Beat It Billy Jean

To all of you who thought Michael Jackson was dead… It is time to get Trilled he is back. Well at least in Brazil, that is. A very talented man by the name of Sergio Cortes has been paying tribute to “The King” for over 20 years. So even after is unexpected death his memory lives on in Sergio Cortes’s performances. Sergio’s was born in Barcelona where his life story began. He was so infatuated with Michael Jackson’s performances that he moved to Gary, Indiana where he was raised. Ever since Sergio was a teenager, he spent countless hours practicing his ever move and dance step and has nailed the Moon Walk down to a tee. The thousands of fans that follow him can attest that his hard work and dedication has paid off in making him one of South America’s most sought after Michael Jackson impersonators. Sergio is an employee of Destiny Projects which is a company that not only manages but specializes in artistic development. If you were a fan of Michael Jackson then you need to travel to Brazil, South America and get tickets to his concert. People think Sergio Cortes is the most Authentic Michael Jackson look a like that he even dresses in the same style as Michael. If you are a Facebook user you can go check out his page. He has videos you can view and over 9 thousand followers. You can also find him all over YouTube. Some people even mistake Sergio’s video’s for Michael’s video’s. To all you Twitter followers you can find him here as well. As of today, November 2, 2015, he has more than 800 followers.

People hope to soon see Sergio Cortes in a world wide tour. He brings Michael back to life in every way he walks, talks, moves, dances and sings.

He is the total package deal. If you have never had the pleasure of seeing Michael in concert Sergio Cortes is probably the closest thing you will ever see to seeing Michael in concert. He has performed every song Michael has every sang. Some people even think that Sergio is really Michael’s long lost twin brother. It is said that Sergio will premiere at the show in Las Vegas.

Make no mistake about it, we miss Michael dearly and he will never be forgotten. Sergio
Cortes will help keep Michael in our hearts living on through him and his talents.

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