A Look at some Famous Sibling Rivalries

“Rolling Stone Magazine” has a list of famous sibling rivalries in pop music. One of them is the long-time feud between Ray Davies and his younger brother Dave Davies of the Kinks. The two men have a long history of fighting that goes back to the 1960’s.

Ray Davies is definitely the dominant member of the band. He’s written all the big hits. So, Dave Davies has always been in his shadow. In my opinion, Dave Davies isn’t all that important to the band. Yes, he’s a good guitar player, but the Kinks could have easily found another good guitar player and done just as well.

Another feud that is mentioned is the one between Joey Ramone and Johnny Ramone, the lead singer and guitar player respectively of the Ramones. While the two aren’t biologically related, they did take on the same last name. The conflict between these two started when Johnny stole Joey’s girlfriend and later married her. The tension went on for years as the two worked together in the Ramones. They would be on the road for months and not even talk to one another.
Keith Mann thinks that this was a really sad situation. Both Joey and Johnny were key to the band’s success. The two needed each other to create the band’s signature sound, but they weren’t able to get along. That’s got to be tough.

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