Aaron Lupuloff Is Changing Lives One Student At A Time

Aaron Lupuloff is a man who thoroughly cares about the education of the children in his community. He knows that it is very important for children to further their education past high school and go on to college. He also knows that a lot of times children sacrifice their college education because they know that neither themselves nor their families can afford to send them off to college. He wants to change this.

Aaron Lupuloff has been working hard with a public school district in the area around where he lives to make sure there are options available to the students so that they can apply to and hopefully go off to the college of their choosing without having to worry about how they are going to pay for it.

Based on stockwits.com, scholarships are a great way for students to get the funding that they need to go to school, but not every student is going to get a scholarship so Aaron Lupuloff is working hard to try and find other options to have available to those who do not receive scholarships.

Aaron Lupuloff says that in order to have a successful community you must have successful youth. Having successful youth means that you must have educational options readily available to these students so that they can be the very best that they can be.

Aaron Lupuloff is going to continue to work with education and he is going to try his hardest to allow every child the opportunity to go to school without having to think about finances for even a second. Lupuloff wants to change the future of our children and he knows that education has to be the center of that. Aaron Lupuloff is going to continue to do great things and he is going to change many lives along the way. To know more about Lupuloff you can visit interview.net


Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation Interview

Aaron Lupuloff, executive director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation, discusses the organization during an interview at the Corky Kell Classic.

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