Being Open and Transparent Is the Key to Gulf Coast Western Success

Gulf Coast Western is serving as the oil and gas managing venturer general partnership (also called Joint Ventures) for the acquisition, development, and exploration of domestic gas and oil reserves primarily based in Colorado, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. The company has purchased thousands of acres in those active producing regions designated for development with their Joint Venture Partners. Also, they have various drilling programs in those regions with plans to continue their aggressive expansion campaign for lots of years to come.

Additionally, Gulf Coast Western is actively exploring strategic opportunities for expanding their exploration as well as their development to other oil and gas plays countywide. The company will always make sure that the geophysical and geological attributes of an area or prospect they have chosen meet their stringent criteria for increasing the probability of financial and geologic success for their partners.

The company has a very long track record that dates back to their founding in Dallas, TX in 1970. Gulf Coast Western attributes their success over the years they have been in operation to transparent and open relationships they have constantly maintained with their accredited Partners. These are relationships built on respect and mutual trust earned through operating with integrity and honesty. The company has a consistent dedication to supporting organizations that are helping to build strong communities and also care for the well-being and health of families and kids.

Mike Szot, an insurance executive from California, stated that before he invested with Gulf Coast Western, he had little knowledge when it comes to the industry of oil and gas. Gulf Coast Western staff helped him along the way, providing him with a clear understanding of the process of drilling oil. He feels comfortable and relaxed doing business with the company and will continue investing with Gulf Coast Western in the future.

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