Andy Wirth’s Squaw Valley Ski Lands Huge Expansion.

Squaw Valley Ski has been growing in both physical size and reputation over the past several decades. CEO Andy Wirth has been a steady part of Squaw Valley’s ever expanding ascent toward the top of the luxury ski resort ladder. Recently Wirth was appointed to the Reno – Tahoe Airport Authority Board and his expertise in resort management as well as his deep commitment to the area will serve as useful tools in the board’s work toward aiding the region. Outside of the recent board appointment there have been other exciting new things to pay attention to at Squaw Valley Ski.

When Wayne Pulsen first established Squaw Valley it had been his goal to connect his mountain to that of Alpine Meadows. With an Alpine Meadows to Squaw Valley connection in place there would be almost no better place in all of North America in which to taste what mountain slopes had to offer. For decades that vision had laid dormant until recently. CEO Andy Wirth and White Wolf owner Troy Caldwell finally reached an agreement to begin setting up a base to base gondola that would connect Alpine Meadows to Squaw Valley Ski.

The reason that this gondola has been so long in the making is simple: the land that Toy Caldwell owns, White Wolf, sits right between the two mountains. Without Caldwell’s cooperation the gondola could never get off the ground, no pun intended. Now with a deal in place we will be seeing these two mountains connecting sooner than later. Long has traversing between the two mountains been the greatest issue for ski resort enthusiasts in the Reno – Tahoe area. Packing up and unloading is a huge process, especially when you have to traverse between two mountains to make it happen. This gondola deal represents a huge victory not just for the skiers but the owners of both companies.

Squaw Valley has seen exponential growth in recent years with Andy Wirth leading the charge. With this long lusted after gondola nearing construction it seems only a matter of time until the company is reaching even newer heights.

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