Dr. Saad Saad – recap article

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon who has been recognized throughout the world. He has completed more than 2,000 surgeries in his 40 year career as a pediatric surgeon. His surgeries have changed children’s lives for the better, and he has saved many of their lives. His expertise ranges from an entire array of diseases and ailments. He is a professional who values his fellow doctors and his patients more than anything else. His knowledge has been growing, and he continues to build on his large base of expertise. To add to his professional repertoire, he has invented two medical devices that are meant to make the profession safer and smoother for his fellow practitioners.


Dr. Saad Saad’s first major invention was patented as Patent Number 5,727,553. It is the Catheter with an electromagnetic location identifier. It works by locating the catheter within the patient’s body. Traditional catheters require the use of radiation through an X-ray or magnetic imaging with an MRI to locate it inside the body. Some catheters can be left inside the body, so doctors need to know where they are located at all times to ensure there are no complications. The catheter is used to drain fluids and gases from the body. These fluids can present problems and discomfort for patients. The fluids need to be drained prior to performing surgery. The difficulty with catheters is the tracking of their location once they’re inside a patient’s body. Doctors can’t always use an MRI because they are so large, and too much radiation from an X-ray is harmful to a patient. This is what led Dr. Saad Saad to his invention. He decided to create a catheter that could easily be traced inside a patient’s body. The catheter he invented uses electromagnetic energy to locate it when it is inside the body. The catheter tip has wires inside the walls, and it has a magnetically permeable tip. A device with magnetic coils can be used to sweep over a patient’s body and quickly locate the catheter. This device is highly useful for patients in ICU and patients who cannot be moved. The device is compact and portable.


Dr. Saad Saad is an innovative doctor. He has saved many lives thanks to this innovation. Since his years as an undergraduate, he desired to be a great doctor. Once he attended his first residence, he knew he would be a pediatric surgeon. There is nothing more fulfilling than saving the lives of children. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/saad-saad

OSI Industries Furthers Expansion

While the food production and processing industry is very competitive, one company has continued to grow and do very well. The OSI Group is a company that is based out of the Chicago suburbs but has continued to expand across the world by making strategic purchases and sound business decisions. Over the past year, the company has made a number of purchases in parts of Europe and Asia.

One of the biggest investments and purchases that the OSI Group made in recently years was when the announced that they had purchased Flagship Europe, which is a company that is based out of Denver, CO. Flagship Europe is a part of the Flagship Food Group, which is a major competitor of the OSI Group. The Flagship Europe part of the company is that part that specializes in selling its products and services to areas of Europe.

The new acquisition will give the OSI Group a major new line of product offerings that it can provide. Flagship Europe was very well known for selling a wide line of food products including sauces, mayos, frozen meat, and a variety of other delicacy items. The company has a strong set of clients that are based all over Europe, the United States, and other parts of the world.

The purchase of the company is another major move made by the OSI Group to try and improve its footprint in the industry. Over the past few years the company has made several different moves that could help to expand its operations in Europe. This has included expanding on a current poultry-processing plan in Spain. This plant addition more than doubled the size of the plan and will greatly enhance the volume that the company can produce on an annual basis. OSI Group acquires Flagship Europe

Overall, this will help the OSI Group continue to be recognized as one of the top companies in the food processing industry. Over the past few years the company has received a lot of recognition from its peers and industry professional organizations due to the quality product and service that it provides. The company has received top awards and accolades from a variety of organizations in both the United States and the UK. Furthermore, the company is widely considered to be a great company to work for. It has thousands of employees located all over the world and is considered one of the top privately held companies in the US today.


David Giertz Talks About Why It’s Critical To Start Saving For Retirement When You’re Young

With over 30 years of experience in the financial industry David Giertz is a highly experienced individual. He worked for years as a financial adviser before moving into management and then working as an executive. During his professional career he has worked for Nationwide Financial, Financial Horizons Security Corp., and with Citicorp in their investment services division. FINRA has him registered as a broker and has completed his Principal/Supervisor Exam, State Securities Law Exam, and General Industry & Products Exam.

