Betterworks Helps Managers Undersand Goals and purpose essential for worker retention


Most businesses would rather avoid having to continually hire for the same positions over and over again. This means employee retention is essential for most business models to prosper. Therefore, whatever a company can do to motivate its workforce and keep employees happy will help with retaining workers while also making the business model more efficient and ultimately more profitable.

It does not matter what age a worker is, having a purpose is one of the main motivators for employees. This is true for Millennials as well as baby-boomers. Although this may come natural for certain enterprises which have real world-changing missions, most business models have more down-to-earth purposes. Therefore, it is important to design how workers are managed towards giving them a sense of individual purpose where they feel they are able to learn, grow and develop.


One of the best methods for developing this sense of purpose for workers on an individual level is by creating goals and milestones for each employee. This will help each worker realize a potential career path with the company which allows them to develop and grow professionally. Managers should consult with employees regularly on their progress and give feedback on their performance.

In order to provide the personalized treatment necessary for each employee it will be important to keep track of the various milestones each worker has achieved. Betterworks Software provides a platform which helps managers keep track of the career development for individual employees in the workforce. The software has already proven to be effective with 25 companies posting around 20,000 milestones for their workforces.

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Jeremy Goldstein On Building Relationship In The Legal World

Being a lawyer is not only about being able to understand laws and the courtroom, but understanding clients by really getting to know them. The lawyers who know take an active interest in their clients and get to know them, end up being the most successful in the industry. This comes from a genuine interest in people and a desire to help others.


New York attorney Jeremy Goldstein is proficient at everything in the realm of law. With over 20 years experience, he truly understands most issues that pertain to executive compensation matters and such. He earned his law degree from the New York University School of Law. He is also the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates in New York City. This private law firm was founded in June 2014. This law firm has accomplished quite a lot in the five years it has been open.


In addition to creating his own business, Jeremy has worked with big corporations like J.P. Morgan Chase and Company, AT&T Corporation, Sears and Kmart, and many more. He helped them settle the biggest acquisitions of the past 10 years. This led to some pretty incredible positions for Jeremy Goldstein. The American Bar Association’s business sector named him the chairperson of the Merger and Acquisitions subcommittee.


Before earning a law degree, Jeremy earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cornell University. Not only did he earn a degree, but a distinction in all subjects. Applying himself to the process really paid off. This would not be the end of his education. Mr. Goldstein continued on to earn his Master of Arts degree from another college called the University of Chicago. As an attorney, most of his income comes from helping companies and CEO’s as a legal consultant. Jeremy provides them with insight, information, and more to help them make important career decisions in their lives.


Most professional take a very cut and dry approach to their clients. This was not for Jeremy, so he decided to do things differently. He takes a very informal approach, getting to know clients and building good relationships with them through social engagements. This creates more of a trusting relationship, so they come to him first with any legal issues they need help with. Like every entrepreneur and business person, everyone has their own doubts about their career. Jeremy Goldstein includes himself in their scenario. What does he do to overcome doubt? He focuses on problem solving and uses the tools he has to do so. Looking back on his career, the successful businessman remembers his first client. This client came from a referral, via a legal network. Referrals area great way to get new clients Jeremy says.


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James Dondero’s – Business Guru, Turned Philanthropist Saint

James Dondero is the president, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Highland Capital Management. He resides in Dallas, Texas, and currently oversees investment strategies and operations in retail and institutional products. He also acts as President and Chairman of the Board of Directors at NexPoint Hospitality. Dondero is on the Board of Directors of both American Banknote and MGM Studios, and is Chairman of the Board for CCS Medical Corporation and Cornerstone Healthcare.

James Dondero’s heartfelt dedication to helping to provide greater educational opportunities for children of the Dallas-Fort Worth area is nothing short of philanthropic. With donations through Highland Capital Management, James has made a huge difference in the lives of millions in the Dallas region.

Highland Capital Management has announced a $1 million challenge grant to help The Family Place meet its $16.5 million charity drive goal. It donated $1 million to the Dallas Zoo, which used the funds to create a 4,485 square feet Highland Hippo Hut for educational displays and special events at the zoo. The company has also donated $2 million to Southern Methodist University, providing undergraduate students with education in public policymaking, study-abroad opportunities, unique access to top global leaders and well as unique, classroom-free senior-year internships. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

James Dondero was an original pioneer of the CLO, the Collateralized Loan Obligation.

With such a big heart and compassion, it’s no surprise that Highland Capital Management has been named as one of the best places to work in Dallas.

He and a business partner founded Highland Capital Management in 1993, and he has lived and worked in the Dallas area for over 20 years.



How to Use Agera Energy Services

Agera Energy has been in business for several years and has become the face for energy usage. Follow Agera Energy on Twitter.

You can find the company on Facebook and Twitter, where they give advice to homeowners looking to save money on both electric and fuel use at home. You can also find many different Agera Energy reviews that have already been written by other customers.


