Greg Secker and His Impeccable Forex Knowledge

Every person dreams of making a decent income, such that they are able to live a comfortable lifestyle, cater for their family’s needs and accomplish their dreams. However, it is worth noting that traditional ways of earning money are being affected by inflation, slow wage growth and low interest rates for money saved with financial institutions. This leaves people desperate for avenues whereby they can make a decent living for themselves and their families. Luckily for every person, the mastery of Forex trading could be the welcome break that they need. This is because one can easily make incredible profits while safely trading in this large market.

Greg Secker, who is a force to reckon with in the Forex trading market offers an insightful view of what it entails to succeed here. Forex trading entails the exchange of international currencies 24 hours every day for 5 days in every week. This kind of trading is not centralized like the way the stock market is, implying that one only needs a computer and internet connection to get going.

It is worth noting that Forex trading doesn’t really require a person to be a mathematical genius or tech savvy. This basically gives room to every person who has the passion and commitment to make money at the comfort of their home. Forex trading also allows people to practice before trading with a live account. This allows a person to polish their skills and be at their best when they finally trade live.

Every person who is considering starting to trade in Forex has better chances of making it if they engage the great knowledge that Greg Secker possesses. He is a great name in this industry, with many years of experience. He is able to share this life changing information through his many companies at the disposal of Forex traders. He has really given back to the society in a big way.

Greg comes from Norfolk, England where he had a decent upbringing. He also took his studies seriously and was able to earn himself a degree in agricultural and food science. This degree was from the prestigious University of Nottingham. It was after this degree that Greg started working for Thomas Cook Financial Services. He later on ventured into Forex and has never looked back.

David Giertz: Plan your retirement with smart investment decisions

Retirement planning is one important part of every human being. This entails surviving with no monthly salary from an employer. What should one do to survive these periods when there is no income coming through. According to financial advisor David Giertz, it is good for one to ensure that they start planning for their retirement early in life. The mistake most people do is to approach retirement life with no plan or at best having little savings that they cannot survive on.

According to David Giertz, anyone who wants to have a stable retirement life must either save a lot or must make investments that will reward throughout the retirement period. The problem with the first option is that, rarely will we be able to save enough from our paychecks. Even for the highest earners, it is extremely difficult for them to save enough money that they can solely depend on for their entire life.

The second option which is investments is the most plausible option. However, even with investments, one must have a clearly and well thought out plan. With investment you must ask yourself, how will I invest? On what will I invest on? When do I invest? These are critical questions that one must answer.

For you to make smart decisions related to retirement you must first establish if you can save enough money in case of an early retirement. With early retirement, one will not have the luxury of many years saving from the paycheck. In case of early retirement, say around 50 years, one will be required to save even more. In fact, one should save a minimum of 33 times the amount earned annually in the current job description. This, however, is almost practically impossible.

Once you have established how much you need to save, the second step should be coming up with a retirement plan that will help you accomplish the first objective in the first step.

About David Gertz

David Giertz is a prominent financial advisor, who has worked for the biggest corporations in the world. In the businesses he has been through, his impact has been significant. He has helped these businesses make a fortune every year.

David Giertz is a professional business coach having been registered by the WABC. He is also a certified industry arbiter.

Kevin Seawright’s Love for the Baltimore, Maryland Community

Homeownership is a goal that all Americans strive for. The problem is that the cost of a home in most areas is well out of the financial range of the average citizen. Read more: Newark economic development group names CFO

This fact sadly leads to many giving up on their dream of owning a home and settle for less. Luckily, RPS Solutions LLC and National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST) have decided to do something about this issue. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

The two organizations have decided to collaborate in an effort to stabilize and revitalize Baltimore’s low- to moderate-income communities. This new joint initiative is right up RPS Solutions’ alley being a firm that specializes in the development of affordable housing.

According to Crunchbase, RPS Solutions’ managing partner, Kevin Seawright, is excited about the prospect of working alongside NCST.

Seawright has big hopes for the collaborative project. The overall goal is to legitimately boost the Baltimore community’s local economy. If this goal is met it will mean more affordable housing and homeownership.

