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The RealReal has done something to stick out among many other clothing brands by reselling items to customers. People are able to get the resold items for a discount and they are indeed the real thing as promised by the company. The brand has created two retail stores in NYC and California for consumers to go in and purchase items. With the RealReal consumers can buy popular items and brands such as Gucci for example at a discounted price as the company was started by an entrepreneur named Julie Wainwright in 2011. The company is based out of San Francisco and has been able to acquire money to start through funding from Great Hill Partners. Wainwright interestingly claims that many of their customers are women with men buying watches and other items for themselves. According to the RealReal, both the advancement of technology and the changing market have made them an option to buy clothing. Evidence points to the fact that many want to purchase the items for a resell as the resale industry has been said to have increased up to 49% and will continue to rise according to the article from Gazette Day. One of the good things about reselling items and buying them is that it reduces waste on the environment as a whole as throwing away clothing items produces more waste. Reselling the products in turn increases the lifespan of the item while making a positive effect on the environment. The RealReal has grown tremendously by offering top-notch items such as Kim K thigh-highs, Yeezys, Chanel bags, Saint Laurent items, and more all for a discounted price with the tags still on them. Other brands have partnered with the RealReal after witnessing them have a lot of success in the industry. However, it could all come at a price as other retailers and stores such as H&M, among many others, could go out of business due to the competition and the convenience of being able to purchase items online from home. The RealReal is truly revolutionizing the fashion industry.

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