Artist Gets Rich off other people’s Instagram Photos

Artist Richard Prince has found an ingenious way to make a fortune off of social media. He sells a stranger’s Instagram photo.

Last year, the Gagosian Gallery held an exhibition for Prince, featuring portraits that were uploaded to Instagram, and did not belong to him.

Prince never seeks permission to re-purpose the images; he simply selects which photos support his ideas, and he uses them.

He is absolutely walking a fine line between legal use and copyright laws, but he has managed to err on the side of legality according to Adam Sender.

His artwork isn’t considered a copy or a replica because he makes minor changes to the Instagram pictures, thus transforming it into fair use. The picture becomes an altered remix of the original.

Although Prince has received cease and desist demands, he has not been formally sued in court for his Instagram hijinx.

His artwork now commands up to $100,000 per piece.

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