Bruno Fagali – Leading New/Sb to Great Heights

Bruno Fagali is a lawyer at Fagali Advocacy based in São Paulo. Bruno is a rising lawyer in Brazil who has years of legal experience and administrative law. Since 2006, he has been practicing in different law firms and earned his unprecedented reputation. He is the Corporate Integrity Manager at New/sb, which is an advertising agency.

Bruno Fagali is an independent practitioner at his firm, Fagali Law firm which he co-founded in July 2016. His partner is Bob Vieira da Costa. Bruno holds a master’s degree in State Law from the University of São Paulo, faculty of law. He also specialized in administrative law from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. Initially, he had done a first degree in Law from the same University. In his career, Bruno focuses on Public Administration Control.

The New/sb is a Company specializing in Communication of public interest. Under the leadership of Bruno, New/sb created a code of conduct that was in line with the Anti-Corruption Law of Brazil. The Company also consulted the General Controller of Union (CGU) on its corporate rules as the only one. They were also invited to participate in competitions for advertising international organizations.

The Integrity Manager at New/sb says that the Company joined the CGU to refer their integrity program since they did not want to be associated with corruption especially for a company dealing with public communication. New/sb has government related accounts in Brazil such as Caixa, Central Bank among others. Bob Vieira da Costa implemented a good business practices system in New/sb.

Bruno Fagali has expertise in Compliance both at academic and professional level. He is also an expert in public law where he deals with Administrative, Constitutional and urban issues. His other areas of specialization are Anti-corruption Law, Electoral Law, advertising and parliamentary law. He has been effective in the coordination of Ethics and Advertising Agencies of the Institutes of Law and Ethics in Brazil. He is a member of Corporate Compliance &Ethics Society.

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