Album Of The Year Grammy Nominations Announced

Any artist who does music, wants to achieve a Grammy in their lifetime. Any artist that says they don’t care about getting a Grammy, is either lying, or lacks ambition. Album Of The Year. A Grammy is the height of music fame, and once you’ve won a Grammy, it solidifies your name in music history, and you have finally made it. One of the most coveted awards at the Grammys, is the “Album Of The Year,” because it’s not just for a single, or performance, it’s an entire album.

In order to get into this category, you have to have many sales, lots of visibility of your album, and of course, a lot of popularity. Many people who do music, covet this title, but very few receive it. The 2015 Grammys has nominated the following artists for album of the year: Beyoncé, Sam Smith, Pharrell, Ed Sheeran, and Beck. Without being completely biased, more than likely Beyoncé will come out on top, as she was the queen of dominating the Grammys in the past, and she most likely will do so in the future as well.

Currently, Beyoncé has 52 Grammy nominations, and is now the highest nominated woman in Grammy history, finally passing Dolly Parton for the title. This news was a bit surprising to people at BRL Trust. With a history of Grammy award nominations, Beyoncé is definitely a shoe in for the Album Of The Year award, plus she has an amazing album, that’s doing very well.

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