How Grupo RBS Became A Brazilian Media Juggernaut

Grupo RBS is a media conglomerate with over six decades of experience in Brazil, with this enabling the firm to become one of the largest such organizations in the country. Though the company owns a variety of subsidiaries, its overall employee base of over 6,000 people makes it the second-largest communications company in the country. Since being founded, the firm has grown to include dozens of affiliate businesses across all media niches, including radio, television, newspapers, and online media portals.


This expansion has allowed Grupo RBS to operate 24 radio stations, two local TV stations, 12 national television outlets, and eight newspapers, as well as several online media networks. The majority of the firm’s digital work is done through its e.Bricks Digital subsidiary, which has operations across mobile and digital niches, with many of these being demographic-specific. The company was founded by Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho, who had several years of experience in the media industry before establishing the firm.


In the years following this, Grupo RBS opened a variety of outlets across several mediums, including TV Gaúcha and the regional TV Caxias station. Following this, the firm continued to expand across other communications fields, with much of this being done through a variety of investments. Among the first of these was the purchase of Zero Hora, a newspaper, with an expansion into radio coming several years later.


In the decades that followed, Grupo RBS would continue growing by investing in, or outright purchasing, quite a large number of other outlets, including radio station Rádio Farroupilha AM, Rádio Atlântida FM, and much more. Throughout this time, it also established a variety of its own media outlets, with these going on to achieve a considerable amount of success. In recent years, the firm has continued to take advantage of technological trends and established several online news portals. To know more about RBS visit


Throughout this time, RBS would be involved in a variety of philanthropic causes, with these being spread among a wide range of areas. Some of the more notable sectors that the Brazilian media giant would be involved in include drug abuse prevention, child protection, and road safety, among others.,297812.jhtml

Jack Plotkin and the Integration of Telehealth with the Field of Modern Medicine


In many ways, telehealth represents the future of healthcare. One of the leading names in the field of telehealth is Jack Plotkin, who is the CTO of a company called Virtual Health. His company is at the front, leading the charge for the growth of virtual healthcare all over the world. For those who may not be familiar with telehealth, this is a form of medicine where people visit the doctor virtually. This allows people to see a doctor without having to drive hours to see him or her in person. This improves someone’s access to healthcare. While telehealth is certainly growing right now, it has faced some challenges in the past.

Telehealth is not exactly a new form of healthcare. In reality, the technology to carry out a virtual visit with the doctor has been around for decades. In the past, this technology has had trouble becoming a readily accepted part of the healthcare field. The CTO of Virtual Health, Jack Plotkin, believes that there are several reasons why. First, there are a lot of doctors and patients who have been reluctant to embrace virtual healthcare as a form of medicine. This has led to some significant challenges integrating telehealth with other forms of medicine. Lastly, insurance companies have been having trouble paying for these visits. Fortunately, the attitude surrounding virtual healthcare is starting to change. Jack Plotkin is one of the voices moving this process along. 


Over the past few years, there have been some major changes in the technological field that have made virtual healthcare more viable than ever before. With the improvements in modern wireless technology, doctors are going to have access to more of the information they need to make decisions regarding the care of their patients. This means that more people than ever before are going to have access to healthcare. Jack Plotkin is helping to make this dream a reality.

Sergey Petrossov Is Changing The Game For Business Travelers In The US

Have you ever attempted to fly on a private jet before? The process is probably arduous in nature, isn’t it? That’s why Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter are stepping up to the plate and changing the game once and for all. Thanks to Sergey’s efforts, the manner in which we fly is going to be forever changed.


Private aviation should offer more convenience than public aviation but that has not always been the case. Sergey Petrossov aims to pinpoint the inefficiencies that keep private aviation from being able to achieve its full potential. Ever since his first experience with private flights a decade ago, he has been working tirelessly to foster the necessary improvements.

He is not someone who is wowed by the mere idea of flying privately. Instead, he spent the flight wondering how the experience could still be so archaic. Those who utilize this form of air travel are not always able to enjoy the ease of use that they should have access to. The process was still analog and now, Sergey Petrossov is making the proper advancements for the digital age. 

Can you believe that there were no apps or websites to make the booking process easier? Sergey was flabbergasted. He also discovered that the private planes that were normally used in these scenarios were also under booked, leading to unnecessary waste. Many of the airplanes are left to sit around when they are not being used.

There is no reason for an industry of this magnitude to be run this way. A billion-dollar running at 10 percent efficiency is certainly not sustainable. With the help of Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter, these inefficiencies are finally going to be corrected. At long last, private aviation is making its way to the general public.


If he is able to achieve his true objectives, the costs of flying privately will one day become comparable to the costs of flying commercially. Thanks to Sergey, private air travel is on the path to becoming easier and more affordable for a wider range of travelers. 

