Cancer Treatment Centers of America Joins Forces with the NFL and LabCorp

The NFL Alumni Association, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and LabCorp are teaming up against prostate cancer in a very serious way. In America today, one out of every seven men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year, and if the disease is not caught early it can be deadly.

The prostate gland in men is part of the reproductive system and there are few physical symptoms, so a test called the PSA blood test is still the best indicator of a man’s potential to have the disease. The PSA is recommended to be taken once a year and it is a very simple test that is non-invasive.

Men can get their free tests between September 1 and October 15 of 2017 at any of the 1700 plus LabCorp facilities nationwide, and after the first 2,000 men are tested, the PSA screening can be done for just $25. Prostate cancer is fairly slow-growing while it is contained inside of the prostate, but once it gets out of the gland it can spread throughout the body through the lymph and blood systems, just like any other cancer.

Prostate Pep Talk is being promoted by former NFL coaches Dick Vermeil, Herman Edwards, and Bill Cowher.

LabCorp is a national medical testing laboratory and is used extensively doctors and hospitals to obtain routine and more complicated tests. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been fighting cancer for over thirty with their proprietary methods of treatment. Using what they call the Integrated Care Method, each patient is prescribed their own individualized patient care plan.

According to CTCA, each cancer patient has individual needs in regard to the type of cancer, type of treatment, and the management of side effects. Cancer Treatment Centers of America does nothing but treat cancer and nothing else. The Integrated Care method of treatment uses traditional methods of treatment as well as many of the natural types of treatment as well.

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