OSI Group’s Sheldon Lavin Is A Believer In Learning From As Many People As You Can In Life:

American businessman Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, LLC. He started his affiliation with the global food processing and distribution powerhouse in 1970 as a financial consultant, aiding the original owners of the company in acquiring the necessary capital to put their expansion plans into action. OSI’s family owners the Kolschowsky’s were highly impressed with Sheldon’s abilities and his visionary business ideas. They convinced him to go into the food business with them and help them to build OSI into something special. Sheldon has never looked back on his decision to take the job with OSI and has stated on numerous occasions that from day one of joining the company, he had a clear vision for how the company could expand from being a regional success story to a national and then a global one.

When recently asked about how he got started in the food business, Sheldon Lavin opened up that he learned a lot of tricks of the finance world while in school and wanted to put this knowledge to use making a difference in the world. He explains that he wanted to build a company that could supply people with the kind of foods that they use on a daily basis. Sheldon then explains that he initially became a financial consultant and in this role, he came into contact with companies such as OSI that were in need of funding. Sheldon felt he could help them accomplish these sort of goals. He admits to being nervous about his abilities when he first entered the market but those feelings of doubt disappeared after he started to experience entrepreneurial success. Sheldon then goes into how his big break was when OSI Group’s predecessor Otto & Sons brought Sheldon in to help them find capital for expansion. Sheldon believed from the very start in OSI’s ability to succeed and his assumption was proven correct. In only a year of Sheldon coming on board, Otto & Sons stretched nationwide across the U.S.A. In 1975 the company was rebranded as OSI Group.

Asked about what the secret to innovation is, Sheldon says that it is a difficult question but in his opinion, the secret is humility. He truly believes that a good leader in a business enterprise needs to be humble or else he will not be able to learn. A leader must also be able to learn from those working under him. Sheldon Lavin is a firm believer in learning from as many people as you possibly can.

Sheldon Lavin info: www.theofficialboard.com/biography/sheldon-lavin-d4824

The Benefits of Choosing O2Pur

Is your wallet empty from the constant, financial burden of buying regular cigarettes? Are you bored with the lack of variety? Tired of constantly littering the environment by throwing out cigarette butts? E-cigarettes may present an easier and more cost-effective alternative. However, with all the hype and a million brands, who do you choose?

O2Pur is quickly making a name for themselves.

In fact, the company’s tagline is, “fast, smooth, and tasty.” This company is proudly based in the United States, with all of their products made here. They have been making their products out of the Salt Lake City, UT area since the year 2013. Even with their short history, a large number of people are coming to rely on the brand and choose them over any other.

The company offers a variety of tasty flavors to adults aged 21 and over.

Unlike the stale, burnt taste of cigarettes, you can get e-liquid juices in a variety of delicious flavors. These come in either smooth nicotine salts e-liquid or 70 VG/30 PG mixed e-liquids. There is a flavor for everyone at O2Pur. Some of the flavors include island breeze, caramel apple, berry cheesecake, butter pecan, strawberry cream, and more. They also come in the standard flavors of menthol and tobacco, for those who like a more traditional taste.

O2Pur also offers vape pens and box mods.

Instead of buying pack after pack of cigarettes and throwing them away and littering the environment with cigarette butts, you can buy a vape and easily get refillable juice for a much lower price. Save yourself the hassle of running to the convenience store every day to get another pack of cigarettes that do nothing but burn through your wallet. Instead, keep that money in your wallet to pick up your favorite flavor of vape juice.

Mark Mofid: Safe in his Hands

Trust is one the most important things we have to have in each other as people. Without it civilization would crumble into anarchy and nothing would get done. Though trust is important some may still have fear of what others will do especially when you are helpless or completely reliant on someone’s service. This is the situation that occurs during surgery as patients are depending on the steady hand and medical knowledge of their doctor to do the deed correctly. Well there is one doctor that patients can trust with no issues, and that doctor is Mark Mofid.

Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon specialist who in recent years has started working heavily in the gluteal augmentation area. This man is over qualified for his job as he attended Harvard University where he graduated Magna Cum laude. A very hard thing to do but he did it and it shows his knowledge of his craft. Bu that’s not all he completed his medical degree, trained in plastic and general surgery, and studied craniofacial research all at the John Hopkins University of Medicine. Currently Mark Mofid is in the san Diego area and is a staff surgeon at several hospitals. His educational and experience in the filed make him good hands to be in.

