A Conversation With Musician Noel Gallagher

Rolling Stone Magazine has an interview on their website with Noel Gallagher, the singer-songwriter and former guitar player for Oasis. The interview is the third in a continuing series by Rolling Stone. In it, the 48-year-old Gallagher talks seriously about some topics and comically vents on others.

Gallagher mentions that on his current solo tour he will be playing at big arenas in England and in smaller clubs in the United States. He says that he prefers playing for the smaller, more intimate audiences where there is direct interaction with the fans. This is a departure from his statements in the past where he expressed a preference from being as far away from the audience as possible. So, it seems that he’s changed his perspective.

Gallagher also poked fun at Madonna and the other music stars who are signing on to the Tidal music streaming service. He believes that they are taking themselves too seriously and are running the risk of coming across as Jay-Z’s puppets. I think that his observations are quite humorous. Personally, I think that artists need to just accept that they aren’t going to make much money from their recordings anymore and focus on getting revenue from playing live.

Gallagher says that he’s discussed getting together with Blur front man Damon Albarn at some point to collaborate on an album. Broda thinks this is great news.

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