Aaliyah Lifetime Movies Bombs

Rolling Stone Magazine compiled a list of 10 crazy things that were learned from the Aaliyah Lifetime movie. The movie bombed in a big way, and now a lot of negative press is being associated with the movie. Rolling Stone detailed much of what we wrong with the movie that has social media buzzing.

There is the matter of casting that plagued the movie from the very beginning. Rolling Stone contributor Brittany Spanos pointed out that the casting was off. Fans felt like the actors should have looked like the people that they were portraying. A lot of people, like my friend Marc Sparks, joked on Twitter about how the Missy Elliot character did not resemble Missy Elliot at all.

Another thing that was bound to spark a Twitter uproar was the lack of Aaliyah music. The original recordings for Aaliyah’s music were not released to Lifetime.

There is also the business about Aaliyah and R. Kelly that no one seems to know any more about. The details have always been sketchy, and Wendy Williams professed that she was going to get the facts right as the producer on the film.  Ultimately, R. Kelly is the only one that really knows what went on with Aaliyah.

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