Fortress Investment Group: Recap Patch Article

Fortress Investment Group, one of the world’s largest alternative asset management firms.Fortress Investment Group is a global diversified management company that was founded in 1998. Headquartered in New York, it is one of the world’s largest alternative asset management companies globally. It was established by Wes Edens, Robert Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. The firm operates in private equity, credit funds, and traditional asset management.It began with just $400 million in capital investments in 1998 but 2 decades later, the firm is now responsible for over $71billion alternative assets in private equity. The company also has over 2500 employees and serves over 1700 clients globally. It also has subsidiary offices in London, Dallas, Los Angeles, Singapore, Shanghai, and Rome.The firm selected Daniel Mudd as its chief executive officer in 2009.Later that year, it was enlisted in the New York Stock Exchange. The firm started offering income asset management services in the year 2010.

Following the voluntary resignation of Daniel Mudd in 2011, Fortress Investment Group’s co-founder Randal Nardone was appointed as the interim Chief Executive Officer.Since its inception, the firm has experienced some managerial changes. Michael Novogratz joined it in 2002 as a fund manager before leaving it later in 2015 to pursue other interests. Peter Bridger was also brought on board as a principal. The firm played a very important role in the 2010 winter Olympics. It was the core lender to Millennium Development Group in building the over $875 million athlete’s village in British Columbia.The firm does asset-based management through private equity and credit funds. It deals with both physical and financial assets. Real estate, capital, and financial vehicles are the major assets that Fortress Investment Group services.

Its specialty in pricing, owning and financial management makes it the firm of choice for many clients. In its 20 years of operation, the firm has gained corporate mergers and acquisition skills. Its board members and other stakeholders have profound capital market experience. They are able to determine the low cost and low-risk financial decisions when doing an investment. The firm also houses some of the best-skilled employees in operations management. In January 2018, Wes Edens confirmed the sale of Fortress Investment Group to Japan’s SoftBank Group Corporation. The firm that started with $400 million was now being sold at a hefty $3.3 billion in cash. However, the firm retained its headquarters in New York City. It also held Wes Edens, Peter Briger, and Randal Nardone as its principals in a five-year contract.

OSI Group Cultivates a Key Relationship With McDonald’s Starting in 1955

The acclaimed food processor known as OSI Group has truly become a special company with their expert methods geared toward global expansion. Their depth of resources enables them to become trusted partners with some of the world’s most recognized food brands. They have a strong capacity for food production as well as a deep bench of talent for culinary creation. Their unique history is also noteworthy as it goes back more than 100 years.

The interesting story of how OSI Group came into existence starts with a German immigrant looking for an opportunity in America. Otto Kolschowsky settled in Chicago where there was a thriving German community made up of other emigrants. He opened up a corner butcher shop and meat market in 1909 to serve local residents. His business did well and eventually, his sons came aboard and they were called Otto & Sons.

For several decades they found success as a local business that was a valued part of the community. Even during these early decades, expansion and growth was a part of their mindset. The move into wholesale meats happened near the end of World War I and could be considered their first expansion. They prospered for a long time in this configuration until a new destiny arrived.

Ray Kroc was scouting locations for the first McDonald’s franchise and he selected Des Plaines, Illinois. This was in 1955 and he also chose Otto & Sons to be the meat supplier to this restaurant. With a handshake agreement, both family businesses were off and running to amazing new levels of growth. This relationship flourished over the years and is a fine example of how the company developed key partnerships.

With McDonald’s in place as their best customer, Otto & Sons continued growing substantially until the need for an entire plant dedicated to them arose. In 1973 they opened the said plant and became one of only four meat suppliers when McDonald’s consolidated supply chain.

Sheldon Lavin had established a relationship with Otto & Sons as they utilized his banking and investing skills for expansion. He eventually acquired the company which was rebranded OSI Group in a nod to the original family. It also revealed their global expansionary mindset.

Today OSI Group maintains more than 60 production facilities in 17 countries. They have approximately 20,000 employees and are focused on responsible growth as they implement strong sustainability programs throughout the company.

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Sighsavers: A Beacon of Light & Hope in the Elimination of the Trachoma Epidemic

Trachoma is one of the world’s leading causes of blindness, yet it is the most preventable. At A Ted2018 talk in Vancouver, Sightsavers CEo Caroline Harper wore a necklace with tweezers on it, around her neck as a symbol of the epidemic of trachoma. In different countries in Africa, girls wear tweezers around their necks to use to pull off their eyelashes to remedy the discomfort brought on by trachoma; a remedy that is very short lived. Trachoma is a bacterial infection that affects the inner eye lid. After multiple infections without treatment, scar tissue is formed on the inner eye lid causing the eyelashes to turn inward where they irritate the cornea and slowly and painfully cause blindness. It is a preventable disease, and with the proper resources, Sightsavers claims that trachoma can eventually be eliminated.