When it comes to saving for retirement. David Giertz says that the earlier you get started the better. It can be tough when you’re young and paying off student loans, saving to buy a home, and living life but nonetheless saving for the future is vitally important. He says that he advises all of his clients under the age of 40 to max out their 401k’s at work and a separate IRA, either Roth or traditional, as the number one priority. Your older self will thank you very much because you’ll have a great retirement as long as you’re willing to make some sacrifices while you are younger, he says.

Another thing he tells younger people who seek him out for financial advice is to learn to live below your means. The says by doing this you will establish sound financial habits that will pay off again and again as you get older. Too many people spend their entire paychecks which is unhealthy both financially and mentally. Another issue is that as people’s paychecks go up their spending goes up right along with it. David Giertz says this lifestyle creep is easy to do but ought to be fully resisted. Instead, when you get a raise try to set aside as much of it as you can.

David Giertz says that managing your retirement accounts requires too much time and expertise for most people. He instead advises that people find an investment adviser who they can trust to do a good job for them. He says people should interview a number of investment advisers before they settle on one as well.

Find out more about David Giertz:  https://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25356-david-giertz-says-financial-advisors-are-failing-not-talking-their-clients-about-social

Bruno Fagali Exceptional Law Works

Bruno Fagali is a lawyer and a manager of integrity cooperates at Fagali lawyers. In the year 2009 Fangali attained his undergraduate in administrative law at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo. Through Bruno’s eagerness and love to achieve higher education he was able to pursue his masters in the law of USP faculty.

Bruno Fagali deals with the anti-corruption law, but he mainly focuses his career on matters such as; civil actions, administrative contracts, and regulatory law. In Sao Paulo Bruno Fagali has his office where he is a corporate integrity manager.

Bruno Fagali is a self-driven, self-motivated lawyer hence making him flourish in the vast population of lawyers in Brazil. Due to his ability to stand out and deliver content to an audience gave him an opportunity to be among the member of the society of corporate compliance and ethics.

Bruno Fagali has implemented an integrity program in Sao Paulo as a corporate manager and has also formed an employee ethics committee which flames a new policy of treating members and employees alike.

He has additionally initiated many actions to clean up the system considering the various corruption associated with public funds. The actions include integrity drive to departments and firms that are getting government contracts.

In his initial years in his career, Bruno worked in several law firms, his career journey has not been without challenges, but he has learned to overcome them and has successfully been in the field for at least a decade and the years have proven to be important in improving his skills especially in the corporate sector.

Fagali is fluent in speaking English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. And this strong ability to communicate in different dialect has made him even more popular and sort after, he is also passionate about serving his clients and this has helped foster good relationships.

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The Academy of Art University Wows the Audience Again

The Academy of Art University is based in New York City, and last year its School of fashion took part in the New York Fashion Wek. The School of Fashion showcased its talent on the runway for the 21st time in September 2017.

The Academy of Art University has been a stellar participant in the fashion event, impressing the audience with the imagination, creativity, and craftsmanship of their students. Last year, there were ten MFA and MFA graduates of the School of Fashion. They debuted two collections in menswear and five in womenswear, as well as two collaborations among them.

The pieces that were presented on the catwalk were uniquely handcrafted with thought, creativity, and skill. The pieces ad something to say about some different topics and the participating designers achieved that loud and clear. Many of the pieces showed off the statement that there needs to be sustainable in fashion and a sense of upcycling and recycling in the production of fashion. To achieve that, the designers used unconventional materials such as rubber, nets, and even bicycle chains.

The participants were diverse in background, techniques, and ideas. The MFA Hailun Zhou from Qing Dao, China drew on her inspiration of concept photos that she had taken during a trip. She says that the forms and shades inspired some of her creative choices. Zhu used unconventional materials such as PVC, vinyl, and others to create her pieces and was selected for the Fashion Future Graduate Showcase of the CFDA.

