James Dondero on Moving Fast

James Dondero is a very driven individual. This aspect of being driven is evidenced in the way that James Dondero has moved quickly from working with others as a part of a different firm (or few) to forming his own firm within the fast paced world of finance. James Dondero has quite a few years of experience within the finance sector and has been running his own financial firm since 1993. The investment firm, Highland Capital Management is known in many different regions and has witnessed significant growth over the past decade or so. The firm takes part in the alternative credit management sector in the booming nation that is the United States but also in places such as South Korea and more. Read more about James Dondero at Wikipedia.com.

James Dondero knows that moving forward in a strategic and effective manner in business is certainly key to success. As such, James Dondero lives by a few principles and sticks to them on a regular basis.

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One of these principles is that of the idea of working those individuals who are interested in growth. Professionals who are interested in growth will read, communicate, and elevate themselves and others. The regular upgrades of each individual will help to upgrade an overall firm over time. People need autonomy and space to become strong and smart, they also need to have good feedback loops to make the right decisions. People with enough autonomy but no resources won’t be as effective, as such, positive feedback and resources are key to progress and overall growth. Visit jimdondero.com to know more about him.

Furthermore, one will find that proper systems and tools will also help to provide leverage in growth.

Dick DeVos Is A Fighter Who Stands Up For The Causes He Believes In

Dick DeVos grew up in Michigan and has been able to make a big difference in the state in many ways during his lifetime. As a proponent of school choice, he helped to pass Michigan’s first legislation that supports students whose families wish to see them in a charter or private school. The legislation helped to cover the steep costs of attending these schools. DeVos attempted to help pass other laws that would help to bring equal opportunities to students in the state, but they did not pass.


In 2010, Dick DeVos decided to head in another direction by founding a charter school in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The school is known as The West Michigan Aviation Academy, and it is a nonprofit public school that started out in a older office on at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. In the beginning, the school had just 80 students, but it has, since, grown to now support hundreds of students. Students come from all over the region to attend the school, and some of them take more than one bus just to be able to study there.


Dick DeVos is a conservative Christian who believes in smaller government. He helped to create the Great Lakes Education Project with his wife, Betsy DeVos, which is an organization that promotes educational choice. He made the West Michigan Aviation Academy free to attend and has supported the school through donations for many years. DeVos is a pilot, himself, and is happy to be able to support the dreams of young students who hope to someday serve in the aviation industry. He feels that the atmosphere at the airport gives students a feeling of being a part of something and that it might also give them a glimpse of what they have to look forward to in the future.


Dick DeVos has done a whole lot more for Grand Rapids in the past. During the early 1990s, he helped put a stop to a bad idea that had been circulating around the city. The idea had to do with the creation of a multi-purpose convention center and sports arena that people were wanting to build north of the city’s downtown area. While others were considering the idea, DeVos was lobbying it by making phone calls. He knew it would not turn out well because he had seen a similar idea fail in Detroit during the 1970s. The city had constructed a sports arena only to watch its sports teams leave later on.


Thanks to Dick DeVos, the arena and convention center was never built in Grand Rapids. He also helped to create a group of businessmen known as Grand Action during this time. This group has continued to improve the city by supporting the construction of multiple buildings that have made Grand Rapids what it is today.


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OSI Group’s acquisition of Tyson Foods plant saves the jobs of more than 400 employees

In June 2016, OSI Group acquired the Chicago-based Tyson Foods plant for $7.4 million. Before the acquisition, Tyson Foods plant had announced that they could not guarantee the jobs of more than 480 employees. By the time of the acquisition, about 250 employees were working at the facility. Caroline Ahn, Tyson Foods spokeswoman, noted that Tyson Foods plant could not sustain the huge number of employees since their production capacity had gone down.

How OSI Group salvaged the situation

Tyson Foods plant and OSI have deep roots in Chicago. Both OSI and Tyson Foods plant have a lot in common, including the commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. OSI seized the opportunity by acquiring Tyson Foods plant, which had an already established market for their best quality products in Chicago. Besides, the facility sits on a 200,000 square-foot of land which is in the same neighborhood with OSI’ other Chicago facilities. The acquisition of the Tyson Foods plant would provide additional infrastructure and offer additional support to the existing OSI food facilities.

One thing that has kept about OSI Group afloat for more than a century is their ability to adapt to the changing consumer needs. The acquisition of the Chicago-based facility was in line with its mission of expanding its capabilities to meet the changing consumer demands. The transaction was not only a game changer for OSI, but it also changed the lives of more than 480 employees who were about to lose their jobs. As part of the agreement, OSI Group agreed to retain most of the workers who continue to work at the facility.

Before the acquisition, Tyson Foods plant prepared meals that include meatballs, chicken, omelets, crepes, sauces, chicken cordon, and soups for the hospitality industry. OSI, however, did not disclose what they would process in the facility. Tyson Foods plant executives disclosed that they decided to give up the plant for acquisition due to its inability to meet the dynamic consumer demands. Two other food processing facilities owned by the company are still in operation.

About OSI Group

OSI is a private food company that makes a variety of value added meat products including bacon, breakfast sausage, hot dogs, meat patties, fish, and poultry products. The company has been around since 1909.

