Agera Energy Leads The Way With Sustainable Energy

In 2014, Agera Energy saw that there was a significant gap in the renewable energy market. While they had been successful with other types of energy, Agera knew it would be able to capitalize on these opportunities rapidly. With that, the company began steadily buying up a variety of existing renewable energy providers around the United States. This provided them with the majority of the infrastructure and logistics that they needed to capitalize on its existing operations quickly. Because of that, Agera Energy quickly began offering its Pure Wind product; this allows customers to supplement their current power sources with wind power. Read more about Agera Energy on


According to Agera, customers will be able to Green-e certified Renewable Energy Certificates; the company has noted that they will be able to match between 50% and 100% of their existing energy with these RECs. These RECs can be sold separately to the megawatt-hour of electricity that’s produced. With this in mind, both customer and investors will be able to help create a more sustainable energy supply for the future. By switching to wind energy, Agera Energy has also said that this will allow customers to reduce their environmental footprint, making a choice more sustainable.


Furthermore, many of the rates for renewable energy are typically similar to that of more non-sustainable sources and in many cases is even lower. Because of that, the vast majority of users will be able to save on their electricity bills by switching to wind or solar energy. Agera has also been very specific with choosing which wind energy suppliers they work with. This has led to them only using audited and verified wind farms from across the United States. Throughout their history, Agera Energy has tried to be as transparent and open with their customers as possible.


This has helped them grow significantly ever since it was first founded; in recent years, the company has grown to over 1.8 million customers. They also set up the Agera Cares initiative to provide a variety of philanthropic help across different communities. Much of this charitable work has been done in the communities where Agera Energy is based, but they’ve also been a part of a few national efforts. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

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