Cancer Treatment Centers of America Unveil New Tool

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in Boca Raton, Florida, after CEO and founder Richard Stephenson’s mother died of cancer. Cancer has a way of completely changing your outlook on life so Richard got to work founding a network of hospitals that would treat cancer in a clinical fashion while offering supplemental treatments to manage pain, nausea and nutrition.

That’s exactly what you’ll find at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Cancer patients can enter the hospital expecting typical treatments including chemotherapy, surgery and medications. But the care does not stop there. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers a menu of alternative treatments that can help a cancer patient’s life in almost any fashion. The hospital essentially offers an entire menu of support.

That is why it is so exciting that the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have unveiled a new initiative called Clinical Pathways. The nationwide network of hospitals has teamed up with Allscripts and NantHealth to compile an online database for oncologists. This database contains all of the most cutting-edge information as well as patient records and drug interaction information.

Now you can stroll into a Cancer Treatment Center of America knowing that you are going to get the most effective and personalized treatment possible. Your oncologist will use the Clinical Pathways system to look up your specific cancer, your patient records and any cutting-edge cancer studies. This database acts in real time. The system automatically integrates all of the new studies in order to compile the greatest list of effective treatments possible.

The database also contains information about alternative treatments that help mitigate the side effects of cancer and its treatment. This gives the cancer patient the greatest support possible. All of the information an oncologist needs is instant and right at her fingertips.

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