Another participant was Eden Slezin, an MFA from the Bay Area. His inspiration came from his appreciation of vintage denim as well as the individuality of San Francisco, its shapes, and colors. Eden Selezin used organic denim to create the pieces that he received as a donation. He also used recycled bike tubes made of rubber, Slezin was selected for the Elaine-Gold Launch Pad of the CFDA.

MFA Dina Maie Lam was selected for the Fashion Future Graduate Showcase as well. She used luxurious materials that conveyed warmth and solace. She wanted to evoke a feeling of being embraced by a loved one which is a feeling she craved after her beloved aunt passed away.

Southridge Capital Offers Financial Services To Those Facing Financial Crisis

Financial security is not always guaranteed in life, and today things have become more difficult than ever when it comes to maintaining financial independence and all the stresses that come along with real life. There are people out there that are in too much debt to recover, working several jobs, and dealing with bad credit. Southridge Capital is a financial solutions company that is dedicated to helping people through their financial issues and allowing them to reclaim control of their financial independence. They urge people to come to them or look for a financial solutions company within their community if they are facing problems since finances are a major part of life these days. You can visit southridgeholdingsllc.com

For more than 20 years, Southridge Capital has been working with clients throughout the New England area and they are currently headquartered in Connecticut. Southridge’s staff is made up of financial experts who can sort out a wide range of different financial issues. All anyone needs to do is make the decision to get help and Southridge does the rest of the work. They acquire the information they need and they work on a proper solution that can help their clients turn their financial status around. Regardless of the kind of financial problems or the level of debt, Southridge Capital can help. Check out scribd.com to see more.

There have been many business owners that have come to Southridge as well and they are as welcome as anyone else. Believe it or not, thousands of business go under around the world every year due to financial problems. Southridge Capital is experienced in the business side of things and can help new or old business owners put their business on a track for success. There are many financial solutions companies popping up around the country these days and that is in direct response the level of financial trouble people are encountering these days.

Reference: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/southridge-capital-enters-into-a-5-million-equity-purchase-agreement-with-elite-data-services-inc-300118746.html

Organizing a Successful Campaign Rally

A successful campaign rally is contingent on multiple points, not the least of which begins with having a structured plan. Another one of the key elements to success is full acknowledgment of the time and effort that will assuredly be involved in a solid campaign. Structuring the time of the rally within the time frame of the campaign is essential.

Planning a successful campaign rally includes devoting attention to location, the appearance of surroundings, the structuring of a great speech, ensuring that there is a great sound system, and the details that accompany each of these respective planning elements. Location is essential to ensuring that press and attendees will have enough room. Choose a location that is easy to find with adequate parking and is not excessively large or small. The ultimate goal would be to fill the area while looking at capacity without overflowing. The visual appearance of surroundings is critical since there will undoubtedly be photos. The speech should include a few key sound bites to repeat and a speech that is concise while hitting all of the major issues. Introductions prior to the speech should be made by a trusted community member. A great sound system is sufficient for the size of the crowd, plus takes into account possible external noises such as the roar of a crowd or potential traffic.

Some of the benefits of rallies include the ability to improve personal name recognition, help inform potential voters about the campaign and convert those who are on the fence, the potential for press coverage, the ability to gain a larger audience for your intended message, and a way to get your voters enthusiastic.

Ensuring that the rally is completed on the proper time schedule is essential to its success. The rally should optimally be conducted two weeks before the schedule vote unless it is being done at the beginning of the campaign to create awareness. Media should be invited and the rally should be well advertised. Remember that rallies can be a fantastic way to recruit new volunteers while individuals are excited about the campaign.

These tips were recommended by NGP VAN, a privately owned progressive software company that has helped major Democratic candidates like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.


