Harry Harrison Opens Up About the Next Stage in His Life

As the former head of Barclays Non-Core, Harry Harrison is no stranger to the world of investment and trading. Now living in New York City with his wife, Amy Nauiokas, and their two young children, Harrison is taking a step back from the rigors of the corporate world and trying his hand at being an individual entrepreneur.

Harrison has fully embraced the role of being a full-time stay-at-home dad to his children, ages eight and five. Although the new position lacks some of the brain power needed in his last job at Barclays, Harrison is relishing the variety in his days and the opportunity to catch up on pleasure reading and to brush up on his French. A self-described weekend warrior in the past, Harrison is using this extra downtime to invest himself in yoga and pilates, in an effort to improve his flexibility and get in touch with his spiritual side.

Boasting a Master of Philosophy in Finance from the University of Cambridge and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Warwick, Harrison has an impressive academic pedigree. As an expert in the field of finance, Harrison is excited about the effects that the Information Age is having on the industry. He is an avid believer in the spirit of innovation being a driving force in the success of any business.

Despite a successful professional life, Harrison regrets not being more communicative about his story as a leader. His goal is to do a better job communicating that in this next stage of his professional career. Harrison recommends that young entrepreneurs embrace the stories of the multitudes of innovative start-up companies and use that spirit as inspiration.

Through all of his successes, Harrison still takes the time to appreciate the things that matter most to him, including English Premier Soccer, yoga, professional tennis, and being more cognizant of enjoying the journey along with the final destination.


Charlamagne Tha God References Central Park 5 In Eye-Opening Response To Presidential Commentary



The four and a half hour talk and music-mix fest known as the “Breakfast Club” on IHeartRadio features the much-acclaimed Charlamagne Tha God as co-host and personality. A provocateur and jokester, Tha God is known for poking fun at celebrities, for his spicy interviews, and for driving the National conversation as regards race society and hip-hop. Charlamagne Tha God is also a writer and has a book titled “Black Privilege” which ranked sixth in the New York Times of bestselling hardback nonfiction on May 7 2017. Another book he has written is titled “Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks On Me”.


Unafraid to put forth a singular view even when the maelstrom of opinion is whirling in a direction different from the one in which he’s tossing his two cents, Charlamagne Tha God recently put forth a thoughtful, heartfelt and undoubtedly eye-opening comment, succinctly gift-wrapping his view in a well-known historical reference.


The aforementioned maelstrom refers to the Kavanaugh sexual misconduct investigation and the national uproar as Americans spoke out against Kavahanugh’s being voted into the supreme court. The recently close vote that ushered Kavanaugh into the position notwithstanding, protesters graced the steps of Washington alerting the nation, the media and world of their dissatisfaction. Many agreed with their dissatisfaction. Many were also nonplussed by the president’s much-aired commentary, noting that “It’s a very scary time for young men in America when you can be guilty or something that you may not be guilty of…” Visit This Page for related information.


Assumptions that Trump’s commentary implied a preference of accuser over accused aside, the president did specify his point of view further; “What’s happening here has much more to do than even the appointment of the Supreme Court justice. You can be somebody that was perfect your entire life and somebody can accuse you of something. Somebody can accuse you of something and you’re automatically guilty…”


Undoubtedly it was the latter part that most spoke to Charlamagne Tha God, who responded to Trump’s views with this: “Welcome To a Blackman’s World. Now he knows how the Central Park 5 Felt.”


View source: https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/charlamagne-tha-god-agrees-with-trumps-warning-against-sexual-assault-claims-news.61248.html


Hussain Sajwani DAMAC owner Speaks on the Success of His Company

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and chairman of DAMAC properties. Recently DAMAC owner has decided to expand his business, partially because of Asia’s continued growth in the economy, but most importantly he sees the potential for new investors with the value of the middle class continuing to grow in China.

Diversity is a huge building block of Damac and says it gives the company a definite advantage in the business world. There are currently 77 nationalities that are employed with chairman Hussain Sajwani. Having a diverse staff means more ideas and perspective’s, views, and all in helping when it comes to making any kind of strategic plans and goals.

