Billionaire George Soros Is Buying Gold; US Money Reserve President Explains Why


As more and more reputable economists forewarn of a large market correction that will greatly shrink the values of stocks and commodities this year, it has become vital for investors and ordinary people who will be adversely affected by this forewarned crash to protect themselves and their money. Fortunately, US Money Reserve president Philip Diehl graciously sat down with Enterprise Radio to impart some advise on those with an eye towards the near future.

For some background, Mr. Diehl is the former Director of US Mint which has given him large amounts of experience with bullion and legal tender – the US Mint producing more bullion than any other institution in the world. While at the US Mint, Mr. Diehl expanded its operations to trade on every continent in the world, including Antarctica. It is this knowledge which informs him on current investment strategies people should pursue.

As discussed in the podcast, Mr. Diehl recommends to invest in gold coins, which is produced by the US Mint and is legal tender of the United States and thus backed not only by their inherent value but by the strongest economy in the world. At the US Money Reserve specifically, customers can use a precious metal IRA which acts as a wealth insurance that – due to being backed by precious metals – is strong enough to withstand a large, negative market correction. Likewise, customers will be able to gain from steadily rising gold prices.

Some may suggest owning gold and silver bars instead of coins, but Mr. Diehl explains in the podcast that those bars do not serve as legal tender. Moreover, they are not guaranteed by a major mint or backed by the United States – which, again, is the strongest economy in the world. As these are not guaranteed by a major mint, there is no guarantee that those bars and bullion are not counterfeit. Thus, Mr. Diehl advises to own minted gold that is guaranteed by the US Mint.

While a market correction on the level of the financial crisis in 2008 may deal major damage on stocks, pensions and other funds, one can be buttressed from that fallout with gold coins produced by the US Mint.

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