Beneful, The Brand To Feed Your Dog

Taking on a furry companion is not an easy decision. For example, I knew I would be responsible for making sure he or she was fed the best dog food I could find, but with so many brands lining the shelves, it was overwhelming. I knew I wanted a high-quality dog food that had ingredients that were from real meat, and included grains and vegetables. Nutrition is important to me, and I knew it would be just as important for my pet.

After researching a lot of the brands I saw, I decided to feed my dog Beneful. This dog food is made by the Nestle Purine PetCare Company, the company formed after Nestle, the Swiss multinational food corporation purchased the Purina Company in 2001. The original Purina Company was founded in 1894 by a man named William Danforth. Danforth’s core philosophy was that farm animals that were fed a proper diet would produce more, live longer and be healthier. Today, the company focuses on making sure our pets have the best pet foods available, but the core belief remains the same.

Purina invests millions of dollars every year on making Beneful one of the most researched dog foods around. Also, the company has exceedingly high standards for both its vendors providing the raw ingredients and for the entire manufacturing process. Each of their plants has their own quality control labs and each lot of Beneful is closely monitored from receiving those raw ingredients to the final packages sent to your grocery or pet store.

In addition, the company is a good corporate citizen in a number of ways. First the company uses efficient and sustainable manufacturing processes whenever possible. Employees are respected and encouraged to bring their pets to work with them every day, and are given plenty of opportunities to volunteer in community work. Finally, Purina donates over $10 million a year to pet welfare groups and shelters.

Beneful is made from real meats. The beef, chicken, turkey and salmon is blended with grains like corn and rice, and vegetables like peas, spinach, and carrots. Available in a number of different flavors, each bag or container of Beneful provides our dogs with 100% of their daily nutritional needs, including antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

Trying to find the right amount to feed my dog was challenging at first, and it took some trial and error to find the right portion sizes. In an article on, Beneful makes it easy since the food is available in a variety of sizes, both for their moist foods and the dry kibble. I usually leave a bowl of the kibble out all day and supplement that with a serving of moist in the morning and again at night. Of course, plenty of fresh, clean water is provided all the time.

Keeping dogs healthy is not too much of a problem. Like their two-legged caretakers, if dogs are well-fed, they can pretty much fight off any health problems that may come up. That’s another reason why feeding them a high-quality dog food like Beneful is important. If a health problem does arise, then a proper diet will help fight off any infection that your dog may get.

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