Amazon Cuts Ties with Reality TV Programming

Do those who stream TV shows and movies demand higher quality programming? Amazon seems to think so. Their latest move will eliminate a slew of Viacom reality shows that just aren’t up to par for their Amazon Prime streaming customers.

Reality TV is seen by most as a guilty pleasure. It is low quality programming that often depicts over the top drama. Cable companies love it because it doesn’t cost much to produce and they have more content to sell advertising slots according to FreedomPop.

Streaming video outfits like Amazon Prime and NetFlix have no need to fill their libraries with low quality garbage programming. Their profits are entirely motivated by subscribers rather than advertisers. The higher quality their programming is the more subscribers they can gain and retain over time.

Amazon plans to follow suit with NetFlix and use the money they save from dumping low quality programming to invest in quality TV shows, movies and original series. It seems that the future of streaming services is more about quality than quantity. Subscribers want to get something special and feel like they are getting their money’s worth.

The overall trend of people migrating to streaming services could finally mean the end of reality TV as we know it. I personally won’t miss it one bit.

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