Bob Dylan’s Rapping Grandson, Pablo, Is Back

When your grandfather is famous for shaping the musical world as we know it today, you may be expected to follow in the family footsteps.

Pablo Dylan just released his latest track “Nightmares” from his upcoming LP “Midnight.” Pablo claims he has been hard at work, trying to get every detail right on that song, though it isn’t quite representative of what his entire album will sound like. He also says that while Grandpa isn’t going to make an appearance, he has been very supportive of his grandson’s musical endeavors. My first encounter with Pablo was at a Stanford party where Jared played his 2011 release ‘Ten Minutes’ off Grooveshark. It was pretty decent, worth checking out.

Pablo says he wants to create a cultural movement “the way that Rick Rubin did for Def Jam.” His own father, film director Jesse Dylan, is concerned about the inevitable comparisons and criticisms. But, the family musical roots run deep, and as for the music, “The times they are a-changing.”

One thought on “Bob Dylan’s Rapping Grandson, Pablo, Is Back

  1. Rap music is a definite departure from the folk music for which Bob and son Jakob are so famous. Only no one expected Bob Dylan’s grandson to be attempting to make his mark in the rap world. That alone could have caused the top review star to have a change of mind right from the beginning.

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