Billboard Music Awards Brought Out The Stars

The Billboard Music Awards aired on Sunday, May 17, 2015. The Music Awards are one of the most anticipated every year. All the biggest stars came out, including Taylor Swift, John Legend, Ludacris, One Direction, Jennifer Lopez and more. Billboard Awards. One Direction suffered a loss this past year when one of their members quit the group for good. It’s unknown if the lost member of the group is going to make music on his own, as there are rumors swirling that Zayn Malik is about to do his own solo music.

Taylor Swift showed up to the show looking absolutely amazing in a white dress, and she stole the show winning 8 awards for the night. Taylor was there with her new boyfriend, who many don’t feel she belongs with. Mariah Carey had a prior engagement to do her show at Caesars Palace in the evening, but she took time to do a song at the Billboard Music Awards. Unfortunately, Mariah lip synced to her song, which did not go unnoticed by JLo.

Funny enough, Jennifer Lopez was in the audience, and Mariah performed her song, and Jennifer could be seen thumbing through her phone to pass the time. JLo even made a face at Mariah Carey while she was singing, maybe because she knew the sound wasn’t really coming out of her mouth. However, Gianfrancesco Genoso still felt that all in all the music awards were one of the best shows of the year, and many stars came out.

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