Maarten de Jeu Shows His Expertise

Maarten de Jeu offers some real estate advice in order to help people who are unfamiliar with the business. First off, he relies on his experience as a strategist and advisor for several Fortune 100 companies, startups, and specific individuals that require assistance in managing their enormous funds. His specialty is in commercial real estate, which he states is a profitable market due to its resistance to global economic shifts. While it is true that there is a chance of losing money in commercial real estate, the benefits it gives to one’s portfolio and overall profits are worth the risk. By following the advice of Maarten de Jeu, many investors and real estate moguls can learn how to maximize their victories and mitigate their losses. After graduating from the University of Oxford, Maarten de Jeu quickly began building a successful career in international business, financial services, and the buying and selling of commercial real estate. He has worked as a director and consultant for many companies and has a history of collaborating with clients like Heinz, Sara Lee, and ING. He founded SVM Business Advisory in Chicago, Illinois. His vast trove of wisdom is matched with an ability to speak the languages of German, Dutch, English, and French. On his off time, he enjoys playing tennis and spending time with his family. The commercial real state has the ability to increase in value over time as well as garner profit from rental agreements. These functions are also available in residential real estate, however, there are some unique advantages that commercial real estate offers. Less competition means that individuals will have more room to maneuver. Commercial real estate investments also enjoy a higher return and are generally more profitable. Businesses also tend to enter longer and more stable leases than residential tenants. Landlords are also less responsible for funding the maintenance of the building. One of the most important things that a burgeoning real estate investor can do is begin the process of building close relationships with other individuals in the field. Commercial real estate is a business that especially requires a strong network of both fellow investors and private lenders. Finding and retaining a useful network of allies and employees will be central to the longevity of a commercial real estate endeavor. With the right selection process and employee care, each individual that works for your business will give everything they have to their job. There are many important roles such as the property manager, office manager, maintenance staff, marketing team, and construction team that must be filled by trustworthy associates. Commercial real estate is both profitable and engaging as a form of business. It is possible to take a hit in terms of financial stability, however with a wealth of confidence and assets it is possible to find a beneficial stake in the market. Maarten de Jeu continues to provide support to highly respected companies and seeks to increase the amount of people in the United States that are enrolled in life insurance. Learn more:

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Gulf Coast Western and Matt Fleeger

The oil and gas industry has been on that has not changed much in the past and Gulf Coast Western is now working to change the way that the oil industry does business. Matthew Fleeger is one such CEO that has been working to change the face of the oil and gas industry as we know it.

Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western is different from other oil and gas companies in that they work with other gas companies that are already in production and that are already working. They use sites that have already been developed, sites that are already in production, and companies that have been long working the fields. This helps to save money, time and effort and also helps to minimize the impact on the environment.

By using fields and oil sites that are already developed, that are already in production, Gulf Coast Western can save money and time and make the most of fields and other sites that are already working. This eliminates the need to take out new paperwork and new leases on sites, it eliminates the need to open up new oil lines, and it also makes for a much faster production and work.

Matthew Fleeger has been working with Gulf Coast Western for years and has helped to make changes the way that they do business. The world of gas and oil is changing and companies like Gulf Coast Western that are working to make strides are the future. Through partnerships with other companies they are able to get the knowledge, the experience and the dedication that comes from a larger team that has experience across the board.


Matthew Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western are at the forefront of change and are working to make a big difference in the way that the oil and gas industry functions. With more companies like Gulf Coast Western, the oil and gas industry is sure to change for the better.  

Sujit Choudhry partners with George Anderson on constitutional essay collection

Canadian constitutional lawyer Sujit Choudhry and former Canadian government deputy minister George Anderson have authored a book of essays explaining the complications constitutional processes face with territorial disagreements.

The collection, “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions,” focuses on 17 situations where countries are making constitutional changes. These are both small countries, politically diverse countries and areas where territorial politics play both key and secondary roles. Case studies shown in the book include Iraq, Kenya, Nigeria, Spain, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ukraine and Cyprus.

The published work includes recommendations on policy from the eye of realists looking at the complexity of both politics and territorial governance. Many in the field of constitutional law see this work as incredibly relevant to situations happening worldwide. That is especially true for Myanmar, Yemen and Libya.

The two have also authored a policy paper as a companion piece to their work. The paper is given the same title and details how crafting constitutions is affected by territorial claims. It also offers input to advisors involved in constitutional drafting.

Sujit Choudhry, considered a leading expert on Canada’s constitution, is a principal at Choudry Law. He also founded and is the director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. Internationally known as a constitutional scholar, Sujuit Choudhry has worked for decades helping those in government advance rule-of-law processes and build constitutional governments.

With law degrees from Toronto, Oxford and Harvard, Sujit Choudhry served as law clerk under Chief Justice Antonio Lamer on the Supreme Court of Canada and served the Bar of Ontario. He was a constitutional law scholar at UC Berkeley, New York University and the University of Toronto for almost 20 years. More than 100 publications bear his name and his work has been used by Canadian courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada.

