Can McDonald’s Compete With OSI Group In 2020

If you know anything about the food industry, then you’re definitely aware of the Impossible Burger. The Impossible Burger comes from the creative team at Impossible Foods. This particular burger is soy-based, requires less water to produce and holds a smaller carbon footprint. In addition to that, this product is a meatless burger that tastes just like real beef. OSI Group is a main player in this discussion because the food giant is in a co-manufacturing deal with Impossible Foods. OSI Group is kind of Chicago-based because the company started out in the Chicago region as a butcher shop. As time progresses, OSI would go into food wholesale and begin to make a name for itself. As of 2019, this Illinois-based business is known as a top-100 company.

With the help of OSI Group McDonalds, Impossible Foods will be able to reach thousands of food establishments that are located across America. After receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in advance, this plant-based food solutions company can put the money to good use. Fast-forward to 2019, and Beyond Meat is starting to creep into the conversation as this plant-based food solutions company will be working hand-to-hand with McDonalds. This project will consist of producing the PLT, which is another kind of meatless burger. McDonalds has decided to do a test run before introducing the product to the public. Southwestern Ontario will host the burger in some of its select markets, and the results have been very promising.

OSI Group has taken its talents from Chicago to the global market. The company already produces a wide variety of foods, such as onions, beef patties, hot dogs, tomatoes, fritters, cooked sausage links, Tofu, pasta, flatbread, panini, pizza, ribettes and many other foods. OSI Group has over 100 years of expertise in food services, and this expertise is looking to reap huge dividends in the future.

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