Bruce Bent

Bruce Bent is a highly-celebrated entrepreneur with a reputation of being a strategic innovator whose works have profited various industries including the cash and asset management, retail markets, broker and retailer markets. Currently, he works for Double Rock Corporation, which is a leading financial and technologies company. At Double Rock, Bruce Bent works as both the CEO and Chairman of the company. He further serves at each of the six subsidiaries of Double Rock, where he is a senior executive.

Prior to joining Double Rock Corporation, Bruce Bent worked for The Reserve, which was as of the year 2008, the world’s largest private company in the money market industry. At the time, it was also the second leading of money market funds in the world. All this can be attributed to the great strategies formulated and implemented by Bruce Bent, who was the president of the company, at the time.

During his time working for The Reserve, the company achieved tremendous growth. It grew to employ over 300 people. Also, he was also able to grow the company’s product portfolio and by the time he was exiting, the company had grown from $4 billion to over $130 billion. The company’s revenue also grew to over $155 million.

Bruce Bent is this successful due to his hardworking spirit and the desire to succeed in whatever he does. His experience in the industry has also seen him ranked as a leading entrepreneur. You will find his work publicized by big names like the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. In total, he has over 60 private patents to his name.

In the recent past, Bruce Bent was invited to an interview by Ideamensch where he was to talk more about his business ventures. He talked of how Double Rock was established by his father and his business partner, in the year 1970. At the time, the primary objective of the company was to provide mutual money market fund, the first of its kind. However, the company portfolio has since grown to have over $133 Billion in assets that they manage.

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