How Andrew Rolfe Has Been Setting a Positive Example For People From All Around The World To Follow

Andrew Rolfe is someone who has been setting a strong example of what one should do to not only help themselves, but others as well. People from all around the world have begun to proceed with taking steps in their careers and lives to achieve success. In several different areas of the world, basic instances of access to capital funds have become limited. Many people have become excited about the many changes that have begun to take place in this certain area. If you’re striving to accumulate wealth over specific periods of time, it may be valuable for you to know that this is the best way to do it.

Andrew Rolfe has been known to be a member of the Ubuntu Fund. The Ubuntu Fund is a group that is looking to see where they may be able to provide good work all around the world. In several different areas of the world, people of the Ubuntu Fund have been having positive influences in people’s lives. Over certain periods of time, Andrew Rolfe has been proving that he’s someone who is wanting to always assist others with getting ahead in life.

In several different areas of the world, Andrew Rolfe has become known as being someone who will help others as a part of the work that he provides. There are many people from all across the world who have admired the work that he has been providing. He wants to have assurance of knowing that others are given an example to follow his footsteps without having to worry about whether they’re making the right decision or not. If you’re prepared to build wealth so that you can have an opportunity of assisting others, there’s some steps recommended for you to take so that you can join the Ubuntu Fund. This certain group of individuals are primarily strategically planning about projects that are long term and may be able to add the most amounts of value to individuals over certain periods of time.

It is recommended for you to begin thinking of different ways that you may be able to make positive impacts on people’s lives over certain periods of time also. As an investment fund charity, you will have to have financial plans for how you may be able to achieve success over longer periods of time.

Honey Birdette: They’re So Much More Than Toys

Many people in Australia are familiar with the brand of Honey Birdette. It is the country’s first sensual boutique. It’s where individuals and couples can go to buy toys for him and her, lubricants and even bondage items.

A new campaign has launched to show a more sensual side of Honey Birdette. The brand has a New York Collection for lingerie. It’s turning heads and exciting men and women alike. There are bras, thongs, and suspender sets that are showcasing women in an all new light.

The campaign uses New York City as the backdrop to show off women wearing the lingerie. Women atop of skyscrapers and on the streets hailing taxis show a global appeal for the lingerie. Of course, it’s all designed to get a rise out of people as the women are wearing the lingerie from the New York Collection.

Brittney, Miss D, Luna and Alex are the collections within the New York campaign. Each one features a different look, including sheer lace, revealing satin, suspender sets and much more.

Honey Birdette has come a long way over the years. They began in 2006 when two friends got the idea to start a sensual boutique as they were sipping champagne. The company is now known for offering beautiful lingerie, high=end toys and a wide array of other items to help deliver pleasure.

Many people know Honey Birdette for the toys that are offered on the site. With the introduction of the New York campaign, the world can now learn about the stunning lingerie.

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Mexican Oil Reforms Favors Talos Energy LLC

Mexican oil reforms have continually advanced, this as a result, has enabled the private sector to acquire wells after 80 years of monopoly. For the record, this move will pave way for both local and foreign competitors to find their way into the Mexican energy markets. Premier Oil Plc., a London-based company, Sierra Oil and Gas from Mexico together with Talos Energy have already embarked on their first well drilling. This is the first private offshore exploration in Mexico besides Petroleos Mexicanos, a state monopoly.

The drilling process will last for a period of three months, at an average cost of $16 million. Zama-1 well in the Sureste Basin is rich with crude oil, approximated between 100 and 500 million barrels. The three companies were collectively awarded the rights to undertake the drilling in 2015. This followed the move of Mexican government to engage private industries in crude oil drilling.

The London premier and analysts collectively said the structure of the basin guarantees high chances of success in this geological project. Charlie Sharp who works as a professional analyst further said that Zama is a phenomenon when that seek high technological investments. Talos energy owns a stake of 35% in the venture. On the other hand, Sierra own 40% while Premier owns 25%. Talos Energy LLC is an oil and Gas Company, it is among the most successful companies focused in exploration, acquisition as well as exploitation of natural occurring crude oil and gas.