The DAMAC owner has never been one to be involved in politics. The only thing that he is concerned with is any kind of changes and policies that could affect his business. This helps him adjust certain tactics that will allow his business to keep growing. As a child, Hussain Sajwani learned how important it was to build your own business. During the 2000’s the leadership of UAE opened up the real estate market. Hussain quickly started his business Damac Properties and has done nothing but grow as you can tell over the years.

The DAMAC owner attests that Social networking has become an effective marketing and communication technique used across the entire business world. Social media has helped Damac tremendously as it is used to market their products, success, views, and they even offer advice. Mr. Sajwani believes that as long as you are offering the content to the community that they want, you will continue to grow your social media audience.

The company offers growth to employees who want to excel and move up. Damac encourages employees to present their own ideas, strategies, and recommendations. This is how the company grows, not by the owner but by his entire team. Along with personal growth, he encourages living a healthy active life. They continuously do fit challenges, community-wide activities such as sports through the company to encourage a more active lifestyle for not only the employee but their families as well.

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Being Open and Transparent Is the Key to Gulf Coast Western Success

Gulf Coast Western is serving as the oil and gas managing venturer general partnership (also called Joint Ventures) for the acquisition, development, and exploration of domestic gas and oil reserves primarily based in Colorado, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. The company has purchased thousands of acres in those active producing regions designated for development with their Joint Venture Partners. Also, they have various drilling programs in those regions with plans to continue their aggressive expansion campaign for lots of years to come.

Additionally, Gulf Coast Western is actively exploring strategic opportunities for expanding their exploration as well as their development to other oil and gas plays countywide. The company will always make sure that the geophysical and geological attributes of an area or prospect they have chosen meet their stringent criteria for increasing the probability of financial and geologic success for their partners.

The company has a very long track record that dates back to their founding in Dallas, TX in 1970. Gulf Coast Western attributes their success over the years they have been in operation to transparent and open relationships they have constantly maintained with their accredited Partners. These are relationships built on respect and mutual trust earned through operating with integrity and honesty. The company has a consistent dedication to supporting organizations that are helping to build strong communities and also care for the well-being and health of families and kids.

Mike Szot, an insurance executive from California, stated that before he invested with Gulf Coast Western, he had little knowledge when it comes to the industry of oil and gas. Gulf Coast Western staff helped him along the way, providing him with a clear understanding of the process of drilling oil. He feels comfortable and relaxed doing business with the company and will continue investing with Gulf Coast Western in the future.

Matthew Fleeger – A Well-Connected and Successful Businessman

Matthew Fleeger is the CEO, Director, and President of Gulf Coast Western. His extensive background in sales, finance, and marketing has served his career well. He also has gas and oil experience under his belt. Fleeger has a great deal of experience structuring corporations, acquisitions, and mergers. He can also add to his resume the ability to formulate joint ventures and create debt and equity financing for small companies that are in growth stages.

Much of Fleeger’s success is also due to his education. He earned his undergraduate degree in business from Southern Methodist University. Matthew Fleeger’s father founded Gulf Coast Western. Fleeger gained a lot of his experience working at the family business. This was a great learning experience that would benefit his later career and his ability to leverage new business ideas.

It was this experience that he would later leverage to start his company MedSolutions, Inc. This company specialized in disposal, transportation, and medical waste treatment. Matthew Fleeger has also helped found two tanning businesses whose combined revenue is close to $100 million. These two companies are Mystic Tan and Palm Beach Tan.

Matthew Fleeger is a busy man, and has to keep tabs on a number of successful companies. Matthew Fleeger is the type of person who keeps his finger on the pulse of business. Fleeger is also a member of Who’s Who of Business Professionals. Only those who accomplish something significant in business make this list. People like Fleeger, well connected and experienced, continually look at money-making enterprises and new ways to turn a profit.

Why Infinity Group’s Client First Approach is Earning Serious Awards and Recognition

Infinity Group is now one of the companies on the Australian Financial Review’s list of most innovative companies. The mortgage broker has only been up and running since 2012 but has made a resounding impact in the lives of everyday Australians. The company runs on a “client first” philosophy which is emphasized and set forward by its founder Graeme Holm. The goal of Infinity Group Australia is to provide Australians with more than just a loan for their homes, but also with advice on how to pay it back in record time. Infinity Group also offers its clients other kinds of financial advice like how to pay off a home loan and how to plan for retirement and does so with a very structured process.

