Beyonce Makes Big Announcement

Beyonce is extremely popular on social media, and had been teasing for weeks about a big announcement coming soon. The announcement was to be made during her Good Morning America interview. Fans of Queen B and Jay-Z were hoping another baby was on the way, but the announcement was a bit underwhelming. Beyonce’s big announcement? Sam Tabar filled in the folks at that she’s a vegan! Beyonce has lost a ton of weight lately and had great success keeping it off. According to her Good Morning America interview her weight loss is due to a vegan lifestyle. She admits going vegan as part of a diet that required her to adapt to the lifestyle for 3 weeks. After having great success with the vegan diet, she decided to try and keep it going, and is so glad she did. Hopefully, the next big announcement Beyonce makes is something a bit more exciting than what she had for dinner last night.

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