Talos Energy is particularly interested in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. In its operation, Talos Energy is closely backed up with other companies that include Apollo Global Management, LLC and Riverstone Holdings LLC among others. Ash Shepherd is the commercial manager at Talos Energy, following the reformations at Mexican Constitutional energy reforms, Ash Shepherd signed the first two production sharing contracts in 2013. This saw Talos Energy LLC, become the first foreign company to run in Mexico. Important to note also is that Talos acquired Energy Resource Technology, GOM, Inc. an oil and gas subsidiary of helix energy solutions Group Inc. for $620 million.

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La Kabbalah Centre Offers a Better way of Life

For those who seek to find a feeling of deeper connection to their fellow man and the universe that cradles reality, there is Kabbalah. It is centuries old and already known worldwide by several different generations of cultures and societies. The focus of this belief is a spiritual climb that reaches apex where every action, object and thought has a deeper meaning. Within the Kabbalah collective, there are different levels of discipline and styles of practice. But, that is not a problem or a discrepancy, because the religion itself has duality and echo to it.

That is to say on one level there is a call for the detachment to worldly actions, objects and thoughts. But, there is also an acknowledgement that these things exist without actively condemning them. This way of way walks a very fine line. Like many religions, there is an overall theme of having patience, compassion and control over your life to really get the best of it. There is one method of reaching enlightenment through letting go of it all, but Kabbalah says that there is another way passing through it all to reach a calm. And, it works.

To find out more a about Kabbalah, there is an establishment that you should make yourself familiar with. It is the LA Kabbalah Centre, founded by Philip Berg, and serves as an institution of learning as well a beacon of spirituality across the globe. Besides teaching the religion of its name sake, Zohar is also taught in the La Kabbalah Centre’s regional centers.

As the name suggests, it is located in Los Angeles, California. But, its influence spans globally through online courses and communities. Although Philip Berg is the LA Kabbalah Centre founder, he does not do it all on his own, nor is he the only person to credit with getting things started. His wife, Karen, and the uncanny staff of the la Kabbalah Centre are just a dedicated as their founder in their effort to bring something good to the world.

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Attributes of A Good Leader: Rick Smith

Technology plays a very big role in crime detection and prevention. And, companies like Securus Technologies are doing a great job at providing innovative products to help correctional facilities in investigations, crime mitigation and solving of crimes. Securus is a leading provider for technology solutions. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas but has branches in three other states including Carrolton, Atlanta and Allen.

Courtesy of strategic leadership, Rick Smith Securus is now a leading provider for prison technology solutions. In less than a decade, the company is already shaking this industry. It is one of the most competitive companies in this industry. Besides, the company releases two new products every other month. And, unlike its major competitors, the company does not subcontract its customer service. Instead, Securus has invested money in building a state-of-the-art call center. They employ hundreds of customer service professionals, ensuring that customers are served without time wastage. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

It is such a reputation that has gotten Securus getting contracts with almost every North American correctional facility. Today, their papers read over 1,250 contracts and over 1.2 million inmates benefit from their products. But, this success did not just come to Securus. Good leadership is mainly the reason why the company keeps on outdoing its competitors. And the main man on the leadership of Securus is Rick Smith.

There are various factors that make Rick Smith the best leader for Securus. First is his expansive knowledge in the industry. He has more than 4 decades of experience in the technology industry. Rick Smith started out at Frontier Corp, today known as Global Crossing, back in the year 1972. He worked for the company for 26 years, assuming a number of positions.

At Global Crossing, Rick Smith only started out as a Controller and worked his way up, through a number of positions before finally being promoted to VP of Financial Management. Some of the positions that he was in before include president of IT, Director of business development and marketing, Director of Network Plant Operations, VP f Midwest Plant Operations, and CIO.

After leaving Frontier Corp, Rick Smith was admitted into the Eschelon Telecom Inc. team. His first position at Eschelon was Chief Financial Officer. A year into the job and he was promoted to COO of the company. In no time, he was taking over the leadership of Eschelon, first being made president and director, then being employed as CEO of the company. During his tenure at Eschelon, he helped the company grow from a net worth of $30 million to over $300 million. He also led the company to an IPO in the year 2005.


