American Addiction Centers on College Sports, Partying and Drinking on Campus

The fall is an exciting time for college campuses. This is a time when incoming students start their freshman year. It is also a time when returning students go back to school to finish obtaining their degrees.

Fraternities and sororities are getting ready for another big year on campus and sports teams are anticipating the start of a new season. American Addiction Centers knows that drinking and drug use will also increase during the start of a new school year.

August and September are extremely busy months during the fall. This is the time when students are settling into campus and getting ready for another busy year of studying, seeing sports games and partying.

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American Addiction Centers is a drug rehab organization that has select locations all over the United States. This drug and alcohol treatment facility realizes that many college students succumb to alcohol and drugs during sporting events and parties.

Parents, here is some important information that American Addiction Centers has to say about this situation. Sporting events such as football games usually kicks off the fall season on campuses.

Major universities are usually packed to the brim with college students and local people supporting their team. Everybody is partying and having a good time. American Addiction Centers knows that drugs and alcohol play a large role in these events.

Students typically tailgate before the game begins. Many colleges will have 12 p.m. kickoff times to start the event. Student will already be up drinking as early as 5 a.m. – 12 p.m. getting “drunk” or “buzzed” before the game begins.

Some other college kids will be doing drugs to get high before the big game. Once the game rolls around they will pumped full of alcohol. They will even drink during half time.

Night games on college campuses are the same way. Many college students use them as an excuse to get drunk and party. Remember, some college students don’t attend the games. They will go to an on campus, bar and drink with their friends to watch the event.

Partying on campus is a weekly occurrence. Many parties start on Friday afternoon and evening but some start as early as Thursday night. The partying then lasts all the way until Sunday morning. Sometimes they will go all the way until Sunday night. Fraternities and sororities are big on weekend parties. However, they are not the only people that party all the time. College kids will usually gather in their dorm room or at some popular campus spot to drink and do drugs.

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American Addiction Centers knows that drinking and partying is a huge aspect of campus life. People who never partied before will usually find these activities to be lively and very fun. People who like to party will also be drawn in the merriment and drinking.

Unfortunately, some young adults will get hooked on drinking and drugs while in college. They will hard time escaping from the bonds of these substances. American Addiction Centers know they can become lifelong addicts from simply engaging in drinking activities for sports games and parties at college.

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