The NCST model is non-profit therefore, all funding goes towards the betterment of the Baltimore area. Although this partnership affects the Baltimore area exclusively, NCST works to rehabilitate vacant and abandoned properties across the nation.

NCST has conveyed more than 23,000 properties to non-profit home buyers in under a ten year span.

A project like this reminds Kevin Seawright of why he founded RPS Solutions in the first place. Rps was founded for the purpose of tackling the affordable housing market and strengthen the community of Baltimore.

His goal with his company has always been to to help individuals achieve homeownership.

About Kevin Seawright

He is a project management professional who’s worked in a variety of field over the course of his career.

Although Kevin is now located in Newark, New Jersey, he made his name in Baltimore, Maryland. He was heavily involved in the community there, taking part in several philanthropic efforts that positively affected the local economy.



Osteo Relief Institute Offering Satisfying Therapies

Osteo Relief Institute offers non-surgical cutting-edge solutions for pain relief. The clinic concentrates on providing care to the different types of Arthritis. This condition is common among women especially the old age and is the leading cause of disability worldwide.


Degenerative joint disease or osteoarthritis is the most common type and causes cartilage degeneration. The risk factors for this condition include family history, excess weight, previous injury, and age. Osteoarthritis is degenerative and incurable, your devotion to self-management is essential to minimize its impact. To maximum relief and success of your commitment, make sure you check your daily routine by exercising, adjusting position frequently, avoid repetitive movements, quit smoking, manage weight, and consider seeking medical help.


About Osteo Relief Institute


Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey is in the beautiful Bergen County (Manta). The facility provides complete care for painful knees, back, and spine and any other arthritic concerns. Their services include a detailed back and neck examination, knee pain screening, and non-invasive procedures to treat these conditions. Osteo Relief Institute prides itself on professionalism and thoroughness when attending to a patient.


Osteo Relief Institute uses nonsurgical approaches to cushion and relieve aches from arthritic joints. Many patients that come to the facility are over 40 years. Osteo Relief Institute starts by examining the condition to find out the possible ways of treating it with minimal invasive remedies.


Why Osteo Relief Institute is Different


The trained and certified doctors at Osteo Relief Institute prioritize the health of their clients. They have flexible schedules and makes sure that the offices are within your reach throughout the day. The institute has abilities to handle emergency cases even at late night. The New Jersey clinic has enough and competent staffs for the different departments. All the workers are familiar with the company goals and objectives.


Osteo Relief Institute employees work as a team and involve patients in offering efficient and effective therapies. They take time to understand their clients by going through the medical history and determining the goals of the patients. Osteo Relief Institute offers coffee, water, comfortable chairs, and television to visitors waiting to see the practitioners.

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Eli Gershkovitch Leads in Beer Production

Most football fanatics would agree that nothing beats the feeling of drowning cold beer while watching the game. From relaxing at home with friends to catching the game from a pub, beers just seem to work the magic. That is why for years now, Eli Gershkovitch has been applauded for his outstanding input in the beer production industry. The visionary career man is a proud leader in one of the world’s leading beer manufacturer’s.




Recently, there was a beer competition in terms of brand and performance in the market. Over 6,000 brands competed for rewards under a panel of judges who are recognized internationally. The beer championship hosted various brands according to the growth they had achieved in the industry. Since the competition was based on the performance and sales as well as input in the society, judges came all the way from England, Canada as well as America (CalgaryHerald). There was a tough competition coupled with expertise from the judges. With the brands indicating excellent performance in different ways, it was evident that passing judgment was an uphill task. The accomplishments of the brands included being the master brewer as well as career president in a brewery. These are some of the factors that the judges considered when awarding the brands.




Being the host country, there was so much that Canada offered in the event. Aside from having a close interaction with the United States and Australia among others, people borrowed knowledge in different jurisdictions. The competition engaged award-winning brewers who hail from different homes as well as professional brewers who have vast experience in beer production. The prizes included silver, bronze as well as gold medals. Some of the main categories in the event were hybrids, special as well as non-alcoholic beer among others. One of the highly regarded candidates in this competition was Eli Gershkovitch, an entrepreneur whose experience in beer production and distribution is internationally admired.