There are many reasons to switch to the Agera Energy company and this involves both affordable and reliable service. Not only are you saving money with the help of Agera Energy, but you are getting service that you can count on time and time again. Instead of spending a lot on the electric or gas that you are using right now, switching can be beneficial for every aspect of your life and be exactly what you need to save some money and know you’re getting energy that works for you. Follow Agera Energy on


Businessman Sergey Petrossov Solves Problems With Smart Technology

Sergey Petrossov

Technology entrepreneur, Sergey Petrossov, has been recognized for his work in the technology industry, specifically for using tech in new and innovative ways to transform a variety of industries. As an IT leader, Sergey Petrossov developed the technology for and launched two businesses based around customer service communications that gave businesses a better grasp on the issues they faced. Online learning and chat systems were the basis of both of Petrossov’s businesses, and these laid the foundation for future business endeavors.

JetSmarter was Petrossov’s subsequent business endeavor, an app created to assist clients in booking private jets for travel in a fast and convenient way. Petrossov actually created the app after trying to reserve a private charter flight of his own, but recognizing and realizing that the entire process could and should be easier, faster, and more flexible. JetSmarter was almost instantly successful and has grown and evolved into a powerful app that has led to even more changes within the private aviation industry.

Petrossov’s success comes largely from being able to see problems and formulate ideas to issues that no one else is tackling, to create businesses where there is no competition already because no one has worked to fix or innovate the industry with new business solutions. Coupled with the gift of disrupting, while creating, Petrossov has developed every business with a consumer’s point of view from the start, ensuring that not only do the businesses solve a problem but that they are easily adaptable and useable by those that can most benefit from them. This point of view has ensured that his tools and businesses have been successful almost as soon as they were introduced.

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DonataMeirelles: An Influential Icon In Brazil’s Fashion Industry Supports AIDS Research

DonataMeirelles is an expert in the fashion industry. French magazine, L’officiel, notably named her for being one of the top five best buyers in the world. She is the Style Director for Vogue Brazil. Her industry knowledge and experience helped create a name for herself as well as being an influential contributor of fashion trends in the fashion industry. Because of this, her name has become known throughout Brazil.

As a philanthropist, DonataMeirelles is actively involved in many humanitarian efforts. To name a few, she has worked with the Brazil Foundation and amfAR. The Brazil Foundation is an organization that is dedicated to “mobilizing resources to support and promote equality, social justice, and economic opportunity for all Brazilians.” AmfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research is a non-profit organization that dedicates itself in “support of AIDS research, HIV prevention, treatment education, and advocacy of AIDS-related public policy.”

Aids Research

As mentioned, DonataMeirelles is actively involved with amfAR. Today, we take a quick look at a recent article dated March 29th of 2019. The article begins to tell its readers a short snippet about DonataMeirelles, as previously mentioned. The article then moves on to talk about a particularly headline from the “New York Times” that involves an HIV patient and a “new strategy for ending AIDS.” A thrilled DonataMeirelles says, “I am very happy to read the news …” She then goes on to talk about how she began her support and involvement with amfAR.

The article moves forward to talk about amfAR. It says amfAR was previously named, AIDS Medical Foundation (AMF). AMF was founded in 1983 by Dr. Mathilde Krim. Two years later, AMF became amfAR when AMF and the National AIDS Research Foundation merged. Today, amfAR has three headquarters. They are located in New York City, Washington D.C. and Bangkok, Thailand.

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Igor Cornelsen and Good Branding

Igor Cornelsen and Knowing That Impressions Matter

As an investor, one is always looking for different signals to see why a company has staying power, is valuable, and is investable for the long haul. These are all different components that are quite compelling because and something to watch out for because these are hallmarks of what can make a great investment. Igor Cornelsen and other investors may see that investing specific companies can help to bring good returns to a portfolio and can capture value overall.

Take a look at Slack.

People may see that slack can be categorized as email 2.0 as the core product.

Remember, this is just the start, there is much more to go in this realm. One can simply search for messages, organize by topics and also conduct file storage via Slack as well. The application is simply amazing in many different areas and promotes productivity in a large manner.

One can go a bit further and see how more than 60% of the fortune 100 companies use the product for organization and productivity. A growing demographic is also interested in Slack.

Students love to use the product because it is simple, intuitive and feels like something that they do every day, message.

This is evidenced in the fact that Slack has grown over time. See, there are more daily active users each day. From 2014 to 2018, Slack users have shot up to 10 million users. It doesn’t hurt that Slack is inherent, a product that ropes in other users.

Because of productivity and simplicity, individuals can turn to Slack to improve overall efficiency in the workplace. Slack can provide companies with significant forms of return on investment. If productivity increases overall, it doesn’t make any sense for companies not to go with the product.

