Nitin Khanna’s Excellent Adventure

There might be nothing hotter than the cannabis market right now, except for the incubation-type, small investment banks. Nitin Khanna, the once-CEO of Cura Cannabis, is now the CEO of Mergertech, a Portland, Oregon-based small investment banking firm. Cannabis seems to be a hot commodity on the West Coast and the greater Pacific Northwest market, so Nitin Khanna might be a touch clairvoyant as the history books might illustrate. The Portland market, an area that is very cannabis friendly, might just be the best place to start a cannabis-based business, as Nitin Khanna did. That same Portland market, however, is not exactly a hot bed of investment banking action. Under the auspices of Mr. Khanna, this Oregonian city just might start to see some more investment banking interest.


Early on, growing up as a young man with an entrepreneurial spirit in India, Mr. Khanna was showing signs of having some special skills regarding startups. He spent some time around a cement company, as well as a motorcycle parts manufacturer, and he made note of what he saw and experienced. It has been said that many of his philosophies on business were born in those early days back in India as Nitin was developing his interests based on how these concerns were run.


It is not surprising that Mr. Khanna went to the Lawrence School in India, which has the motto “never give up,” where as a young man he continued to experience development, in both education and his evolving business philosophies. Taking all he learned in those early years in India, he eventually would create “Saber,” a tech-giant that over 10 years became a provider of state government solutions. This company that Mr. Khanna started would eventually have revenue of over $120 million, and that which he sold for over $450 million. It was the experience with mergers and acquisitions while running Saber that led him to develop “MergerTech,” the small investment banking startup he created in Oregon. Cura Cannabis, his venture that he started in Portland in the years after the Saber sale, and today that company is one of the best cannabis oil providers in the nation. Based on all of Nitin Khanna’s successes, we are likely to hear a lot more about MergerTech going forward.

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Organo Gold and Healthful Drinks

Organo Gold is a business in Washington state’s Ferndale that genuinely grasps the concept of thinking big. That’s because thinking big is something that Bernardo T. Chua has done from the start. Read more at about Organo Gold.

As Organo Gold’s effective Founder, he’s been a role model to all of his team members for many years at this point. Organo Gold began functioning in earnest in 2008. The marketing mission behind Organo Gold is a simple one as well. Follow Organo Gold on

It’s to teach the members of the general public all about organic Ganoderma mushrooms. Mushrooms that fall under the Ganoderma lucidum umbrella captivate people in China. They’re now starting to captivate people in other geographic settings, too. Organo Gold has all kinds of Ganoderma lucidum teas and coffees under its belt. People who want delicious and healthful red tea that has elements of the mushroom tend to shop for options that are accessible through Organo Gold.


Unroll Me Saves Inboxes by Rolling Up Clutter

Unroll Me is one of many forms of email management software that offers to clean up and organize user inboxes. The surprising demand for this software is meeting a surprising need as email clutter has started to become a real problem. The use of subscription emails by pretty much every company under the sun has flooded consumer accounts with hundreds of emails. The subscriptions allow companies to stay in touch but fill up email accounts to the point that important messages are lost among the shuffle. Unroll Me not only gives consumers the power to clean out their inbox, but also provides them the means to unsubscribe quickly and efficiently.

Unroll Me was created at the behest of Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald. The two young men were looking for a start-up idea and latched onto email management. The story is that Rosenwald stopped returning Hedaya’s emails because he could not find them. At the time Rosenwald was not the only web user complaining of clogged up email accounts. According to Hedaya the incident sparked the idea for Unroll Me.

Unroll Me operates in an efficient and simple manner. Hedaya and Rosenwald chose a simple format after watching similar companies tank because of complex software. simply latches onto a user account and gathers up all emails flagged as subscriptions emails. The messages are then placed in a separate folder called the Rollup. The Rollup keeps the rounded up emails for later perusal and leaves only pertinent emails in its wake. Users can choose to keep certain subscription emails and even program the software to leave future messages alone. Unroll Me can also be programmed to follow a schedule.

The best feature of Unroll Me is its one-click unsubscribe option. The whole purpose of Unroll Me is to fix clutter. So it allows users to delete their subscriptions to in mass to prevent further messaging. Emails can be gathered in groups and deleted altogether which saves consumers the headache of unsubscribing from each service manually. The Rollup may at times sweep up emails that are not subscription based, but luckily it can also be programmed to ignore those messages in the future.

The Staying Power Of Betterworks

In 2013, Betterworks was a company founded in Silicon Valley that has gone onto be like its other tech neighbors. The software company has become a big success amongst small companies, startups and Fortune 500 companies. The software company has found technology success because it solves a lot of problems that never get resolved. They are in the business of solving talent performance and human resource issues. Being a problem solver has translated into millions of dollars. This company is growing in brand awareness, its number of employees, its marketing and mostly its amount of users who are paying for their service.

