All About ClassDojo

What is ClassDojo? ClassDojo is an app that is used for the classroom. This app allows students, teachers, and parents to stay connected during school hours. You can share videos and messages through this app, and it allows them to connect with new ideas.

This app was created by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. They created this app to help students with their behavior issues because behavior management is a common issue for students. They also believe that the way in which the school deals with a child’s behavior can greatly impact a child’s character and social development. This app was mainly designed to help teachers their students behavior issues and stay connected to their parents.

Many parents and teachers love this app because it is a great way for teachers to stay connected to parents and for parents to know exactly what their children are up to. Many parents also love this app because it keeps their children focused and alert during school so their behavior is better. Parents like that they can monitor their child’s behavior throughout the day. Most parents want to know what their children are up to and how they are behaving in class, but it can be difficult to communicate with the teacher, but this app allows you to the whole time your child is in school! It is a great way of keeping up with your child while they are in school. Parents and teachers stay more connected and it makes it so much easier!

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