Graeme Holm Offers Expert Financial Coaching

Infinity Group Australia, founded by financial expert Graeme Holm, has been making money hand over fist since day one. Since its founding in 2013, the company has been helping Australians of all stripes to better their personal finances and reduce their debt. Under Holm’s direction, the company adopted a customer-driven business model that has served them well. In the beginning, they had only one location and a couple of desks. Now they have five locations and a shelf full of awards for customer service, product innovation, and a whole lot more.


Graeme Holm has worked at the highest levels of banking for over 17 years. Using this experience, he founded Infinity Group Australia after noticing how many people end up getting a raw deal from their financial institutions. His wife and business partner Rebecca Walker has also been a big part of his success. Graeme Holm got the idea for Infinity while doing a six-month study researching the problems in the Australian mortgage market. He found that the average family did not receive and did not have access to the right kind of advice, resources, and support that they needed. Infinity was founded in an attempt to remedy this problem.


Holm is known as one of the world’s best financial coaches. As he elaborated upon during an interview with the people at Ideamensch, most people that he works with are just average folks living paycheck to paycheck. He explains that money management is a big part of their problem, because they just don’t have financial discipline. That’s where an expert financial coach comes in. A skillful financial coach can help a person to stick to their plans. The coach also gives detailed feedback on business results. In the same interview, we are also told that he practices these organizational habits in his personal life.


This is the means by which Graeme Holm hopes to carry out his goal of transforming the market in a new and radical way, simply by helping others to prosper as he has. While it is hard to gauge results for something like this because everyone starts at a different point, it is worth noting that 100% of Infinity’s clients have paid more on their loans within 12 months than they paid for twelve years prior. It’s hard to argue with results like that.


If you are an australian who needs some financial help, this is a good man to call. Visit Infinity’s website to find out what they can do for you.

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