Brian Torchin and HCRC: Quality Medical Staffing for Quality People

Healthcare Recruitment Counselors LLC or HCRC, is a professional placement service for qualified workers in the medical field. Brian Torchin, manager, screens, interviews and prepares people for immediate placement into a wide range of challenging positions. HCRC’s main goal is to use its years of experience in medical staffing to seamlessly find the right person for the right position. Located in Philadelphia, PA, HCRC works tirelessly with physicians and clients throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia to cover Chiropractic, all MD/DO specialties, PA/NP/CRNA, PT/PTA/OT/OTA to ensure the proper personnel are found.

HCRC offers job counseling so that qualified medical personnel are immediately placed into a specialty that fits perfectly. This important part of the medical profession reduces turnover, eliminating doctors and nurses from getting discouraged along their career paths.

Job placement through HCRC allows immediate workforce entry into numerous medical industry positions across the country. Brian works around the clock to ensure positions are filled with the most qualified personnel.

Brian takes extra care in screening and verifying all personnel who walk through HCRC’s doors. His vetting process is one of the top in the field today. This process gives quality people immediate placement into fast-paced, fulfilling medical careers, and helps future candidates learn qualities than will make them an asset to the healthcare industry. Clients are assured that medical personnel have all the qualifications that fit the job at hand.

Brian strives to work with newly graduated medical students to find the perfect match for their newly developed skills, and also fulfill the needs of healthcare industry employers in finding the most technologically advance and knowledgeable people in the fields desired. From technicians to doctors, Brian makes the job search process fulfilling and positive. From scheduling interviews to final placement, HCRC is knowledgeable about the healthcare infrastructure and is confident that there is a position and a person for everyone. HCRC finds immediate staffing for hospitals and clinics and ensures the end of lengthy job searches for qualified individuals. Additional information about Brian and HCRC can be found on Twitter and on many sites online.

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