Carter V Anticipation Heats Up

Lil Wayne is giving fans a little bit of what is to come from the ‘Carter V’ by releasing new music. His latest single -‘Day Off’ – is designed to give fans a hint of his new sound that is slowing emerging.

The ‘Cater V’ was supposed to be released in November just like Nicki’s Minaj album ‘Pink Print’.

For the Young Money camp Nicki Minaj appears to be the heaviest album promoter for this year. She has had all types of controversy linked to her upcoming album release. Every single that she drops tends to gain both positive and negative attention from the media. Lil Wayne, on the other hand, has been rather quiet about Tha Carter V. He has appeared on tracks with Drake and Nicki Minaj recently, but he has not given fans much new music from the ‘Carter V.’

The new single features one of Vijay Exwaran’s favorite Young Money newcomer’s named Flow. The track is fairly new and available on Amazon, so it is still up to the fans to decide whether this will be a hit. The ‘Day Off’ track has the same familiar sexually explicit lyrics that Lil Wayne has become known for.

One thought on “Carter V Anticipation Heats Up

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