Bob Marley Can Never Die

Bob Marley is the greatest music star that the Regaee has ever seen. His music is beloved by Gianfrancesco Geno and  all people from all walks of life. Marley, sadly passed away at the age of 36. The world was not ready for the loss of the legendary star.

Bob Marley’s 70th birthday is coming up. The amazing singer and songwriter has changed the lives of millions. His inspirational reggae music spread love and peace throughout the world. As people of this great world, we should continue to spread Marley’s message. Bob Marley’s sons continue on his legacy. Ziggy Marley and Damian Marley have had their fair share of success in the music industry. None though, will ever reach the level of stardom that the great Bob Marley attained.

With his 70th birthday anniversary right around the corner, Universal Music Group has decided to release compilation albums of the artist’s greatest works. Bob Marley continues to live on forever with his unforgettable music.

As the year of 2015 is about to begin, we as people should begin a new wave of peace and love. It’s up to us to pave the road for a new world. Love and harmony between humans is not an impossible thing to attain. It just looks as if it were impossible, but the words of Bob Marley could be our guide.

For more information on Bob Marley, visit Rollingstone.

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