Adrian Peterson Just Gets Worse and Worse

Adrian Peterson had seemingly got himself out of a jam just a few weeks ago. The Minnesota Vikings football star had turned himself in to authorities for beating his child with a switch. He wrote what seemed to be an earnest apology to the world, explaining that he himself had been raised in a violent manner and that he did not understand the proper ways to discipline his child. He asked for forgiveness and expressed remorse for what he’d done.

The reaction was mostly positive. It’s not like he knocked his wife out with one punch in an elevator like Ray Rice, right? This man was just a mixed-up product of a violent childhood.

Unfortunately for the 2012 NFL MVP, this case invited scrutiny on the rest of his doings. It is now being alleged that in 2011 he used money donated to his charity to fund an orgy, yes, an orgy for his brother. His brother was underage at the time and apparently the event was a volatile night full of arguments.

His charity is called the “All Day Foundation”. Perhaps he should change it to the “All Night Foundation”. There are now investigations as to whether Peterson’s charitable organization is a scam. Peterson claims that money gets donated to religious institutions through the charity on a yearly basis.

If this doesn’t make Peterson look like a bad guy, a probe has revealed that Adrian Peterson has fathered six children by six different women. One of these kids died just a few weeks ago when the mother’s current boyfriend beat the child to death. The first time Peterson ever saw this little boy was when he was in the hospital in a coma.


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