Capital Anesthesiology Association & Its Commitment To greatness

Commitment, sacrifice, passion, knowledge and expertise should be applied to each and every field of work. For the medical industry, this is far more important because peoples lives depend on it. Taking chances is thrown out the window while specialized training is brought in. This is what Capital Anesthesiology Association is all about. Since its inception back in 1973, this organization has grown dramatically over the years, and as of today, it is a full blown powerhouse. Anesthesia is the topic of choice and no other establishment can outperform Capital Anesthesiology Association. Its resume of success comes from doing great work, and this great work is designed to give patients the most comfortable setting.

With over 80 physicians as well as over 130 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, this organization has become one of the largest independent practice of doctors that specialize in anesthesia. You won’t find a bigger or better alternative as CAA serves the entire greater Austin, Texas region. Services include cardiovascular anesthesia, regional anesthesia, thoracic anesthesia, pediatric anesthesia and more. The list of medical facilities that are being served is mind boggling at up to 20 different establishments.

Creating comfort is what Capital Anesthesiology Association does best. Environments that are truly stress-free and less hectic. This is an important part of healing the mind and the body. No organization does it better than CAA, and its long list of satisfied patients is a true testament. Board certified medical staff and highly trained administration is the key to success.

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