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For any venture to grow, be it personal or professional, you must invest time and money. Several have the vision to grow their goals but do not have money to see it come to fruition. They apply for finance loans but cannot qualify due to the lack of funds. In 2002, a finance expert called Al Christy in Indianapolis Indiana, created a finance company that had it’s major objective as providing their custoers with an option to their financial needs.

Equities created a system were these loans were secured by means other than physical collateral. The initial option was to provide loans that are secured by stocks or shares. Since that time, the company has evolved to include other creative methods of security for a loan, especially for countries that do not have a strong security platform.
For instance,in the country of Nigeria they recently structured a facility for a company called Dabgote Group.

OSI Group’s Commitment to Excellence Takes the Food Processor to the Top Of chicken Production

OSI Group LLC is a food processing company producing and selling value-added protein products and other items to foodservice and retail brands. The company manufactures products for breakfasts and lunches, snacks, side dishes, entrées, and desserts.

Some of the high-quality items they offer are breakfast sausages, hot dogs, specialty sausages, sandwich assemblies, cooked pork and beef products, dough-based and pizza products, and raw or processed chicken products among others.

Founded in 1909, the Aurora-based premier food provider owns manufacturing facilities globally. It is one of America’s top 100 food companies and has zonal offices in Europe, Americas, and the Asia Pacific.

Commitment to Excellence

Rising to become one of America’s top food processors does not just happen. It takes focused leadership and a team of dedicated employees.

Sheldon Larvin, the current chairman and chief executive officer, is an experienced manager, having proven himself by growing a highly successful career in the challenging financial services world.

Larvin is a leading innovator in the industry; he received the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy in 2016. He has transformed the food processor into a global multi-billion-dollar food processor with a presence in 16 countries worldwide.

The company’s leadership and employees put the consumer first and face every challenge that stands in the way of excellence and high-quality standards with innovative ideas and teamwork.

OSI Wins the Globe of Honor Award

In the United States, OSI offers custom food processing. Consumers are increasingly becoming demanding, and every modern company that wants to win today’s food processing race must expend every available resource to ensure they satisfy customers.

The company uses the make-to-order approach, following the exact specifications of its customers. The food processor delivers products produced through the most stringent quality standards and safety measures while addressing all related environmental concerns.

Recently, the OSI Food Solutions UK received the Globe of Honor Award for 2016 from the British Safety Council for having demonstrated outstanding commitment to environmental safety.

For details: www.forcepoint.com/de/resources/case-study/osi-food-solutions

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Path To Being The Best Is Not A Walk In The Park

We can talk about the contributions of Dr. Jennifer Walden to the world of cosmetic surgery, and we still won’t be able to see why she’s one of the most competent cosmetic surgeons based in Austin, TX. But, we can try to describe here why she is so and why she remains to be a top choice among people who need cosmetic surgery.

The Woman With Passion for Beauty

It’s an understatement to say that what makes Dr. Jennifer Walden one of the best cosmetic surgeons today is because of her passion for beauty. Truly, her work is more than that. It’s about providing the confidence people want about themselves. It’s about aesthetics rooted to personal confidence. Her passion for improving one’s physical traits is respected because she makes people happier than when they didn’t get surgery.

The practice of Dr. Walden is also worth emulating. In the first place, she’s able to offer the most ethically concerned surgeries that people want and desire. Not only is she able to withstand the competition in the cosmetic surgery that’s dominated by males, but she’s also able to deliver the kind of quality service, delivery and post-treatment care that no other doctor can offer. As a matter of fact, she gets most of her loyalty from those who have been able to refer to her service with utmost satisfaction. Rarely does any customer get any better service than the one she’s offering to the market.

Proving Herself

In the same way that artists have a way to create the best work they can do because they want to prove something, Dr. Walden is famous today for delivering masterful service that almost feels like she has to prove herself day in and day out. Based on our research, in an article from Texas monthly, she herself in an interview declared that she does feel like she’s proving herself something, and that’s not exactly a bad thing.

Read More: kristingunn.com/dr-jennifer-walden/