Eli’s Career


Eli Gershkovitch is a proud holder of a degree in law. His career dates back to 1987 when he delved into beer production ( Eli Gershkovitch was convinced that he would leave a huge impact in the world hence his diversion in career preference. Eli Gershkovitch is an alumnus of the Toronto Law School. He currently controls Craft Beers, a company that specializes in beer production. Eli Gershkovitch is convinced that this is the right path for his career.

Edisoft’s Timely Product Offers The Market’s Current Needs

In the report from news site Logistics Viewpoints, the transportation industry has never faced more challenges than today. With many metrics not delivering the needed data that employers and company managers want, many businesses are affected enough to look for third parties that answer the needs. In the article, it was evident that measuring the on-time performance of companies used to be the most challenging issue that transport operators face. Not anymore.


The Key Performance Indicator is a valuable asset in making sure that the companies are reaching their potential, especially businesses in the industry of carriage. However, the next challenge in the transport industry is to be able to find ways to measure KPI across different physical and regulatory factors of the supply chain.


There’s still a lot of questions for the transport industry in knowing the performance of the couriers. Questions like how timely the parcel reaches their destination in deliveries and how satisfied the customers are in the delivery time are some of the most common questions facing the supply chain areas of any company.


The Edisoft Solution

With all these problems in the supply chain come the solutions from Edisoft, which is the software company that helps provide for a customizable Smart Process Supply Chain Service Platform that helps companies reach their potential.


Right now Edisoft is the leading manufacturer of the software that helps leverage data to improve the performance of enterprises. With Edisoft’s strategic Vendor Compliance, Warehouse and Carrier Management software integrated into one single seamless system, no company gets left behind when it comes to KPI.


Edisoft is a firm believer that for a company to measure the KPI of its complete supply chain performance, it almost always needs to focus on metrics that involve a multi-level network of functions and many trading partners rather than just focusing on one network branch. This belief is what drives Edisoft’s more than 20 employees in its Toronto, ON central office to always work hard to deliver the needs of the market.


Truly, Edisoft is successful in serving clients worldwide and partners in making sure that all the data needed to understand the growth of a company gets analyzed.



How Glen Wakeman is a Source of Motivation to Young Entrepreneurs.

Glen Wakeman is the current chief executive officer of the LaunchPad Holding Company. LaunchPad Holding is a SAAS company co-founded in the year 2015. Mr. Wakeman is a seasoned businessman and a finance expert for two decades now. He is an Economics and Finance graduate from the Scranton University in the year 1981. He has an MBA specializing in Finance from the University of Chicago.


Throughout his career, Glen Wakeman has been known for his entrepreneurial spirit, business revolutionary, and his mentoring skills. Most of his works revolve around setting up of new companies and developing new performance methods. During his entire career, Mr. Wakeman has worked in various institutions like the Doral Financial Group, the GE Capital; he is also the founder member of Nova Four. He has also been in various management groups serving as CEO, President and a member of the Board of Directors among other administrative positions.


Glen Wakeman is the brain behind the five step performance methodology (AffiliateDork). The performance system focuses on human capital, risk management, power, control as well as execution in business. Being a writer and a successful investor, Mr. Wakeman has been the source of motivation to many future entrepreneurs. His diverse knowledge on various subjects; corporate management, emerging market trends, and divestitures makes Glen Wakeman a successful marketing strategist capable of providing insightful advice at different executive groups.


As an active participant in the transformative business opportunities, Mr. Wakeman is well versed with the leadership system in various global affairs. He provides strategic advice to various entrepreneurs and investors on angel investing, capital raising and international financing platforms. As a resident of more than six countries, Wakeman has been able to successfully run business activities in more than 30 regions across the globe.


Glen Wakeman attributes the start of LaunchPad Holding Inc. to his passion for matching several ideas with money. He argues that great ideas are generated from some of the most talented start-ups, he, therefore, cannot understand why such ideas end up failing. He argues that the main reason behind this failure is lack of a clear plan surrounding the entire idea. People are still not able to differentiate between an idea and a plan.

