots of valuable assistance to women in need. It has provided things such as food, shelter and a recovery program to help anyone who has experienced domestic abuse. The organization has provided other things such as an emergency shelter, abuse recovery educational programs and also hotlines that are available to help people who are in distress. There are also a number of events such as the Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Race & Charity Walk. This event has raised funds and awareness that have helped make the community better for those who have been victims of domestic abuse in their lives.


U.S. Money Reserve Starts Minting of Special Coins with Ronald Reagan Picture

Safeguarding your money in today’s date is not as easy as it may look at the outset. The financial markets are volatile and no investment product, no matter how lucrative it looks, can let you down. However, one investment option that has for centuries won the trust of the consumers is precious metals.

Precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum have consistently increased in value over time, and the trend continues to date. If you want to diversify your investment portfolio, it is highly recommended that you buy gold coins from a trusted venue such as US Money Reserve. The US Reserve is the premier, and authorized distributor of the US Government tendered legal precious metal coins. Follow US Money Reserve on Twitter and Instagram

The US Reserve is also given the rating of AAA by BCA, which signifies the top services and products it maintains. Maintaining high-standards in this competitive market can be really difficult, but US Money Reserve has been able to maintain it over the years consistently. One of the reasons behind it is that it is headed by the former director of the US Government Mint, Philip N Diehl. Read more: US Money Reserve Reviews and US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

With over three decades of experience in the precious metals market, Philip N Diehl has been able to understand the dynamics of the precious metals market inside out. It is this experience he puts to use today to ensure that the customers are provided with top quality products and services that they can trust and bank upon. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

He has also ensured that US Money Reserve continues to evolve with the changing times and requirements of the consumers. It is for this reason; the company is also known to shuffle and restock its inventory with limited edition and rare precious metal coins of high value.

The US Reserve has long been offering something different other than investment products. The company, from time to time, comes out with special coins that are of collectible grades. Recently, they have added another coin to their collection, and that is of Ronald Reagan.

The company had decided to acknowledge the contributions made by him to the American history by minting coins dedicated to him. The news has already spread to the collectors who want to get their hands on the unique coin once it is out for sale. The company has used the best designers and the latest technology to create the image of Ronald Reagan into the coin.


Dan Bethelmy-Rada and His Team Launch R.A.W. Line of Haircare Products

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is Global Brand President for Matrix and Biolage L’Oreal Professional Products Division. He and his team recently made the U.S. launch of R.A.W., a line of all-natural and sustainable haircare products.

During the creation phase, Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team recognized that the new range would have to meet consumer demand for products with minimal environmental impact and all-natural ingredients. The team met obstacles as it sought to make every aspect of R.A.W. products meet that criteria. Despite the difficulties, R.A.W. products are environmentally friendly from every standpoint, which includes formulation, packaging, and manufacturing.

One of the challenges that Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s team faced was sourcing uncontaminated clay. The difficulty was so great that the decision was made to delay the line’s launch date so that the commitment to quality, all-natural ingredients could be maintained by finding a proper clay.

Another challenge was the expense of doing the research to make sure every phase of the process met standards for sustainability, naturalness, and L’Oréal quality. The final product price reflects the research costs.

After overcoming challenges to create R.A.W., the next phase of the process was making consumers and haircare professionals aware of R.A.W.’s philosophy. Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team used a two-pronged approach to accomplish that goal. One approach was to educate hairdressers in over 700 U.S. salons in sustainability practices. The training program gave stylists practical tips to conduct their daily business in a sustainable way.

The other method for raising awareness was to debut the #LiveRaw online marketing campaign. It features a mix of product testimonials and education on sustainable living on Instagram and YouTube. Dan Bethelmy-Rada is pleased that R.A.W. products have received 90 percent positive feedback online and that customers are sharing how impressed they are with the quality of R.A.W. shampoo. The next goal for R.A.W. is to launch the product line in Europe.

Why Herbalife Stock Growth Is A Promising Investment.

When it comes to stock market and stock trading, companies are required to promising enough to the investors that their investments will yield returns at the end of it all. Other than annual net incomes and profits, companies like Herbalife are affected by a number of factors in their growth in the stock market.

First is their product portfolio. Herbalife Nutrition is a weight management and diet company that produces products like protein smoothie, sports and fitness support products, and weight management products. With the recent obsession with healthy living, the market for such products is constantly growing with clients demanding more quality products to help them achieve their dream body. This has made it quite easy for the Herbalife management team to establish a market as well use introduce new products. The Herbalife product portfolio is built in such a way that they are able to retain older client as they break now ground elsewhere. This is a positive factor that promotes the growth of the Herbalife stock in the market.

Global presence is another factor. Herbalife has its headquarters in Los Angeles but is spread over 94 counties with tens of thousands of independent distributors. This global presence poses a threat and a strength for the company. As a threat, global presence presents the challenge of constant currency movement and fluctuations in different countries. As a strength, by having a global presence the company has a promising future by solidifying the brand’s name on a larger scale. This helps the company to operate at economies of Scale and reduce competition while maintaining its stock market position.

Other factors affecting the performance of the Herbalife Nutrition bull-run are volume growth and efforts within the company to offset hurdles faced in business transactions.

In 2019, investors are witnessing new options trading this week for the August 2019 contract. This first few days of the 228 contract presents an investment opportunity for put and call investors. With prominent investors eyeing the Herbalife stock due to its previous history of continuous growth, the put and call investors are expected to reap premium returns on their investments. Nonetheless, it’s wiser to study the trends of previous years and understand business fundamentals before making an investment move.




Could Unroll Me Be The Solution?

Everybody at one point or another has had a very large collection of emails in their inbox that they are not sure what to do with. The problem is not signing up and entering our email, the problem is all of the emails we receive from different places. Then what ends up happening to the emails? Most people mark them as spam and a few of the emails end up in a spam folder but many still come through into the inbox.

Well, Unroll Me is the perfect solution to this problem. This software is designed to filter out the spam emails from the important ones and it is all done for free. What better way to organize your inbox and spam folder. It also sorts emails individually and creates new folders for different styles of emails.

With software designed to help filter out the spam emails, Unroll Me can’t do everything to prevent loads of emails from reaching us. Some experts claim that people are beginning to drift away from email and would much rather see important messages changed to something more modern like text messages or Facebook messages. While this could be a viable option for some, many people would become very overwhelmed and would understand very quickly as to why emailing is better than these other options.

To put it into perspective, sending an email allows a person to send almost an unlimited number of characters while most messaging systems break the message up into many messages. What could be sent in a few emails often times would end up sending in 3-4 times as many messages, even though it’s the same amount of characters. But this is where the stress and other problems would come into play. Many people would think they have 15-20 pending messages where if it were in email format, it could possibly be 2-3 emails.

Converting emails to another form of communication could happen in the future, but it is probably not likely to happen soon. For now, Unroll Me is doing a great job at helping with many email related problems.