Jason Hope Is Serious About His Commitment To The Anti-Aging Cause:

Investors like Jason Hope are critical to some of the most important research that is currently going on today. He is a dedicated entrepreneur and philanthropist who has made some significant donations over the course of his career toward important work that will have massive benefits for the entire human race. This important work is the research that is being undertaken in the field of anti-aging. As an entrepreneur that can accurately be described as a futurist, Arizona State University graduate Jason Hope has made a great deal of money with his involvement in the tech sector and he takes great pride in being able to use much of his fortune to give back to the world in a positive way. From investing in startup businesses to the biotech industry, Jason Hope has found a great deal of success wherever he has gone and he is now using a lot of that money that he has generated to provide assistance to the SENS Foundation. SENS is one of the world’s leading institutes in the realm of anti-aging research, an area that Jason has been interested in for many years. Check out ideamensch.com to read full interview of Jason Hope

One of the researchers that Jason Hope has provided a great deal of support to is none other than Aubrey de Grey. Aubrey is one of the world’s leading experts in the anti-aging field and currently serves as the SENS Foundation’s Chief Science Officer. Much of what the foundation is focusing on is the development of medicines that can help to rejuvenate the human body and turn back the clock on the aging process.

If there was any question as to how serious Jason Hope is about this issue of anti-aging, he once donated the amount of $500 thousand to the SENS Foundation. This funding went toward the construction of a new laboratory in which some of the most important in innovative anti-aging research is currently being undertaken. This money from Jason has gone toward helping with the research that may one day make it possible for humans to truly turn back the clock on time and reverse the effects of the aging process.

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Why Choose the Services of Agera Energy

If you would like to make use of Agera Energy and want to see why this option is right for you, it’s time to consider the many reasons to give the company a try for yourself. Read more about Agera Energy on medium.com.

Now is the best time for you to think about choosing Agera Energy and it is important that you look into choosing the option that’s right for you. Make sure that you can use this as a viable option and see why Agera Energy has become a wonderful asset for many individuals.

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You get to see why Agera Energy has been a great choice and it is important for you to make an account for yourself or visit their Facebook page to see what others are saying currently. You can then sign up for an account with Agera Energy and see why they are so different from any other company you’ve used in the past. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.


Raffael Riva Transcontinental Entrepreneur

Raffaele Riva likes to split his time between London, England and New York, N.Y. , as an investor for Angel Company. Riva’s portfolio boasts 10 years of startup missions all over the globe.

Raffaele Riva completed many multiple degrees in the London, England area before earning his MBA from the Saïd Business School at University of Oxford. Saïd inspired Riva to start his own business in 2006 with much success. Watford Football Club grew capital quickly and founded elements. He is currently an Angel Investor.

Raffaele Riva wakes up at sunrise every day. Before starting work, Riva walks down to his local coffee shop for coffee. He answers his email to begin his workday. By 5a.m., CEOs in London have already begun their day and had their first meetings. At 7 a.m, the behold household is up and running. Mrs. Riva gets their two daughters up and ready for school.

Some of the things Raffaele Riva does to enhance his creativity is finding time for a quick run and some meditation. Meditation can keep a person’s mind from being consumed by work and aggrevation. One can’t be creative when he’s over-stressed from meeting agendas and to-do lists. The Rivas find time to spend lunch with their daughters.

If Raffaele Riva could give his younger self some advice, he would tell his younger self to slow down. Riva spent 15 years in a constant race to be perfect at his job. The founder is more important than the ideas themselves.

Raffaele Riva is pursuing new business investments. Riva is driven to help others to make their dreams a reality. Business is about the people involved. Riva wants to take mediocre people with great ideas and work with the people if they are willing to work hard to achieve their business goals.

Sheldon Lavin Honored During the Global Visionary Award

Sheldon Lavin is one of the minds behind the success of OSI Group. He recently received the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy in an event that was hosted in Ahmedabad, in Western India. The ceremony took place in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the state of Gujarat. The accolade received by Sheldon Lavin honors individuals that are considered to be visionaries in their fields of work that have made the companies dreams into reality through perseverance and persistence to achieve the goals that have been set. Sheldon Lavin has been a visionary leader at OSI Ground and has steered this company to become the top supplier of value-added foods.

Before becoming the CEO and Chairman of OSI, Sheldon Lavin had already made his name in the finance world. He guided the company from a small domestic food company to a multibillion-dollar food giant that has opened operations in 16 countries and has built a total of 60 facilities from which it runs its operations. He championed the development of OSI-Vista Processed Food India. It is one of the OSI controlled a successful enterprises that has been operational since 1995. So far, it has expanded in India to a total of 8 locations whose core business is supplying meat products, vegetables, and fruits.

The event marked the fifth year that the Academy is honoring achievers in the business world. The award serves as an acknowledgment of their achievement and also an inspiration to the younger generations to follow the achievers’ footsteps. Sheldon has always had the passion of becoming a leader and it was the reason for his decision to pursue financing and accounting during his school years. He came into the company when it was very young and unestablished and his unique vision from the start was to see it grow into a world-class food processing company. Sheldon Lavin secret to getting OSI to the level it is in now has been by operating it in a unique manner. Unlike other companies where the operations and strategies are dictated by those at the top, OSI has been operating as a family. It is a company with a unique culture that Sheldon has helped to develop.