Graeme Holm, founder of the company came up with his business model while on a jog. He compares his business model to that of having a personal trainer for your finances. He states that when you go to the gym without a trainer, it is likely that you will feel overwhelmed and will not achieve as good a result as you would if you had expert coaching. The same psychology applies to Infinity Group, the company will loan you the money to buy a home, but will then continue to guide you through the process of paying it back.

The process is very straightforward. After a client receives a loan, they then let Infinity Group do an in-depth analysis of their household finances. Infinity Group will divide up the income and plan for a weekly budget with which the household can buy any essentials they need. The rest of the money is either put into savings or used to pay bills and any loans. After the client has gotten a hang of how to manage their finances better with the help of Infinity Group, the company will let the client do it on their own. they will send out monthly progress reports so that the client can have an idea of how they’re doing.

Holm says that the model works because Australians are now being educated on their own finances. Clients state that they have been able to pay 30-year mortgages in 7 to 10 years. The success of Graeme and Rebeca Holm’s company is what led them to gain the recognition of the AFR. AFR has an incredibly wide audience in Australia and is likely to increase Infinity Group’s popularity even more. Learn more : https://www.medianet.com.au/releases/166333/

What Does Charlamagne Tha God Think About Eminem After Kamikaze?

With the release of Eminem’s unannounced new album, Kamikaze, came 2 tracks which mention the radio personality Charlamagne Tha God. Charlamagne is the co-host of The Breakfast Club, a syndicated radio show, and the host of Uncommon Sense on MTV2. In the past, the presenter criticized Eminem’s album Revival, and with this new release the rapper anticipates the criticism of Charlamagne.



His name appears on the track “The Ringer” and “Fall”. Charlamagne Tha God seemed happy with that fact, noting that he is happy to have gotten to a level where rapper who are actually good at the craft say his name in records, regardless if it is or not a diss. The radio and TV personality thinks that Kamikaze is actually a good record, and notes that Eminem probably knew that his last album wasn’t a good one, hence his decision to release something new without announcing it beforehand.



One point of controversy in the album is Eminem’s Use Of Homophobic Slurs when referring to rapper Tyler, the Creator, who has addressed his bisexuality in his music. Charlamagne mentions that Eminem in reality is actually quoting something that Tyler said about himself. He states that while he is not offended himself, he is not part of the LGBT community, and he wants to know how members of the community react to the specific line in Eminem’s song.



In regards to Eminem’s political rants, Charlamagne considers that the shots he took at President Donald Trump are more organic on Kamikaze, compared to Revival where he thinks it sounded forced. He considers that Eminem is just reflecting the times and that he is an artist who talks about what is going on the in the world. He appreciates how he approached the subject on this album. Read This Article for additional information.



In addition, despite getting mentioned in his tracks, Charlamagne considers that Eminem is still one of the greatest rappers and a living legend. At the same time, he notes that he has never been a fan, due to the fact that he can not relate to many of Eminem’s experiences and world views, but Charlamagne Tha God acknowledges him as one of the greats.



Visit his page on https://www.cthagodworld.com/

PSI Pay Enhances Financial Technology

The world of financial services is witnessing a lot of radical changes. People are coming up with modern ways of generating income from the comfort of their homes and offices. Additionally, they are innovating new ways of spending. This calls for the providers of financial services to up their game and adopts the various dynamics employed by their clients. Perhaps one firm has mastered this art and is directing all its efforts towards integrating all the financial services. PSI-Pay is a firm which is dedicated to providing modern and efficient financial services to all its customers. It has harnessed high-speed technology to meet the changing tastes and preferences of its growing client base. Phil Davies heads the premier firm which has its origin in the United Kingdom. He plays the role of the managing director of the firm and gives a lot of useful insights on what clients need to look when choosing their providers of modern financial services.

The Managing director of PSI-Pay advises clients to consider working with institutions which employ artificial intelligence in the management of data. Financial institutions operate on the law of large numbers. They have a lot of customers. This calls for the need of having a system which can adequately serve these customers efficiently and without making a lot of errors. It is at this point that artificial intelligence comes into play. AI tools are widely used to analyze all the sets of data, both modern and previous data to make useful forecasts and predictions. By using predictive analysis, these firms can better understand their clients, their risks and their next actions. As such, they can manage these risks well and strive to offer betters services to their clients. They can as well foresee the next consumption trends and work towards meeting these future needs of their clients.

