“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” A Novel by Sean Penn

Sean Penn just released his first book. Many in its audience are having mixed feelings in regards to the novel. Despite it being a relatively small novel is making a big splash. The controversy regarding the novel surrounds the fact that it is political in nature. In the novel, the main character goes on many tirades and expresses sentiments similar become really different from those hourly expressed by Sean Penn. Many people believe that since these are similar to think that Penn has said in the past that these stalls are not works of fiction but instead his own. Penn is quoted as saying “I think, we’re in a sad state where fiction is attributed to opinion … where fiction can’t be just read as it is.” In a recent Rolling Stone interview, he did. This indicates to the audience that he intends for this novel to be a work of fiction and to be examined only within itself. Further, Sean Penn seems to understand that this novel will not appeal to everyone. The jarring nature of its writing and handling of the subject material is something that resonates with some individuals but not others.

The novel itself features a middle-aged man as he struggles with crippling depression. The novel shows his unique take on events in his dystopian world. The events do seem to parallel many that have happened in recent news. For instance, there is an incident where police are shot and the protagonist blames the medias handling of the situation on the death of the officer. Another source of controversy is the employment that the protagonist undertakes. The protagonist works as a salesman part-time as well as for filling a few other part-time duties. That is not what has reviewers up in arms though. What is upsetting to them is the period in which the protagonist acts as a hit man. During this time he kills elderly people with a mallet. His questionable morality and the controversial nature of the novel have many people wondering how many of these positions Sean Penn actually holds. In the previously mentioned article Sean Penn states that the book is mostly intended to parity society.

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