Goal science is what is powering Betterworks. For them, goal science will cover how to run an organization smoothly, productively and profitably. Their software allows for work performance to be systemized. Additional, data points can also be detected and analyzed. The amount and how detailed the features are for this system are unmatched. This is what truly causes Betterworks to stand out from the crowd. The uniqueness of this software has caused the company to become a name associated and respected with talent performance in the workplace.

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Betterworks has proven its staying power. Since 2013, the company has proved its more just another Silicon Valley tech startup. The software pulls it weights and pronounces how impactful it can be for workers, work climates and managers. Betterworks can be viewed as a tool that executive workers and mid level workers use to incorporate order, unison, communication and progress into their workplace.

Gino Pozzo – Watford FC

The sports ownership sector has been growing at a great rate since the mid-1990s when the professional English league underwent a massive overhaul with the development of the Premier League. While opinion is split about which is the best league in the world, the English Premier League is undoubtedly the richest. In the past, the ownership model for European soccer clubs was largely dominated by local owners of teams looking to give back their local community. However, the purchase of London’s Chelsea by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich led the way for new owners, such as Watford F.C.’s Gino Pozzo to enter the fray.

The Pozzo family have a long link to soccer around Europe starting with the family patriarch, Gianpaolo purchasing the local Italian club, Udinese in 1986. The decision of Gianpaolo to buy Udinese was largely taken from the heart as he had watched the club slide into financial difficulties and hoped to return them to glory. The success achieved at Udinese inspired the Pozzo family to continue to invest in soccer teams across Europe and eventually led them to purchase then struggling Watford in 2012.

Gino Pozzo is seen as the mastermind behind a new way of working at soccer clubs with the ambition to break into European competition but sit just outside the top tier in their home nation. The son of Gianpaolo Pozzo believes the rise of Watford to the riches of the Premier League in just three seasons is a sign of the burgeoning success being achieved at the club that sits on the outskirts of the English capital. Determined to do things his own way, Gino Pozzo believes Watford are vital to the success his family is hoping to achieve in soccer ownership and went so far as to move his family to London to take control of the club.

Tech Entrepreneur Robert Deignan Identifies Trends In His Industry

Robert Deignan is a co-owner of a southern Florida firm, ATS Digital Services. His company offers technical support and outsourcing services. His employees can take remote control of a device to troubleshoot it or provide in-person support. He is the chief executive officer of this company.

He wrote an article identifying the five key trends in technology. The first of these was artificial intelligence. Robert Deignan says that AI isn’t actually anything new and has been around as a concept since 1950. It is a field that has exploded in the last decade, though, and is getting a lot smarter.

He wrote that how AI systems are developed hasn’t really changed over the years. The AI has access to a huge database that it accesses in order to solve problems and offer solutions. He says that this technology is being used to do many things now such as mobile banking, providing search results, for ride-sharing apps, and in-home intelligent devices.

Robert Deignan sees voice recognition replacing traditional user interfaces. It’s easier and quicker to talk out loud to find out some information then type it into a browser. This technology is being rapidly improved so that it provides useful responses to what is being asked. Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft all have digital voice assistants. He sees these devices being increasingly bought by consumers.

He is excited about the promise of 5G. 5G is far faster than 4G mobile technology. It will provide a way for entirely new types of apps being developed due to its sheer speed. Depending on where a person is a 5G network is anywhere from 10 to 100 times faster than 4G. 5G networks could even replace traditional cable internet for many people.

He sees more and more things being automated in the transportation industry. Robert Deignan says that autonomous cars is just the tip of the iceberg. He sees transportation eventually becoming a service instead of a thing that people buy outright. If someone needs to get somewhere they will schedule a car to come to them and get them where they need to be.

The Generous Nature Of Gustavo Martinez

No one would ever associate generosity with business. Especially when thinking of marketing and advertising generosity is not generally thought of as a key facet. Gustavo Martinez has made it a cornerstone aspect in the businesses he runs and his personal life.


Marketing and advertising have been the primary focus of Martinez’s professional career. He has been in these industries for more than 35 years. He now finds himself working in a consulting capacity. Many are confused with this change up. Gustavo explains that consulting is a natural match with marketing.


Marketing is a type of applied artistry. The individuals in this field tend to be less adaptable to that standard 9 to 5 rigid schedule. A highly structured environment tends to dissuade their creativity. While basic business elements are necessary, the marketer tends to be most successful when given a less structured and fewer work environment.


Gustavo Martinez seeks out the best talent for the firm’s he works in. Some of the things he seems out in qualified candidates include a diverse way of thinking, and a strong background. He desires people who come from a wide range of life and educational experience.


Another key he has found to a successful marketing and advertising company is to acknowledge the accomplishments of the people around him. Being grateful for input and saying when someone has done a great job of excelled in a task boosts moral and creativity. This also ultimately helps to inspire others to up their creativity.


On a more personal level Gustavo Martinez urges entrepreneurs to be active listeners. Do not just hear the other person when they are speaking. Participate in the conversation and offer feedback and constructive criticism. It is this way we learn and grow as employees and business owners.


