Alexis Kennedy And Lottie Bevan Successfully Launch Video Game Cultist Simulator

Weather Factory is a video game development studio based in London, England. It was co-founded by Alexis Kennedy and Lottie Bevan. It released Cultist Simulator in 2018. They are currently working on Book of Hours, which is expected to be released in 2021. This game is available on Steam, the App Store, Google Play, Humble, GOG, and

Cultist Simulator was nominated for two British Academy Game Awards, which were Game Innovation and Best Debut Game. It won three awards from Develop: Star Awards. These were Best Game Design, Best Innovation, and Best Microstudio. It also won Best Game Design from the Emotional Games Awards in 2018.

This video game takes place after an apocalypse in the 1920s. Players can summon spirits, bring innocent people into their cult, and craft tools. There are different endings ranging from sane to insane. If the main character fails their students, heirs, and victims could succeed in their stead. Alexis Kennedy wrote over 110,000 words for this game.

Cultist Simulator was funded by a Kickstarter campaign launched in 2017. It received almost 300 percent funding. It first appeared on Windows, Linux, and Mac’s on May 31, 2018. The mobile version was released on April 2, 2019. The desktop versions are $19.99 while the mobile versions are $6.99. Besides English, The story written by Alexis Kennedy has been translated into Russian and Chinese.

Alexis Kennedy is a writer and video game designer. His last company was Failbetter where he designed Sunless Sea, Fallen London, Black Crown, Machine Cares!, Night Circus, and more. He has been a speaker at universities and conferences around the world.

Lottie Bevan was named as a “30 under 30” by MCV in 2019. Her production credits include Zubmariner, Sunless Sea, and Fallen London. She, too, has spoken around the world on topics ranging from marketing to production.

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