Brian Mulligan, The Opera Singer Based In San Francisco

Brian Mulligan is a renowned American operatic baritone. He was actually Born and brought up Endicott which is located at the South Central of the New York State. Mulligan was born in to a small family that is known to have come from the Irish County of the famous Leitrim.

Brian Mulligan is believed to have studied at the Yale University and also at the Juilliard School. His primary voice instructor was known as W. Stephen Smith, who he currently studies with.
Mulligan started his career at a tender age of 17 years. He had always been interested in the theater for a long time, actually since childhood. Brian had been auditioning and performing since his days in school, that’s how he founded his career.

Brian Muligan discovered that he had an interest in operatic voice while he was still in high school. His high school teacher, Gloria Richardson was the one who encouraged him to take vocal training serious. The teacher had realized that Mulligan had talent during the high school musicals. Mulligan decided to follow the teacher’s advice, and that’s his great journey started.

Gloria Richardson, the high school teacher introduced Brian Mulligan to the famous Todd Gee. Back then, Todd actually used to work with the recognized Tri-Cities Opera. Until now, Tri Cities Opera is a recognized the local opera institution in the whole of Binghamton, New York. Todd was actually a very good voice teacher to Mulligan, and he managed to introduce him in to the world of opera. Since then, Mulligan has never looked back.

Many people always think that Mulligans Irish background has influenced him to make the decision of becoming a vocal performance. According to Mulligan, this is actually not true. He is actually very proud of his origin, but this has never influenced him to make the decision to become an opera performer. Many people know how he loves Ireland, because he is known to have been visiting the country several times whenever he gets the time.

When he was growing up in Ireland with small family, he was actually listening to the music there, especially from Wolfe Tones and also from the Clancy Brothers.His grandfather was known to play the fiddle, and he taught Mulligan to play it too. When in this country, Mulligan actually never sang any of their traditional Ireland music unless he was singing along in a group. This shows really that his background has nothing to do with what he has managed to achieve.

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