Many countries including Mexico, Morocco and Cambodia have managed to completely rid themselves of the highly contagious ailment; Six other countries including Ghana are not far behind, and Ghana will be the first Sub Saharan African country to do so. The Collaboration of health ministries, communities, donors, pharmaceutical companies, and members of the International Coalition for Trachoma Control, including Sightsavers, is what will really make the difference in the fight against trachoma. The World Health Organization has an endorsed strategy called “SAFE” which stands for surgery, antibiotics, facial cleanliness, and environmental improvement. All of these factors can aid in completely ridding the world of this disease. Surgery and antibiotics are proper treatment for trachoma, and facial cleanliness and environmental improvement are preventative measures to keep the disease at bay. Trachoma tends to affect poor communities where access to these basic resources can e hard to come by, which is why these places need to have consistent access to these resources in order for the disease to become eliminated. Properly collecting data on the progress and success of treatment is another key factor to be able to know which places need continued assistance in the fight against trachoma; smart phone technology is being put to use in order to collect and share this necessary data with health ministries more quickly which helps to create results more quickly.


The Audacious Project, chose trachoma elimination as a project to support; the project is hosted by TED is made possible and supported by non profit organizations and philanthropists who will provide funding for necessary resources in different countries to end trachoma. With both of these amazing projects on board, Audacious Project and the “SAFE” strategy by the World Health Organization, the complete elimination of trachoma is very possible in the foreseeable future!

US-China Trade Policy According to Kamil Idris

About Kamil Idris

Kamil Idris is a Sudanese representative who formally served as the Director-General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) from 1997 to 2008. Additionally, professor Kamil Idris served as a member of the United Nations International Law Commission where he specialized in International Law and Intellectual Property Law. In 2010, Kamil Idris ran as an independent candidate for Presidency in Sudan.

Kamil Idris has published several books and articles regarding economic growth and Intellectual Property. Professor Kamil Idris holds a doctorate in International Law from the University of Geneva. Additionally, he has been awarded honorary degrees from 19 universities across the globe. His book ‘Intellectual Property a Power Tool for Economic Growth’ is widely used as a reference in many academic disciplines.

Kamil Idris Insights on the Announcement of Trade Tariffs Against China by the US Government

President Donald Trump recently gave an announcement that indicated trade tariffs to be imposed against imports from China. The Tariffs are to act as a penalty for China’s illegal acquisition of the United States Intellectual property. For many years, China has allegedly been harmfully acquiring technology from the US. According to the report by United States Trade Representative, US has incurred a loss of between $225 million and $600 billion due to the illegal acquisition of American IP by China.

China’s leading trade competitors have raised complaints on the tendency of Chinese government violating Intellectual Property law. As a result, many governments and investors have decided to minimize their involvement with China’s trade.

The US government will impose trade tariffs into imports from China worth $50 billion. Since the announcement, business leaders, the European Union, economists, the Republicans and legislators have reacted negatively on the sanctions. Most of the economic experts believe this could exert global war trade.

In his twitter account, Donald Trump stated that the US was ready for a trade war and they would comfortably win. Three days later, he stated that the imposed trade tariffs were unlikely to cause a trade war.

With regards to the definition by the World Intellectual Property Organization, intellectual property is something that is created through the mind. This includes innovation, brands, music, and artistic. Patents, copyrights, and trademarks protect IPs.

Ricardo Tosto, Business, and The Law Industry In Brazil

Business is booming in Brazil right now thanks to the contributions of professionals such as the successful Ricardo Tosto. As many business and law professionals and experts would agree, recent uptrends in the Brazilian business and law industries would not be possible without Ricardo Tosto and his amazing efforts in this industry. According to many, his efforts in Brazilian law is changing the way the industry functions there, for the better. Not only does this show how great Ricardo Tosto must be at his job, but this also illustrates how impactful Ricardo Tosto is as a professional. Not too many people can handle the type of status Ricardo Tosto has and, not too many professionals ever will.

This is why Ricardo Tosto is such a significant figurehead in all of Brazil. In fact, he is not just a crucial piece in the Brazilian law field, but he is a crucial piece to Brazil in general. In addition to this, it is understandable to see why he is such a busy man. By having his hands in multiple situations at once, Ricardo Tosto is contributing in ways that not many can. One of his most recognized contributions has been about law 13,254. Here is more on what law 13,254 is and how Ricardo Tosto has been influential in this specific area.

