A Few Interesting Facts About Andy Wirth You Should Know

Andy Wirth loves activities that make his adrenaline shoot. He loves to cycle, swimming, skydiving and many others. A Few months back, he was jumping out with two friends when he found himself in a not very ideal spot. He found himself in a vineyard and while he was making the final maneuvers, he was stuck in a pole that that took off with one of his arms. Quickly, he realized that he was in a bad place and his arm was spurting out a lot of blood but because of his experience as a backyard ranger, he knew that the very important thing at the time was keeping calm.

He spent the longest fifteen minutes of his life in the post until he was found, transferred to an ambulance and then to a helicopter. When he finally found himself in the ambulance, he told the driver that he had fought enough and it was now up to him (the driver) to see to it that he survived the rest of the journey.  He would spend the next three months in hospital to get his arm back and that was not all. He would also start an emotional and physical journey of regaining his fitness and identity. Within a few months, he had gone back to running though it was a slow process and one that proved difficult to stay positive.

However, his approach to the regaining and life in general changed when he met a group of Navy Seals who were doing their routine winter mountain climbing. He naturally became a friend to many of them and actually realized that they shared similar interests. He would later be involved in raising funds for the Navy Seals Foundation for the respect of the comrades who have lost either their lives or limbs while on duty. He says the individuals sacrifice a lot so as to protect the country’s borders and time is ripe for the citizenry to show them a little love through the fundraiser.

For a man who has to relearn most of his usual tasks including running, swimming and cycling, giving a smile to someone else who has been in a similar position matters a lot. He is the current Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Holdings and worked very hard to make the place one of the most desired skiing tourist destinations in the whole world. He is also a conservation and nature enthusiast and spends a lot of time contributing to organizations that are involved with the same.

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