George Anderson is the former CEO of the Forum of Federations and a Centre for Democracy and Diversity at Queen’s University fellow. He served the United Nations Department of Political Affairs as a part of the Sanby Team of Experts and has been a consultant all over the world.


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Busines Owners Use LocationSmart For Technology and Security

LocationSmart has been proven to be a great business for employees that use technology. The company protects employees from fraud and digital incidents. LocationSmart secures management in each company. This helps the business owners reach out to employees that have technical information. The employees maintain a great position within the company because of how the technology handles online transactions.


Most businesses choose to have LocationSmart track their devices to show that there are employees in the right places. Most business owners have questions about how the company works with employees. The company can see the employees online and making any transactions. It helps to secure banking funds and assets within a company.


The data is protected to prevent fraud from removing banking funds. Most companies use their company debit cards to make a purchase through technology. Business owners continue to have the right to look at any activity from employees. Some business owners choose to meet with their employees to explain how the devices work.


The plan is great for recovering any technology. Most employees keep their devices in cases. The business owner can watch them make a transaction through their own technology. They can use their emailing system or watch their employees on their own website. Business owners know that LocationSmart keeps their assets in place. They don’t have to worry about worry about losing anything because of an employee. The company may have employees that travel.


LocationSmart can locate a device so that it can be returned to its owner. Some tracking devices will have the location pulled into the screen. That simply means that the owner will know where the device is and how to find it. It’s great for business owners to maintain security throughout a business. It eliminates fraud and any lost devices. Basically, the recovery is simple.


Data should be stored for the business owner. The device can recover any data through LocationSmart. Most business owners will have a place that can store information. LocationSmart is always willing to help new business owners. The best way to get a tracking device that’s secure is through LocationSmart. Technology can be used to store data from companies. It helpe each business owner network and come to an agreement.


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Tim Ioannides Exemplifies the Human Element of Healthcare

In an industry oftentimes known for being cold and hyper-focused on business and less on the patient, Dr. Tim Ioannides practices in a way not commonly seen – by putting his people first.

Tim Ioannides has been a part of the Florida medical community since earning his degree at the University of Miami School of Medicine and then completing his residency at the University of Miami School of Medicine in the Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Now practicing from and operating five locations in the Port St. Lucie area, Dr. Ioannides is no stranger to the unique dermatological needs of South Floridians. Although he specializes and excels in treating skin cancers, tumors, and other skin conditions by using a proactive approach to medical care, his most outstanding expertise is more in personal care.

Spanning from his own office staff and all the way through to each of his patients, Dr. Ioannides focuses on the human element of healthcare. Within each practice, he believes in creating an atmosphere of success. “I am confident that the professional environment within the Treasure Coast Dermatology Center plays a large part in the happiness of all staff,” Dr. Ioannides states. He maintains the mindset that all people need to be treated well and not as “replaceable commodities.”

In addition to his staff, Dr. Ioannides maintains a deep-rooted focus on his patients. While other practitioners dive head-first into the latest technology, Dr. Ioannides believes it is “crucially vital” to his success that he not use medical records. Eye contact, engagement, and complete focus on the patient is his main concern. One of his signature special touches is his use of handwritten letters. As a means to maintain a proactive relationship, Dr. Ioannides sees it as a way to offer a bit of humanity to the field.

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What To Expect As A Client Of Equities First Holdings UK

Equities First Holdings is quite knowledgeable in finance and has led them to provide many financial plans for companies were trying to improve their financial conditions. The United Kingdom gain access to the expertise of finance in 2013 when Equities First Holdings decided to start in operation in London. The London office proves to be a catalyst for other locations that will come in the future and will help the company lend over $1.2 billion to various companies. Find out more about Equities First Holdings:,34.htm

James Dondero: A Story Of Human Kindness

It is almost difficult to believe the amount of good that James Dondero has done in the world. In fact, it is difficult to total it all up. This is because Jim has helped fund a lot of things that he believes in throughout the Dallas area. He has been able to do so because of his success with Highland Capital Management.

James Dondero and a partner founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 when this was not something that people did all the time. They felt strongly that they could do an investment fund better than the others who were currently attempting it. They did just that and then some. The fund grew to the point where it has billions of dollars under management at this point in time. That is how James Dondero has had the means to give away so much money.

The Dallas Zoo and the Dallas Symphony can both thank Jim for helping to keep them around and sustained. Financially speaking, neither of those things would still be around if not for the giving that Highland Capital Management has provided to them. James Dondero’s primary concern when making these donations is not that the non-profits do something back for him or that they honor and cherish him. Rather, he just wants to make sure that they are able to do the good work that they do without having to worry so much about financial concerns.

People in the Dallas area may not even be aware of all of the things that Jim has done to help keep their city culturally interesting and thriving. He has certainly played a lot of his role behind the scenes, but his role has been magnificently important in maintaining the vibe that Dallas gives off. It is important to recognize this and the many great works that Dondero has done simply because we want others to do the same.