Bill Cosby Stand-Up Performances Canceled

Three of Bill Cosby’s stand-up performances have recently been cancelled. The Casino in Las Vegas and The Treasure Island hotel have both cancelled Bill Cosby’s stand-up performances. His performance in Campaign has also been cancelled due to the sexual assault allegations. They are giving out refunds to the tickets and cancelling the shows. Now seven women have come out with sexual assault allegations towards Bill Cosby.

Not only were his stand-up performances cancelled but also they have cancelled many other projects from Cosby. They have cancelled interviews, NBC, and any Netflix projects with him. Even ‘The Cosby Show’ was pulled off of the air on TV Land. Cosby has denied four of the sexual assault allegations so far.

Cosby appeared in the Bahamas not long ago at a benefit for a womens service organization. Cosby is scheduled to perform 36 shows between now and May 2015, and some like Susan McGalla can’t believe he is doing this. But it is unknown how many more of these shows will be cancelled.

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