More about Glen Wakeman at

James Dondero- Redefining Leadership Structures through Highland Capital Management

It is factual that the leadership structure of an organization defines its eventual success. From customer service to project management, the key performance indicator of any department in a firm solely reflects the ability of the leader to be in charge. Good leaders focus on building a firm despite the challenges that may crop up. They concentrate on working closely with their clients with the knowledge the treatment accorded to a client will determine the possibility of a different client to be part of the firm. James Dondero exudes the characters of a good leader. Having been part of Highland Capital Management for over ten years, he understands the alignment of the company to the end.


Dondero is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. As a good leader, he has been in charge of all departments. Constantly checking up on his clients to ensure that their demands have been met, Dondero has been a significant team player in the firm. Highland Capital Management is an investment firm that offers advice concerning the viability of multiple projects. The employees are tasked with the responsibility of running a background check on projects before advising investors to put their resources to the task. With James Dondero in charge, Highland Capital Management has been garnering millions of clients.


For the last twenty years, he has been committed to understanding different market scenarios, environments, as well as landscapes. His concentration on the three factors has contributed to his ability to offer valid advice regarding a market share or a possible equity share. James understands the importance of allowing clients to have different investment portfolios. This is because, in market shares and investment, there are plenty of risks that can draw a client back. He, therefore, has several options under which a client can put resources.


At Highland Capital Management, the customer is king. The future of the company lies in the leader’s ability to offer relevant advice. The company’s investment policy is to produce consistent returns channeled to clients. Committed to offering different financial donations, Highland Capital Management will always serve clients at its best.

Privitization and Modernization In Brazil Explained By Expert Filipe Montoro Jens

Brazil’s infrastructure has a long history of being run primarily by government programs. This changed in the 1980’s because of a debt crisis in the economy which occurred externally.

Infrastructure expert Filipe Montoro Jens explains this by saying that the privatization process started as a reaction to the debt crisis, and culminated in the National Privatization Program in April of 1990. This represented the countries intention to fully embrace working with private companies to set up infrastructure. The country was then going through an economic reform, and government policy was to help state run sectors such as petrochemicals, aeronautical industries, and the steel sector transition to being privately run rather than state run.

In addition, the economic reform pushed through policies which privatized banking, sanitation, transportation and other industries which had long been in the hands of the state. This economic reform resulted in a long process of changing companies over from state run to privately run.

Filipe Montoro Jens is known as an infrastructure expert due to his long history of studying business and systems. Montoro Jens studied at the Getulio Vargas undergraduate program, and then went on to receive his masters from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. He has been called upon by the country of Brazil to help the people understand the systems that the country has in place on a large scale view, rather than from within a certain industry.

From a wide perspective, Montoro Jens is able to see the changes that are occurring and help steer the government and private companies towards positive resolutions and partnerships. Montoro Jens writes extensively on the subject of city, state, and country wide infrastructure. His background in business and management serves him as he understands and can expound upon the ways that businesses can collaborate with state-run programs.

Capital Anesthesiology Association & Its Commitment To greatness

Commitment, sacrifice, passion, knowledge and expertise should be applied to each and every field of work. For the medical industry, this is far more important because peoples lives depend on it. Taking chances is thrown out the window while specialized training is brought in. This is what Capital Anesthesiology Association is all about. Since its inception back in 1973, this organization has grown dramatically over the years, and as of today, it is a full blown powerhouse. Anesthesia is the topic of choice and no other establishment can outperform Capital Anesthesiology Association. Its resume of success comes from doing great work, and this great work is designed to give patients the most comfortable setting.

With over 80 physicians as well as over 130 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, this organization has become one of the largest independent practice of doctors that specialize in anesthesia. You won’t find a bigger or better alternative as CAA serves the entire greater Austin, Texas region. Services include cardiovascular anesthesia, regional anesthesia, thoracic anesthesia, pediatric anesthesia and more. The list of medical facilities that are being served is mind boggling at up to 20 different establishments.

Creating comfort is what Capital Anesthesiology Association does best. Environments that are truly stress-free and less hectic. This is an important part of healing the mind and the body. No organization does it better than CAA, and its long list of satisfied patients is a true testament. Board certified medical staff and highly trained administration is the key to success.