PSI-Pay works to ensure that clients enjoy real-time cashless transactions. That way, payments, and spending are much easier and less risky. The firm understands that making purchases using cash or other forms of payments is a bit time consuming and can be expensive as well. It is for this reason that PSI Pay guides clients to consider working with firms which use real-time cash transactions. The firm is a leader in this sector.






Popular TV And Radio Personality Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is best known as the host of the long-running singing competition show American Idol, which began in the early part of the millennium and initially featured comedian Brian Dunkleman as co-host. In addition to gaining more notoriety as an emcee on the popular reality show, Ryan Seacrest has also worked for years as a radio show host on iHeart Media’s 102.7 KIIS-FM show called On Air with Ryan Seacrest, and he runs a nationally syndicated Top 40 show on the radio as well. According to the New York Times, the busy TV and radio personality have a number of other hosting jobs, such as one of his more recent ones as one-half of Live with Kelly and Ryan, the morning talk show where he was chosen to replace Michael Strahan, the previous co-host.

On top of all of his daytime jobs, Ryan Seacrest also serves as the host of E! Live from the Red Carpet and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rocking Eve every year. He is an entrepreneur that heads his own production company called RSP, which is responsible for shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians, Shahs of Sunset and other reality shows. His menswear collection, called Ryan Seacrest Distinction, is sold exclusively at Macy’s, and he has a skincare line called Polished, which he created with dermatologist Harold Lancer. He is also a philanthropist who is the Chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, an organization that has 10 broadcast media centers in children’s hospitals all over the country.

One of his other interests include the LA County Museum of Art, where he serves as a member of the board, and he is an honorary member of the Grammy Foundation. Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) has been involved in the field of broadcasting ever since he was a teenager in his home state of Georgia and was hired as an intern at one of the local stations. His love for the art was what led him to eventually move to California to pursue a full career in it. When he first started hosting American Idol, it aired on the Fox network, but was cancelled, then later rebooted, and is now on ABC.

See his profile on Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/profile/ryan-seacrest/

Michel Terpins – Burning Up The Track

When the Bull Sertoes Rally Team gets ready to hit the track, the atmosphere among Brazilian fans is thick with anticipation. The crowd goes silent, the count begins, and the engines roar to life like a thousand angry beasts, ready to rip through anything in their path. A successful rally team requires teamwork, but there is one guy that stands out as the vanguard of this bunch. That guy would be Michel Terpins.


At 40 years of age, Michel Terpins might be a little older than the average rally driver, but some would say that age has just made him that much meaner as a competitor. He began his career in 2002 as a motorcycle driver. While he excelled in this division, he wanted to be a rally car driver like his brother Rodrigo. So, he ditched his two wheels and traded them in for something with four.


His secret weapon is the T-Rex #322, one of the most advanced racing cars ever designed. Developed by the MEM Motorsports Team, this car is famous for its ability to leave lesser cars in the dust as it burns up the track on its way to victory. Along with his partner Maykel Justo, he has racked up an impressive series of wins that have made him a fan favorite on and off the track. While he did once lose a race due to a technical issue, this car has shown itself to be a cut above the rest.


Off the track, Michel Terpins has had some success as an entrepreneur. Rodrigo started a construction company and has also done well by investing in real estate. His father was a successful basketball player, which led him to become the director of the Hebraica basketball department. Here, he worked with young people to develop their skills in a positive but structured environment. Mr. Terpins is very proud of this aspect of his work. Check out marketresearchtech.com



In the end, you could not ask for a better example of an upstanding and electrifying athlete. His whole family is crazy about athletics, and it shows. There can be little doubt that he will continue to dust the competition for many years to come.



Click here: https://www.terra.com.br/noticias/dino/stf-inicia-o-julgamento-de-constitucionalidade-do-novo-codigo-florestal-destacam-os-socios-rodrigo-terpins-e-michel-terpins,04024f83cd447a9268ff7fc55b38eca0io8xabrb.html