Arrested Over Death Threats Blink 182 And Ex-Wife Still Battling It Out

‘Til death do us part,’ has new meaning after last month when Travis Barker, and ex-wife Shanna Moakler, were arrested for launching death threats at one another.

Blink-182 drummer, Barker, and his ex-wife got into a heated argument December 7, of last year when he said that he would like their two children to be a part of his upcoming reality show.

Unfortunately the mother of his two children, feels it is a bad idea putting their kids in his series that is still in the works.

“If I could, I’d put a bullet in your head,” Drummer of Blink 182, Barker, said.

After that, Moakler, called police.

She claimed her ex-husband called her “a f–king piece of garbage” Allegations made to police by Moakler, 39. about what ex-husband, Barker, continued to slander, “a cigarette-smoking, coke-snorting bitch.”

No happy ending here, these exes were both arrested after Barker told police that former Miss USA, Moakler, threatened to send her current boyfriend over to beat him up.

Thank you to my friends at North American Spine for telling me about this story.

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