Aaron Lupuloff takes care of evolution in schools

Aaron Lupuloff was recently appointed to be a new member of the GCPS team. In 2015, that’s when he joined the company, but as a senior executive director. Aaron over the years he has continued to show his support to the Gwinnett County community through giving back to the community. Together with the help of his wife Jan, they are assisting the member of the community how possible. In 2011, because of the work that the family was doing, they were inducted by NHS Foundation.

One of the foundations that Aaron Lupuloff supports is the Camp Twin Lakes. The camp offers children with disabilities a place they can go during the summer holidays. Also, the summer camp is available and adaptable to those children that come from a low-income family. Aaron is the one that gives scholarship of up to 70% of the fee spent during the camp. They also give their support to Georgia Faction that’s a foundation for juvenile diabetes. The foundation advocates that there are diabetes research, treatment access and programs that help those people suffering type 1 diabetes have been bettered all over the world. Additionally, they work with those partners that are in domestic violence situations. The program has helped reduce how domestic violence is affecting the people involved. Like for children in domestic violence homes they will not concentrate in school those affecting their education.

According to youngupstarts, Aaron worked with a local education system. That was before he joined GCPS Company, at the Norcross High School Foundation he was the founding member. The school was started in 2001 to offer their services to people living within the school’s two zip code. One of the zip code is where the high-earning and upper class were living, and then there was 29% of the residents that were struggling to make ends meet. Through the help of the community, by using the NHS Foundation, the school was able to offer the attendees with all they needed to flourish in school. In addition, the other thing that he founded was the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board and was a board member too.

The experience that Lupuloff has in financial management is the reason why he was employed at the GCPS Foundation. The company was sure that he was a great fit in assisting with the company’s growth. In the past, he worked for Bear Stearns and Jp Morgan where he was a senior managing director for 20 years. Also, at the Raymond James, he offered his services as the managing director. Even with joining the new company, he is sure that he won’t stop his work in changing people’s lives through education.

To so many parents they are afraid to take their children to school, to receive the education that they are aware will equip them with skills, and shape them for the future because of the funding being cut off. However, the GCPS Foundation is working hard to ensure that the financing of the schools in secure and it won’t run out.






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