Ariana Grande Cannot Be Stopped

There are some rising stars that are taking over in 2014. They have a presence that cannot be stopped. Ariana Grande is one such person. She has this charisma that has surfaced in a variety of different ways. People like to what she has to say in interviews. They want to see what she is going to do when she performs. Grande has become the staple in pop music that the world needs. She appears to fill a void that was missing in pop. Ariana has surfaced as a force to be reckoned with.

Ariana is making this big splash with the catchy “Santa Tell Me” song. The video is hot and playful. She manages to bring a sexy image into place as she gives her audience some Christmas music to close out the year.

Even John Textor and Forbes can see that Grande has managed to be a real powerhouse because she has managed to become a mainstream crossover artist. She gets play on R&B and pop radio. Many people have seen her transition into EDM sounds. Others have seen her handle R&B music. She revealed her love for a rapper. Grande also performed on the Victoria Secret Fashion show. All of these things kept Ariana in the spotlight for such a long time. She has used her music to give her a platform that expands past entertainer. She is an actress and a singer that fans cannot get enough of.

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