Martinez feels if every business owner did this there would be fewer companies closing their doors. The outlook is especially bleak for start uos. The start up business needs to be more in touch with their consumer base so they can best offer what will sell. Consumers will play a huge role in the success of whether a business endures through their first year of so.


Making others feel important is also a factor in success. Make your clients feel as if they are the reason for your existence. In this way they will continue to comeback and offer positive side of mouth. Both of these things are necessary to growth and success.


Finally be humble. Do not flaunt wealth of success. If giving charitably do not overly stress the need for recognition.Gustavo Martinez has more than 35 years experience in business. He has actively grown as a businessman. He continues to improve his listening skills and continues to recognize the accomplishments of those around him.


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Ara Chackerian: A White Knight

Ara Chackerian is a well-known name which is due to his various ventures. He is an entrepreneur as well as an angel investor. He hails from the area of Florida and has a bachelor’s degree in the field of marketing. He is now based in the city of San Fransisco.

An angel investor can be defined as an investor who invests in different ventures which are not popular options amongst professional capital investors. The professional venture investors do not want to invest in such areas due to the fact that these are risky investments and may fail to provide anything in return. However, for angel investors such as Ara Chackerian, the main outcome is not the monetary returns, but the efforts which are made by the ventures being invested in. The main area of concern for Ara Chackerian is the healthcare companies which are at a start-up stage. Especially those companies which are venturing to revamp the system of healthcare by the means of different innovations.

Ara Chackerian believes that this is the way forward in getting humanity to the new breakthroughs. These breakthroughs can prove to be a potential saver of millions of lives. Another area of concern for Ara Chackerian is environmental issues such as deforestation and global warming. The effects of global issues such as climate change are becoming more and more obvious with every passing day and he believes that now is a high time for people from all over the world to play their role in turning around these issues. If not, humanity may end up spoiling the only place they have to live to an extent where it will not be possible to reverse the changes. He is playing his role by investing in ventures which are active for the eradication of such issues

Serge Belamant Is A Part Of The History Of Computer Science And Blockchain

Serge Belamant is keeping himself busy these days running a company with his son who is also interested in computer science. The creator and patent holder of much of the technology behind blockchain is once again working in the world of financial technology with his company Zilch Technology Unlimited. Through technology, Zilch aims to be able to help younger people understand money better while offering software that can make the process a little bit easier. While he may not be as active with the company as he was with Net1 and past projects, he is still responsible for creating new ways to implement the blockchain technology that he has patented over the years when it comes to cryptocurrency.

Over the years, Serge Belamant has been responsible for many milestones when it comes to blockchain and he is now part of the history of the technology. Without his work, the world of computer science would be a lot different than it is today. The work that he has done in the financial sector has managed to change the way that people bank around the world through the use of the smartcards that he created while working with Visa. The smart cards that were invented by Net1 and Serge Belamant contain chips that implement blockchain, which acts as a sort of digital ledger.

The technology behind these cards is still widely in use around the world when it comes to debit and credit cards as they are a strong security feature. While Serge Belamant did originally attend college to study computer science, he did not end up completing his degree and instead knew enough about the subject to immediately start his work as a software engineer. He spent much of his career in South Africa before moving to the United States in order to pursue career opportunities in the country. Blockchain may not have been able to build a base of customers early in its creation, but now it is something that is widely used in ways that many people may not have even realized and it has become much bigger than the cryptocurrency that it powers.

Matt Fleeger

Matt Fleeger’s Diversified Career Line

Who is Matt Fleeger?

At Golf Coast Western, we find Matt Fleeger, who is the President as well as the CEO. He is based in Dallas, United States. Matt Fleeger specializes with the provision and exploring various gas and oil reserves found in the Gold coast region. Over five years, Matt Fleeger has taken the initiative to ensure there are continuous growth and developments in the company sharing his skills and experience? He is known for his efforts to promote teamwork to increase the logistics of the company.

Matt Fleeger graduated from the Southern Methodist University with BBA in Marketing and Finance in 1986.

Strategy to Promoting Gold Coast Industry

Matt Fleeger as the head of Gold Coast Western Corporation has initiated Joint ventures to ensure there are growth and development. Matt Fleeger combines taken, interest, experience, resources, and technology with other partners. The partnership is based on transparency and building mutual trust with the other partners. Matt Fleeger is devoted to promoting honesty and integrity with the other investors.

Over the years, Matt Fleeger has increased the logistics of the Gold Western Corporation. He has gained extensive skills and experience working with an oil and gas company. During the reign of Matt Fleeger, there has been an increase in the Oil and gas being explored in the Gold Coast Region.

Matt Fleeger is pushing forward, ensuring he has expanded the company and created organized management. He has also diversified his profession by joining the medical sector as well as the tanning industry. He has set a legacy in the business industry.

Matt Fleeger is a role model to many investors showing them the possibility to invest in various companies and ensuring that he has close connections with potential investors to promote the businesses he starts. He provides business opportunities to many people through his investments.

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