Mark Mofid not only performs well as a surgeon, but he is now taking steps to improve the entire process of gluteal augmentation surgery. As patients get this type of procedure done they usually come in for either additional work or adjustments to what has already been done. This is not always safe, but some surgeons get blinded by greed and decide to operate anyway at the detriment of the client. Mark Mofid is known for not doing this and puts safety before anything. In fact, he wants to be so safe he has recently created his own upgrade to implants. The older implants tend to not bond well with the patients flesh and is prone to becoming saggy over time. Mofid took years of research and his own money to create these new and improved implants that have superior intramuscular positioning and improved body ratio.

Mark Mofid is serious about his job and takes pride in it. He has dedicated years to researching, learning, and improving, his job and its perimeters. Its safe to say anyone under the care of his knife are fine and should trust this dedicated man.


Desiree Perez; a Woman of Valor in the Music Business

Desiree Perez is one of the most recognized women in the music business. She has weathered all storms to reach the apex of management at Roc Nation, an entertainment company owned by Shawn Jay-Z Carter. Desiree is also an influential member of Jay-Z’s other franchises like Tidal.

Tidal is a platform for streaming and downloading music with a collection of over 48 million songs. Customers pay for their service in their website to gain access to the different songs available. Desiree Perez qualities, determination, and the influence Jay-Z has in the music scene have enabled Tidal launch albums of several renowned artists such as Rihanna, T.I, Beyoncé, and Kanye West. Desiree has been a friend and business partner to Jay-Z for years and has seen him grow into the business mogul he is.

Desiree Perez’s success story in the music business cannot be complete without mentioning her unique negotiating skills. She has been able to complete significant deals for Rock Nation and other Jay-Z’s enterprises. She spearheaded the negotiation that led to signing of a $200 million contract between Tidal and Sprint. During the Rihanna anti-tour, Desiree was responsible for sealing the $25 million deal that funded part of the tour. Most music lovers learned about Rihanna through the music tour. Recently, Desiree was involved in the negotiations between Roc Nation and Live Nation. The talks bore success as a $250 million deal, that will fund Roc Nations decade anniversary celebrations, was struck.

Desiree Perez is not just a company executive; she is also a music producer and a talent manager. Her spouse, Juan Perez heads Roc Nation Sports, a sports management enterprise under Jay-Z’s belt. The two are members of the Hova Circle of influencers, a team of decision-makers and leaders in Jay-Z’s empire. They are responsible for overseeing operations of the different companies.

Desiree Perez’s  Social Media: twitter.com/desireeperez01

Talos Energy Is The Future of Offshore Gas And Oil Drilling

The Joint Venture partnership between Talos Energy, LLC along with London based Premier Oil, PLC, has sunk a new offshore oil well in the waters of Mexico. Along with Mexico based Sierra Oil & Gas, drilling began May of 2017 and it is the first offshore exploration performed by an entity other than Petroleos Mexicanos, a state run company that has had a monopoly on drilling.


The work is being completed in the Sureste Basin and it is estimated to hold between 100 and 500 million barrels of crude oil. The cost of the drill was estimated at $16 million. The companies involved won the right to drill after bidding on the work when Mexico decided to open the oil industry to private investment. The work is being done as part of the energy reform process for Mexico and the work was closely monitored by the industry.


According to an analyst at Edison Investment Research, Ltd. A London based company that the basin structure suggests the project has a very high chance of success based on the geological formation of the area.


Talos Energy holds a 35 percent stake in the project while Premier holds 25 percent and Sierra holds 40 percent. Talos Energy was started with $600 million from backers of other energy projects. Tim Duncan and several partners were part of a private equity backed gas and oil company. The company has been on the upswing from the very beginning with the employee team increasing from 15 to 120 when Talos struck a deal with Apollo Management and Riverstone Holdings, both private equity funding companies.


Workplace Dynamics named Talos Energy the best small workplace among a pool of small businesses. Employees are rewarded with company equity for all from the receptionists to the geoscientists, administrative and support teams within the company. With everyone working from the same vantage point, everyone is enjoying the rewards for their hard work. The company is growing and expanding their markets by acquiring other energy companies. The value of the company is defined in the team work that enhances productivity, safety measures that are always being improved and bringing everyone’s ideas to the table.


Vijay Eswaran: Entrepreneur, Philosopher, and Humanitarian

Entrepreneur, motivational speaker, humanitarian, author, and economist are the titles by which Vijay Eswaran can be defined. In1984 the Malaysian born Eswaran received a Socio-Economics Degree from the London School of Economics. In 1986 he earned an MBA from Southern Illinois University.

After living as a citizen of the world for over a decade Vijay Eswaran returned to Asia. Ten years ago he co-founded what would become QI Group. Headquartered in Hong Kong QI’s holdings encompass a variety of industries including travel, telecommunications, health, and venture capital.

