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Bruno Fagali is a lawyer and a manager of integrity cooperates at Fagali lawyers. In the year 2009 Fangali attained his undergraduate in administrative law at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo. Through Bruno’s eagerness and love to achieve higher education he was able to pursue his masters in the law of USP faculty.

Bruno Fagali deals with the anti-corruption law, but he mainly focuses his career on matters such as; civil actions, administrative contracts, and regulatory law. In Sao Paulo Bruno Fagali has his office where he is a corporate integrity manager.

Bruno Fagali is a self-driven, self-motivated lawyer hence making him flourish in the vast population of lawyers in Brazil. Due to his ability to stand out and deliver content to an audience gave him an opportunity to be among the member of the society of corporate compliance and ethics.

Bruno Fagali has implemented an integrity program in Sao Paulo as a corporate manager and has also formed an employee ethics committee which flames a new policy of treating members and employees alike.

He has additionally initiated many actions to clean up the system considering the various corruption associated with public funds. The actions include integrity drive to departments and firms that are getting government contracts.

In his initial years in his career, Bruno worked in several law firms, his career journey has not been without challenges, but he has learned to overcome them and has successfully been in the field for at least a decade and the years have proven to be important in improving his skills especially in the corporate sector.

Fagali is fluent in speaking English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. And this strong ability to communicate in different dialect has made him even more popular and sort after, he is also passionate about serving his clients and this has helped foster good relationships.

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