A Unique Cleansing System for all Types of Hair

An online magazine known as Bustle, recently had a post by a young woman who wanted to share her hair care experience. The woman was trying the Sephora.com fig variety of the Wen cleansing conditioner. She chose to create a week long journal of her experience in using this product for the first time. She decided to use the cleansing shampoo to help add body to her fine hair. She also had some issues with frizz she hoped the shampoo would take care of. Her daily accounts include self-photos, which show how her hair did become fuller and had an increase in shine. She did state that when she skipped using the shampoo for a day, she noticed her hair was dull and oily.

A Uniquely Formulated Cleansing System

The products in the WEN were able to correct the issues the young woman had with her hair, because they are formulated to clean and condition at the same time. These cleansing conditioners are available online through Amazon.com in several different formulas containing natural ingredients. The varieties available include lavender, pomegranate, fig, sweet almond mint and cucumber aloe. The ingredients used for each variety are designed to address the different issues people can have with their hair. These cleansing conditioners can get rid of frizz, add shine, increase body and make hair more manageable regardless of what type of hair a person has.

Not only is Wen designed to condition and repair hair, it also cleans without removing the natural oils that help keep hair healthy. Chaz Dean had a vision for the products he created, which led him to make not only his superior cleansing product, but also several other hair care products. The WEN line offers people a nourishing mouse that will provide superior hold, while adding volume and shine when hair is blow-dried.


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