Fabolous is dropping a new single called “Lituation” as a front runner for his Christmas release of “The Young OG Project”. Fabolous hasn’t released anything this year so fans may be eager to hear this new material.

In recent months Fabolous has been rather quiet. He has always been known as the rapper that made great cameo appearances on songs. This year Fabolous has been very low key. Drake has dominated the airwaves. Nicki Minaj has created a whole new world for herself outside of rap. Fabolous, however, has went from being the hot spot guest on raps to something of a mix tape artist. 

Fan Keith Mann¬†agrees that much of this has to do with his time line and his content. Fabolous has been around for years. He has shined on lots of R&B cuts, but the R&B/rap world is so heavily intertwined that Fabolous isn’t really needed music anymore. Rappers like Drake can sing. Singers like Chris Brown can rap. In other words, the guest appearances that Fabolous was known for are a lot less frequent these days. He appears to be grasping at straws when it comes to getting radio play.

His content has also remained stagnant. The “Lituation” single is another made up word – much like the misspelling of his own stage name – that puts the rapper into explanation mode. Few fans are interested in music that has be explained.

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