Vijay Eswaran has authored five books. The first, “The Sphere of Silence” is an outline of his life and business philosophy. His other works include “The Thinking Zone”, “18 Stepping Stones”, and “Wings of Thought”.

His latest book “Two Minutes From the Abyss” is a motivational treatise. The basic premise is that life is short and if we wish to improve our lives we need to start sooner rather than later. Eswaran also lists the four stages of learning and describes impediments to learning like ego. The eleven stages of conflict resolution are also covered.

Part of Vijay Eswaran’s motivational philosophy is the idea that our fears if managed, are motivators that lead to success. His advice is to face the thing you fear the least and work-up to facing your greatest fear. In short, fear should energize not immobilize you.

For people in leadership positions, Eswaran espouses the “5 C’s of Servant Leadership”.


  •  Care-Be good to your subordinates.
  •  Clarity of Vision-Fully understand your vision before relating it to others.
  •  Core Values-Remain true to what you know is right.
  •  Commitment to Growth-Help your subordinates grow professionally and personally.
  •  Create a Will to Sacrifice-Accept the sacrifices that come with leadership and lead by example.

Vijay Eswaran’s humanity was instilled by his father Vijayaratnam Saravanamuthu. To honor his father’s memory and continue his humanitarian efforts Eswaran founded the Vijayaratnam Foundation. To foster community wellbeing and development the foundation supports environmental and cultural causes. Special needs children also benefit from the foundation’s efforts.

Find out more about Vijay Eswaran: https://www.businessforhome.org/2012/11/vijay-eswaran-ceo-qnet-featured-in-forbes/

2 Ways the Oxford Club Keeps Their Members Up-to-Date

The Oxford Club has been around for at least 2 decades. With this large group of investors in this organization, it has become a huge network for present and future investment opportunities. Therefore, when a serious investor is looking to join in, it is important to learn the fact about this financial organization before signing up online. Because wall street and other common mediums for making investments is considered to be risky at best, investors need to know as much as they can about what is going on in the financial markets all over the U.S and abroad. To that end, one of the first things that people should know about the Oxford Club is they are providing at least 3 different ways for their members to remain up-to-date.



The Oxford Club – Investment U


Members are not only joining a financial organization that offers great investment strategies and techniques, they are also entering an organization that will ensure that they have access to various kinds of communication. A great deal of which will help them to remain up-to-date with the latest news on a variety of topics like how to obtain true financial freedom. In order to gain access to the strategies needed, however, people can get started by attending conferences and other related courses online. Also, for those who want to learn as much as they can about the best investment techniques, more information is available in the form of videos that have been made.


Newsletter Services


Investment U is an excellent opportunity for obtaining and acquiring information about how to devise a personal investment strategy for an individual or a family. Aside from this, there other means of communication that keeps these financial groups on the same page. One of the most important are the newsletters that the Oxford Club sends to its members. With three daily e=letters and three monthly newsletters, the name of this investment game is to keep everyone on top of what is going on in the trading activities that they prefer. All of which can help to promote a well rounded communication strategy for every member.

Shiraz Boghani Has Established Success As An Entrepreneur And A Philanthropist

Shiraz Boghani has served the hospitality industry for more than thirty years. His skills, experience and expertise have been partially responsible for the growth and success of the Splendid Hospitality Group. Shiraz Boghani believes the time he spent in London serving the hospitality industry is where he gained a lot of his experience. He has been responsible for the development of over 35 firms. He has long since been recognized internationally for both his efforts and skill.

Shiraz Boghani has helped the Splendid Hospitality Group become one the most rapidly growing restaurants in the United Kingdom. The modern facilities and high quality service have gained global recognition. The hotels are luxurious and provide guests with the best possible service. Shiraz Boghani has hotels worldwide including the Hilton, Accor and Choice. In addition to being a renowned entrepreneur he has also been honored with the Asian Business Award in the year 2016.

Shiraz Boghani is well known in the hospitality industry. His success as a hotelier is due to his genuine interest in the field. He becomes involved in his developments from the very beginning and sees them through until completion. His launch of the Hilton London Bankside has bee very successful and has a value of $121 million. Some of his other notable projects include the Conrad London St James and the Grand Hotel & Spa, York.

Shiraz Boghani is originally from Kenya although he is currently a resident of the United Kingdom. He is a chartered accountant with exceptional skills and talent. Many people associate the name of Shiraz Boghani with his work as an entrepreneur. He realized the healthcare field presented a lot of opportunities. His work with Sussex Health Care led to a promotion in 1985 as a co-founder. This organization is well known for providing excellent residential and nursing care for the community. The company began with just one unit and has expanded to 25. Their focus is placed on the needy and the elderly in society. Numerous Alzheimer’s and dementia patients have received the assistance and care they required due to Shiraz Boghani and Sussex Health Care. He has helped provide aid for those with disabilities and less fortunate circumstances through his generous contributions.