Jason Hope: How the Internet of Things is Changing Our Daily Lives

Futurist Jason Hope has become famous for his dedication and belief in the emerging “Internet of Things” where the everyday objects in our lives work together wirelessly to make things easier for us. He recently reviewed some top gadgets that people are now seeing in their homes.

Athletics is one new frontier in the IoT. For men who love running and sports, shoes are about to become the next tool in fitness. Smart shoes can track the same basic features as any smartphone app on the market, like distance, speed and times. GPS data is even included, so all aspects of a workout can be evaluated, measured, and improved on, just by wearing the right shoes. According to rumor, Microsoft is even designing earbuds that will communicate with your phone on heart rate and activity levels, and provide the right music to maintain your heart rate.

The home is one of the most talked about areas for the IoT. Gadgets can now control your home appliances, so on hot days you can turn on the AC during your commute for a cool, comfortable house when you walk in the door. The same goes for lights, washers, dryers, or lock and unlock your front door from your smartphone. Landscaping and irrigation links to the IoT can tell you how much you’ve watered and control the sprinklers from wherever you are, which will save a lot on future water bills.

Jason Hope has spent years developing and researching how technology can improve our lives, whether it’s going through the motions of day-to-day or cutting edge medical research for treating the worst diseases.

With his venture capital partners, Jason is cultivating future generations of entrepreneurs like himself who can guide the world into the future. Jason Hope also works closely with many charities in his native Arizona.

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The Endeavors of Bruce Bent II

Bruce Bent II is the current president and vice chairman of Double Rock Corporation. He graduated from the Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy. The business guru serves as a senior executive to each of the six subsidiary companies of Double Rock. These companies include Island Intellectual Property LLC which deals with licensing of patents in the financial services industry and Access Control Advantage LLC which focuses on retirement market innovations.

As and experienced entrepreneur, Mr. Bent II is credited with inventing several innovative short-term cash related and asset management solutions for banks and retail markets. His focus and entrepreneurial drive have played a significant role in the development of relevant and influential products in the technological advancements of expanded FDIC-insured and cash sweep programs. The entrepreneur privately holds many patents, making his innovative processes the foundation of the subsidiary companies which apply them as the standard in the respective markets.

Mr. Bent II is known to have spent his entire career in the corporation where his efforts have transformed the landscape of cash management into a multi-trillion dollar industry. His effort in Access Control Advantage has availed a definite automated contribution plan loan solution. Before the 2008 financial crisis, Mr. Bent II served in The Reserve on a Presidential capacity. Headquartered in New York, NY, The Reserve was among the world’s largest money-market institutions held privately, offering the world’s second largest money market fund. The markets of distribution and product lines experienced significant expansion and diversification under Mr. Bent’s guidance.

Mr. Bent II has also been involved in numerous business ventures including intellectual property, asset management, business consulting, financial technologies, consumer goods, healthcare financing, and much more. The entrepreneur has a board membership in the 99 Jane Street Condominium Association. He is also a member of the peer network Young Presidents’ Organization that connects over 10,000 young business leaders globally.

Mr. Bent II’s entrepreneurial skills and expertise have been a catalyst for his growth in the business world. His experience in organization leadership has also been essential. Combining all these with his determination, Mr. Bent II is set to make more advancement in the financial technology industry.

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Richard Mishaan Design Combines Unexpected Elements for a Powerful Salon

A Richard Mishaan design is known for overlapping tasteful antiques with modern charms. Richard Mishaan, the author of “Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern” is one of New York City’s leading interior designers, named to the Elle Décor A List and the AD 100.


This year, Richard Mishaan designed the grand salon/library at the Kip’s Bay Boys and Girls Club Decorator Show House. For the design, he used Fortuny fabrics, animal prints, and yards of cords and tape to create a layering effect that mimics what occurs to a room organically after belonging to the same family for centuries.


Historically, many powerful families in Venice and Florence would have favored artisans’ works on display through the generations, but would also buy velvets and silks to hang along the walls. It was a sign of taste to have a home that reflected the generations before it as well as the modern generation.