Ricardo Tosto & law 13,254

In an article on Ricardo Tosto and his involvement with law 13,254, we get to see how drastically Ricardo Tosto has been able to change the Brazilian law industry. Specifically, law 13,254 has the ability to create a way for professional networking between Brazilian lawyers and foreign lawyers. What this networking consists of is besides the point but, the fact that Ricardo Tosto is a crucial piece to such an important factor in Brazilian law, speaks to his excellence more than anything else. Because of how important Ricardo Tosto has become in his home country, it is safe to say that he will continue to be so. Removing any of his efforts or contributions would be catastrophic for any advancements in Brazil. That is why it is a safe assumption to say that Ricardo Tosto will surely continue to succeed as a professional.


Bob Reina: He Will Help

A lot of people talk about helping and how they want to help, but when push comes to shove, they are nowhere to be found. That will never be the case with Bob Reina of Talk Fusion. When it is time to help, you can bet your bottom dollar, he is going to help, and he is going to do all he can to be there for the people each and every single time. He will not let them down. He never has let them down, and he does not plan on starting now. As a matter of fact, he takes it as a great honor that he has earned the trust of the public. Now that he has it, he is going to keep it for the long haul.


It starts by being someone that people can see, people can talk to, and people can relate to on a personal level. Bob Reina is always giving speeches and he is always there for the people all of the time. Along with that, he also has a customer service team that is ready and willing to help out the customers with any and all questions they have concerning Talk Fusion. For many people, they understand it right away and they have no problems with it. It is easy to use, but every person learns differently.


Bob Reina has even said he does not just want to leave people out to dry and he does not want to leave them hanging when they join Talk Fusion. He is not just looking to get customers and then forget about them. It is just the opposite. He is going to be with them every step of the way and he is going to show them how they can fully utilize the video technology company for their own company. Every single person is different and every company is different. Learn more:


That is the beauty of Talk Fusion. They want every person that uses it to use it in a way that is best suited for them. For some people, it is strictly for communication. For other people, they use it for their business. There is no right or wrong way to use Talk Fusion. Bob Reina preaches individuality and he wants the customers to be able to be themselves when they use this product. He wants them to show off all of the wonderful things they have to offer the world.

David McDonald: the President of OSI Group has Contributed Largely to The Success of the Organization

The success of an organization depends on the quality of leadership within the same organization. As for OSI Group, the leadership within the organization is superb. With the likes of David McDonald, among others, OSI Group has been able to progress day in day out. After all, value addition is what matters most.

Background Check

David McDonald hails from Iowa. Iowa is McDonald’s place of birth and upbringing. As he progressed in terms of age, he decided to undertake Animal Science as his career of choice. Since McDonald was full of determination, he eventually graduated with a degree in Animal Science. After graduating, McDonald started out as the chairman of the North American Meat Institute. At the same time, McDonald started working with OSI Group as a project manager. Although being a project manager is a low rank, McDonald was able to climb the ladder to higher ranks. Through hard work and determination, David McDonald currently serves as the president of OSI Group. OSI Group acquires Flagship Europe.

As a company that specializes in the products and services industry, the company has been able to register tremendous growth over the past years. Moreover, under the leadership of the likes of David McDonald, OSI Group has been able to register growth on a positive scale. Furthermore, OSI Group has been able to penetrate the international market, and they now operate on a global scale. As a result, the importance of good leadership can be seen through the growth that OSI Group has registered after having the proper leadership team.

How David McDonald has contributed to the Sustainability of OSI Group

The qualities of a good leader are such as making sure that the organization is operating smoothly. With that said, Mr. McDonald strives to ensure that the logistics team can keep track of the growing market internationally. In a pursuit to ensure that things flow accordingly, the logistics group works hand in hand with the local marketers with the sole aim of ensuring that the needs of every customer are met.

Acquisition of Baho Food under Mr. McDonald’s Tenure

OSI Group has been expanding on a global scale. As a result, under the leadership of Mr. McDonald, OSI Group was able to acquire Baho Foods. Since Baho Food is a company based in Europe, OSI Group will be able to gain more presence in the region.


As for Mr. McDonald, his ambition and dedication helped him land the position of president in OSI Group. Nevertheless, as ambitious as McDonald is, he also had a plan for OSI Group. During his tenure as president, OSI Group has been able to expand the presence on a global scale. Furthermore, the acquisition of companies such as Baho Food has been strategic moves towards making sure that the company registers growth on a positive scale.

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Ryan Seacrest Made It Doing This

Ryan Seacrest has unarguably had one of the brightest careers in entertainment over the past two decades. Mr. Seacrest has spread his busy working life across the roles of radio broadcast host, co-host and lead personality of various TV shows, and producer of more media productions than a short article can list.

