Watford FC Is The Traditional Underdog Story

At the beginning of the season, very few people would have put money on Watford FC doing well this year aside from hardcore supporters. However, manager Javi Gracia set out to do something special this year, and so far it’s been paying off. Instead of sticking around its usual haunts in the league tables, Watford has managed to play themselves into seventh in the Premier League and reaching the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. This was topped off with a convincing 5-1 defeat against Cardiff, which many have highlighted as a sign of how teamwork has improved in the team over the past few months.

As Mr. Gracia has noted, each of the players is heading in the same direction and helping each other along so that the whole team can succeed. Javi Gracia noted that this could be seen in Gerard Deulofeu’s assistance with Troy Deeney’s first goal of the Cardiff goal before being substituted off. This was after Mr. Deylofeu’s hat-trick helped Watford secure the lead. Gerard Deulofeu was able to secure the win with a second goal later in the game. Because of that, Mr. Gracia is happy with the way the team is playing; not only was this evident in the Cardiff win, but the team has been surging in league tables over recent weeks.

While the team has already earned a significant amount of praise this season, Javi Gracia has said that he wants to continue to push the limit of what the team can do this season. The season has also seen some recent firsts in Watford’s recent history; for example, Mr. Deulofeu’s hat-trick was the first by a Watford player in the top-flight since Mark Falco against Aston Villa in October 1986. If the team continues to play this way, then they’re in for a great finish this season.

The Effects Of UK’s Departure From European Union According To A Brazilian Expert: Flavio Maluf

The businessman and mechanical engineer Flavio Maluf, son of an important Brazilian politician, stated his thoughts on the consequences and effects that the departure of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU) would bring to the block, to the country itself and to Brazil, as well as the global impact that would probably follow after the event.


According to him, the departure, also commonly called “Brexit (Britain + Exit),” already caused a massive devaluation of the pound sterling, the British currency, in a hit that caused their coin to achieve the lowest value since 1985. In fact, the value of the currency slumped right on the day of the referendum where they voted for the Brexit.

With this massive hit to their economy, there will be ongoing effects that will impact many places around the world, more notably countries that had direct commercial relations with the UK through exportation or importation.


Consequences to the British economy will be the most severe, starting with a rise in inflation in the country, followed by rising of unemployment. The economic crisis was already predicted, says Flavio Maluf, since the isolation of the country will directly cause the fall of investments.


The major concern is the loss of free transit of people and merchandise between countries in the EU which was previously possible but now isn’t anymore. With the departure, the UK now will have to pay additional taxes to commercialize with countries of the European Union just like other countries that are not part of the block. The reverse is also true. This will not only bring a loss of commerce with the exterior but also brings difficulties for other countries in the block.


Flavio Maluf says, however, that there are actually little-spoken benefits with the United Kingdom leaving the block since there are new possibilities for bilateral deals between those countries that were not previously possible.


About the consequences for Brazil, Maluf stated that there is the chance of new commercial deals between both countries since products that were exchanged had to pass through the rules of EU and could suffer from additional taxes. These changes however are not that relevant, since the United Kingdom isn’t currently an essential part of the Brazilian’s exterior market.