Shiraz Boghani uses his free time for philanthropy. He has made numerous contributions to charities both in the United Kingdom and throughout the world. His volunteer work for the Aga Khan Foundation has provided important services to the most needy.

Learn more about Shiraz Boghani: https://medium.com/@ShirazBoghani/hotelier-shiraz-boghani-shines-at-the-asian-business-awards-2016-282659c7a533

Nick Vertucci and Real Estate Investing Talents

Nick Vertucci is the person who runs Santa Ana, California’s celebrated Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. He’s a professional who doesn’t think that things that happened a long time ago have anything to do with tomorrow. Vertucci was part of a warm household as a youngster. His family members tended to all of his basic needs extremely well. He definitely wasn’t someone who was born into privilege, however. His dad passed away when he was just 10 years in age. This tragedy made his family’s already difficult financial situation much more problematic.

Vertucci’s caring mom began working a lot more. She had to do anything she could to look after all of her children. She would return at night when her youngsters were in bed. Vertucci found himself in quite a predicament at merely 18 years in age. That’s when he was forced to take up residence inside of his trusty van. He simply had nowhere else to go at night. He felt at that time that things just couldn’t be more hopeless and bleak.

Nick Vertucci managed to change the course of his destiny. He now wants to aid other people who wish to follow suit. That’s precisely the reason he set up his academy. He knows that education can be an effective path for people who feel like their lives can’t go in a good direction. His knowledge regarding investments in real estate is truly expansive. He works hard on a daily basis to give the world access to it, too. His academy delves into all kinds of topics that can help people who want to hone their real estate investment talents.

It delves into the flipping of contracts, first of all. It also discusses wholesaling contract matters, asset safeguarding, commercial investments, the purchasing of properties, securing properties, 401K topics and property renovation. The objective behind this academy is to assist people who want to run away from lives that are chock-full of uncertainty and questioning. Nick Vertucci works to accommodate people who don’t want to ever have to settle. He wants to tend to people who have strong ambitions.

All You Need To Know Ronnie Fowlkes

Ronnie Fowlkes is a graduate of the highly esteemed Army Jump School. Mr. Ronnie has served as a marine. Still, Ronnie is a proud member of the renowned St. Louis Police Department and a team leader in the department’s SWAT group. Fowlkes was initially exposed to FirstSpear at that time when he was a Marine. He continued to walk with the FirstSpear during his military course duration and later when he worked as a police. For Fowlkes, FirstSpear is something that holds a special place in his heart.


Fowlkes holds over 20 years experience in the field of design and development. Ronnie acquired the experience when he worked in the military where he was in charge of delivering high-quality gear for the officers. Prior to joining FirstSpear, Fowlkes had enough exposure while working as the ITW Business Development Manager, Product Sales Manager in the Military, and Eagle Industries as the Business Development Manager. Currently, Ronnie is the Business Development Manager at FirstSpear. He is in charge of spearheading the marketing of the vast innovative designs innovated by First Spear Company. He markets the designs to their top clients who include the Military and Law Enforcement Communities.


Ronnie, when interviewed on ideamensch, says that First Spear existed even before he joined the company. He states that he first knew about the company in their Military gear. The gears were excellently designed, and that is one thing that caught his interest to research about the designers. Moreover, when Ronnie joined SWAT, he saw the same First Spear equipment on the gear. Interestingly, Ronnie also discovered that the designs were made in his hometown and this became quite fascinating.


When asked about how he brings ideas to life, Ronnie is quick to the point that he strongly believes in teamwork. Ronnie strongly believes teamwork has a great influence on most of his ideas. He states that most of the ideas come from their field activities with the teams and clients. Moreover, he and his team work closely with the Local State, Local Enforcement, and DOD who are all a great wealth of ideas and information.


Fowlkes attests that one of the things that make him successful is leading by example. He strongly focuses on ensuring things are actualized. Ronnie still believes in the old tactics where he has a list of the things-to-do on a paper of the priority projects. Ronnie picked the habit of listing things on paper and pencil from Marine Corps where they were trained to make good use of journals. To date, Ronnie makes a list of the top priority projects for the following day.


Ronnie loves sports and precisely he is into hockey. He coaches his kids’ young hockey team and helps them write about hockey on his hockey blog. Being involved in his kid’s activities is one of the ways he can spend quality time with them.