A blurring of time and space is a hallmark of Richard Mishaan design. The room includes the Fortuny fabrics and animal prints, but also an eclectic mixture of wall art, including a London print of a room in the Topkapi palace, a contemporary Audubon painting by Walton Ford, and orientalist artwork. Combined, they make one feel that they are walking backwards through time and the world while standing in the moment.


Richard Mishaan creates a final result that feels solidly put together, on a bold, emotional level. Despite the newness of the room, on display through Tuesday, June 6, it has all the historical grandeur of the much older Italian homes that inspired it.


Richard Mishaan has long been inspired by travel and culture. He loves the handcrafted beauty of older pieces, which still reflect the care and passion that went into making them hundreds of years ago, but also loves and respects modern pieces which carry on that same tradition. He also loves the way three-dimensional textiles, porcelain, and decorative art stand out within their environment.


The Columbian-born interior designer uses the same mashup of eras and styles in his own homes in Columbia and New York City.

Jason Hope discusses ways in which Aviation Technology can be Used in Homes

Jason Hope is one of the nation’s most successful internet entrepreneurs. The Arizona native started his first company shortly after graduating from Arizona state university in 1998. The company was known as Jawa, one of the nation’s first providers of premium internet content, streamed exclusively for mobile devices. This is a remarkable start up, as it had beat Steve Jobs and Apple Incorporated to the very model that would later be adopted by iTunes in the Apple Store over a decade later.


Jason Hope went on to found a string of equally successful internet startups. These included offerings in a wide array of niches, including search engine optimization, online reputation management and business app development. But Hope decided to leave the hectic life of being a busy CEO.


Today, Hope has taken to the internet, blogging and writing for various tech outlets about the coming technologies of the Internet of Things. Hope sees this as a very exciting time in the history of technological development. He predicts that the Internet of Things will radically transform the lives of everyday Americans, leading to gigantic opportunities for those entrepreneurs who are savvy enough to see the trends and seize the day.


One of the areas that Hope has been talking about is the large supply of technologies that the aviation industry has produced over the last 50 years, which can be adapted to Internet of Things technologies. One of the systems that Hope points to is the TCAS system, which stands for Traffic and Collision Avoidance and learn more about Jason.


This system uses highly sophisticated radio beacon technology as well as an interfacing with existing radar systems to create a highly effective and accurate collision avoidance capability. This system was brought about as the result of a large number of highly publicized mid-air collision events, which claimed the lives of thousands of people and more information click here.


Within a few years of the implementation of the TCAS system, mid-air traffic accidents had fallen to the point where they were virtually no longer taking place at all and Jason’s lacrosse camp.


Hope thinks that similar results will come about in people’s homes and workplaces, when these technologies are adapted from aviation applications to those of people’s everyday lives and his Website.



HDIT/HCT Is the Next Therapeutic Option for Active Relapsing-remitting MS Patients

Dr Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a New Jersey based neurologist who specializes in psychiatry. Dr Shiva studied at the Government Medical College where he graduated in 1979. He is affiliated to Kennedy University Hospital and has been practising for the last 20 years and 38 years of expertise in Neurology. Dr Shiva has a practising license in New Jersey and is also a participant of the Medicare program.


New clinical research reports show that a high dose of immunosuppressive therapy and a transplant issued to the same patient afterward can induce a disease that attacks the patient’s ‘central nervous system’. 68% of the patients did not experience any progression of disability after receiving the treatment and consequently, did not take MS drugs after use of HDIT/HCT.


The HALT-MS research was sponsored by ‘The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease ‘and part of the National Institute of Health. The research was conducted by Immune Tolerance Network and published in December 2014. The results of the findings indicate that one time treatment is more effective than long-term treatment. Ms Symptoms vary but the most common one is ‘relapsing-remitting MS’. As per the findings, patients remain in remission five years after administration of the HDIT/HCT treatment, their MS stabilised and some even improved in physical mobility.


If similar results are found in other studies, HDIT/HCT might become a possible therapeutic option for patients who experience active relapsing-remitting MS especially if they do not respond to existing therapies.


This research was conducted by ITN for the award number AI109565 and was sponsored by NIAID that supports and conducts research at NIH mostly in United States and across the globe. The main area of focus for their research is the causes of immune-mediated diseases and developing better treatment and diagnosis for these diseases.