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OSI Group McDonalds on a Road to Success

Growth is the main goal of every company but not easy to achieve. OSI Group McDonalds continues to expand in the food manufacturing and processing industry as it seeks to achieve its full growth. The company provides best quality products and solutions to issues of food. In this article, we will look at the goals of OSI group around the globe.

History of OSI Group

This is a privately held company, which has combined efforts with meat processing firms that serve both retail and food service industry in the whole globe. They have over 2o, ooo employees. The company was founded in 1909, in Oak Park, Illinois.

Goals of OSI Group McDonalds

About OSI Group, that focuses on its goals to expand its wings across the world with no sign of slowing down in the coming future. But what exactly are these goals? They are stated below.

  1. Emphasizing on growth

In the previous years, the company has had appetite for growth only that this time it is not on this capacity alone. Their plan is to partner with clients that can assist them to grow their business. Their target are the leading food suppliers who can help them increase sales. This led to rise in strategic partnership with partners that provide them with robust and programs to deliver the accurate qualities of the product required.

  1. Seeking for expansion opportunities at home

For the OSI Group McDonalds to constantly be ahead of their demand they need to focus at home. Previously, they had set up 200,000-square-foot building for providing support of its growth. This big food production facility in Chicago will enable them to thrive in the market by seizing the opportunities at home.

  1. Recognizing a great influence

The company has achieved other goals such as being a world class company but what then is missing? Well, the CEO of the company had the idea of ruling out dictatorship that came from top positions and make the company operate as a family. This will result to increase in productivity. So far so good the company has established more than 65 facilities in 17 nations, as well as processing of protein products and sauces, vegetable items. This is because of the goals they have placed to guide the company on its journey to success. OSI Group McDonalds won’t stop until it achieves the goals.





David McDonald Talks Of Successful Operations For OSI Group In China

OSI Group has become one of the number one contenders in the food and meat processing markets with a wide variety of products supplied all over the world today. David McDonald has been with the OSI team for more than three decades now as the company President, working to build the an international company; brand in different parts of the world. The primary goal for OSI has stayed the same for nearly 50 years, expansion, which is done by going above and beyond to meet the needs of millions of customers across the globe. David McDonald specializes in building relationships, and one of the core components of OSI Groups good standings in communities around the world are the employees.

Some 20 thousand employees are working at OSI from more than 65 different locations in more than a dozen countries. The partners that David brings in to OSI are not just random, but they generally have good standings within the community that OSI is trying to serve, which helps the corporation find a better balance and overall a successful company in its location. Building good relations in China has been one of the more difficult tasks for David and OSI, as locals turn away from outsiders much more frequently.

David has stayed flexible and focused on meeting the needs of the Chinese food market for many years, which has a much different culture compared to the west, and this has allowed OSI to build a relationship of trust within China’s market. Three decades working within the same market for the same company is a big deal, and David McDonald has managed to stay at the top of his game by constantly staying engaged, both with customers and colleagues. OSI Group has been functioning like one big family for more than a century since the original founder started the business in Chicago in 1909, and it has built most of its reputation on best quality service and positive feedback from local communities.

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Sergey Petrossov: Young CEO with a Knack for Flight Reservation Technology

Unlike so many other young men his age, Sergey Petrossov is a 29-year-old ingenious entrepreneur who managed to utilize his creative thinking to turn his ambition for success into one of the most convenient flight applications to date. Today, Petrossov runs operations as both the Founder and CEO of JetSmarter—a billion-dollar flight booking company that allows customers to reserve jet flights in a much more conveniently organized and timely manner. Moreover, in addition to overseeing JetSmarter, Sergey Petrossov is also a Co-Founder of Federal System of Distance Education and previously served as the Vice President and Co-Founder of LiveContact for three years from 2006 to 2009.

Being that Petrossov came to the U.S. with his family as a young Russian immigrant, he naturally developed a strong work ethic as a child that further pushed him to want to excel in life. His entrepreneurial talents were displayed early in life during his days as a student in high school when he started an import and export tire rims service and decided to take up an extensive study in technology and computer science as a college student at the University of Florida. Nonetheless, it was Sergey Petrossov’s active live-chatting experience in college that made his career interest in technology become absolute. Yet, it wasn’t until Petrossov experienced the difficulty of trying to reserve a private jet flight for the first time that the idea of creating a much more useful application for booking flights clicked in his mind.

With his newfound idea in mind, Petrossov assembled a team of some of the best developers (NASA, BMW, Nokia, Uber, etc.) and created JetSmarter. After releasing the beta version in August 2012, Petrossov was able to get additional funding from hundreds of other partners and vendors to finally have the means to launch JetSmarter in March 2013 to the public. For his outstanding achievement and being the ingenious developer behind one of the most useful flight applications, Sergey Petrossov was included in Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list of successful entrepreneurs in 2016.