Most recently, Seacrest filled the role of daytime TV host by joining Live with Kelly and Ryan on May 1, 2017, a position the popular personality has held for just over twelve months. Immediately prior to his arrival on the ABC morning show, Live with Kelly and Ryan was known as Live with Kelly and Live with Kelly and Michael.

Here’s how Mr. Seacrest’s career really kicked off

In 2002, Fremantle Media North America first broadcast American Idol: The Search for a Superstar on Fox. From that year through 2016, American Idol featured Ryan Seacrest as its one and only host.

The attractive and personable Mr. Seacrest’s big-time career took flight immediately after completing his first season on the Fox-broadcasted show, though his career in entertainment dates back to 1990 when he was the overnight weekend host of a local radio station in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

What has Ryan Seacrest done since then?

As many major celebrities and business tycoons – Seacrest fits the roles of both – do, Ryan (@ryanseacrest) founded his own nonprofit business in 2011, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The major philanthropic endeavor is best known for its broadcast media centers across children’s medical facilities across the United States.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation builds those centers, each of which are known as Seacrest Studios, so children bogged down with the realities of suffering from diseases and chronic ailments can achieve temporary relief by dipping their proverbial feet into the world of entertainment. Further, each hospital’s Seacrest Studios facility pairs with local four-year colleges and universities to provide children with real-world insight into what working in the entertainment industry entails.

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Anil Chaturvedi Performance and Result-Oriented Seasoned Banker

One of most seasoned bankers in the world of banking and finance globally is Anil Chaturvedi. He has traveled across the globe and worked for and have been associated for nearly four decades with some of the biggest financial corporations in the world, which includes ANZ Grindlays Bank, Merrill Lynch, Hinduja Ban k, and more. Currently, he is the managing director at the Hinduja Bank in Switzerland and is helping the bank spread out globally. Much of his work at Hinduja Bank is focusing on bringing business to India and helping welcome the European enterprises understand that the trade and business laws in India have transformed and eased out in the past few years. It is a change for the businesses that are looking to enter into the growing economy of India.

Anil Chaturvedi graduated from Delhi University, India with a degree in Economics. He later completed his MBA and moved abroad for better opportunities. He got a lucrative job offer from State Bank of India and was posted in New York. During this time, he worked with the business expansion division and was responsible for getting NRIs living abroad to join the bank. He worked with the bank for four years and then joined ANZ Grindlays Bank in New York. He was responsible for the overall operations of the bank and worked here for two years before he joined Merrill Lynch in October 1993. He was part of the company for nearly 18 years, and during that time, he had built an excellent reputation as one of the top financial advisors in the country. Hinduja Bank in Geneva was looking for someone with knowledge of the South Asian market and them; Anil Chaturvedi was the best candidate. He was offered the position of Managing Director, and he readily accepted.

Anil Chaturvedi was also listed by Barron’s as one of the top financial advisors for four years during the 1990s. The list of financial corporations that he has worked for his and has done business with is long, and it continues to get longer with time. He is one of the top corporate and financial advisors in the world of finance today.


Milan Kordestani was born 22nd of April the year 1999 in the United States, and he resides at Atherton, California. He joined Sacred Heart Preparatory from (2013-2017), while here Milan learned French for three years and Spanish for six years he is also good in English. While at Sacred he formed a group by the name Dean’s Ambassadors group to make the voices of the student to be heard by the administration. He was ranked 3rd in the world championship and 2nd at the world championship show pleasure division in 2016. Currently, he is a first-year student at the Colorado College he is also a good writer who works for Huffington Post.

In early 2015 when he was in tenth grade in high school, he started the journey of exploration on creating an organic system of bringing up poultry and growing saffron, and by the first year in college, he was offering mint seasonally and eggs to the residents of silicon valley and the nearby zones. Later in 2016 he trademarked his farm brand (Milan Farm) and designed the logo. Milan Kordestani’s goal was to innovate, cultivate and boost the production of the saffron and poultry farming that’s why he carried out the research on hydroponic and aquaponic systems of saffron growing.

At Milan Farm where Milan Kordestani is the CEO, it is determined and dedicated to providing an honest, caring option to its customers at pocket-friendly prices. According to the Milan farm future plans, they dream to see a synergistic connection amongst all farmers and farm such that they all sell the locally sourced product using one brand name so as to promote and empower the local farmer.


The whole idea of starting the Milan farm came from how Milan Kordestani was brought up, as his parents wanted him to speak his original mother tongue Farsi which is an Iran’s native language, his mother employed for him a Farsi tutor whose mother was deep in saffron farming and through the tutor Milan was introduced to saffron farming when he was brought the first saffron bulb which he grew in his own garden.