Aaron Lupuloff takes care of evolution in schools

Aaron Lupuloff was recently appointed to be a new member of the GCPS team. In 2015, that’s when he joined the company, but as a senior executive director. Aaron over the years he has continued to show his support to the Gwinnett County community through giving back to the community. Together with the help of his wife Jan, they are assisting the member of the community how possible. In 2011, because of the work that the family was doing, they were inducted by NHS Foundation.

One of the foundations that Aaron Lupuloff supports is the Camp Twin Lakes. The camp offers children with disabilities a place they can go during the summer holidays. Also, the summer camp is available and adaptable to those children that come from a low-income family. Aaron is the one that gives scholarship of up to 70% of the fee spent during the camp. They also give their support to Georgia Faction that’s a foundation for juvenile diabetes. The foundation advocates that there are diabetes research, treatment access and programs that help those people suffering type 1 diabetes have been bettered all over the world. Additionally, they work with those partners that are in domestic violence situations. The program has helped reduce how domestic violence is affecting the people involved. Like for children in domestic violence homes they will not concentrate in school those affecting their education.

According to youngupstarts, Aaron worked with a local education system. That was before he joined GCPS Company, at the Norcross High School Foundation he was the founding member. The school was started in 2001 to offer their services to people living within the school’s two zip code. One of the zip code is where the high-earning and upper class were living, and then there was 29% of the residents that were struggling to make ends meet. Through the help of the community, by using the NHS Foundation, the school was able to offer the attendees with all they needed to flourish in school. In addition, the other thing that he founded was the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board and was a board member too.

The experience that Lupuloff has in financial management is the reason why he was employed at the GCPS Foundation. The company was sure that he was a great fit in assisting with the company’s growth. In the past, he worked for Bear Stearns and Jp Morgan where he was a senior managing director for 20 years. Also, at the Raymond James, he offered his services as the managing director. Even with joining the new company, he is sure that he won’t stop his work in changing people’s lives through education.

To so many parents they are afraid to take their children to school, to receive the education that they are aware will equip them with skills, and shape them for the future because of the funding being cut off. However, the GCPS Foundation is working hard to ensure that the financing of the schools in secure and it won’t run out.





Wes Edens Continues To Maintain Multiple Successful Business Ventures While Earning Millions Of Dollars Every Year

Wes Edens is a billionaire and business leader who continues to take part in many different partnerships and business ventures. He is a co-founder and principal with Fortress Investment Group and has been able to help his company grow by making many successful business deals. Edens is also one of the owners of the Milwaukee Bucks, and the team has been able to improve greatly since he has become associated with it. Within half of a decade, the Bucks have gone from being last place in their division to being the number one seed.

Wes Edens graduated from Oregon State University in the mid 1980s with a degree in business administration and finance. After finishing his studies, he went to work with the Lehman Brothers where he served as the company’s managing director and partner for over five years. After doing so, he moved on to work with BlackRock Financial Management Inc. After serving with BlackRock for a few years, he made the decision to help create Fortress Investment Group. He did so with the help of Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman, and he has served in many leadership positions there.

Wes Edens partnered with Marc Lasry to purchase the Milwaukee Bucks for $550 million. The purchase took place in 2014, and the pair bought the team from Herb Kohl. Edens and Lasry are planning on constructing a new sports arena for the team that will cost a minimum of $100 million. Edens also recently purchased a piece of the Aston Villa Football Club and is planning on helping the team to regain its former glory, too.

It was recently reported by the Milwaukee Business Journal that Wes Edens earns $54 million every year. A lot of his money comes from Fortress Investment Group, which includes his stock dividends that come from the more than 60 million shares of Fortress’s stock shares he owns. His daughter is also an up and coming entrepreneur who is thinking about buying the New York Knicks in the future. Wes Edens appears to approve of his daughter’s ambitions as he recently commented that he believes women are greatly underrepresented in the sports world.

James Dondero on Moving Fast

James Dondero is a very driven individual. This aspect of being driven is evidenced in the way that James Dondero has moved quickly from working with others as a part of a different firm (or few) to forming his own firm within the fast paced world of finance. James Dondero has quite a few years of experience within the finance sector and has been running his own financial firm since 1993. The investment firm, Highland Capital Management is known in many different regions and has witnessed significant growth over the past decade or so. The firm takes part in the alternative credit management sector in the booming nation that is the United States but also in places such as South Korea and more. Read more about James Dondero at

James Dondero knows that moving forward in a strategic and effective manner in business is certainly key to success. As such, James Dondero lives by a few principles and sticks to them on a regular basis.


One of these principles is that of the idea of working those individuals who are interested in growth. Professionals who are interested in growth will read, communicate, and elevate themselves and others. The regular upgrades of each individual will help to upgrade an overall firm over time. People need autonomy and space to become strong and smart, they also need to have good feedback loops to make the right decisions. People with enough autonomy but no resources won’t be as effective, as such, positive feedback and resources are key to progress and overall growth. Visit to know more about him.

Furthermore, one will find that proper systems and tools will also help to provide leverage in growth.