Jon Urbana’s WordPress Professional and Artistic Achievements

Jon Urbana is a well known person for his high profile career and diverse artistic interests. He was very successful in Lacrosse as a defense player and now owns Next Level Lacrosse Camp, one of America’s most popular lacrosse camps. He lives in Denver his childhood home ( and majored in economics at Villanova University. Urbana’s interests include entrepreneurship, music, photography, aviation (more details here), videos and philanthropy.

Social media Presence

Urbana interests and activities are well detailed in his blog post ( He is active in various social media platforms such as Instagram, twitter (,) Facebook ( and Pinterest. He also has LinkedIn account that contains a well briefed resume of his professional life. As an active proponent of the environment, Urbana was recently featured on WRCB TV.

Jon Urbana’s Photography Interest

Urbana’s photography entails breathtaking views of nature and different culinary styles. His photography is uploaded on his Instagram account, his blog post and other social media accounts. His recent photos which can be viewed in his blog ( include a cookie and milk magic photo which depicts a traditional popular dessert, chocolate dropping in milk and a picture depicting a magical view of a Beira mar restaurante.


Urbana has various accounts with Soundcloud and MTV where he shares his music with his followers. He creates original music and at times produces remix of famous songs. His music can be accessed through his blog ( )His recent updates on music include the best voted scenes of 2015 and features various artists, Jane Horrocks’ performance and other top musical renditions.

Urbana’s professional life

Urbana is the head of business development and one of the founders of Ellipse Technologies ( .) This company specializes in development and marketing of medical devices specifically lasers and IPL. There recent development is the introduction of Nordlys Hybrid System a more efficient device for many skin types. His entrepreneurship skills combined with being a successful Lacrosse player made him co- found Next Level Lacrosse Camp ( This camp deals with training of young lacrosse players into developing better specialized skills.

Passion for videos

Urbana’s skills in video editing enable him to create videos that help in his charity campaign. Most of his videos cover his interest in nature and flying. Urbana’s Vimeo account and YouTube channel ( contain most of his uploads such as Life on Lake, sunrise from Afar and Ripples and Waves From Below among others.

Athlete profile and achievements

Jon Urbana is a successful lacrosse player. He played the defense position and his team received an honorable mention All-American Honors due to his effort. During his time, his team ranked 7th in the nation’s defense scoring ( He started Next Level Lacrosse camp to nurture young players and refine their skills.

Stephen Murray: Excellent Leader and Philanthropist

Stephen Murray had a reputation for excellence. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital‘s former President and chief executive officer impacted many lives for the better. During the course of his life, Murray scaled to the heights of a great business leader and helped create positive change through giving back to the community and causes that were close to his heart.

Education was paramount to Murray. He obtained a degree in economics from Boston College in 1984. Afterwards, Murray enrolled in the highly acclaimed Columbia Business School and graduated in 1989 with a masters in business administration.

Over the course of his career, Murray experienced great success and made a significant impact. He showed much initiative and climbed the career ladder at fast pace. Murray started his career in the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. He worked tirelessly to scale the corporate ladder, but his hard work paid off. Eventually, Murray was at the forefront of heading the buyout at JP Morgan Partners. This lead his venture to co-found the corporation of CCMP Capital. As the CEO of CCMP Capital, Murray held a place of great importance in the financial business community.

Throughout his career, Murray was often in a position of power and served on a vast number of boards for large corporations including Aramark and AMC Entertainment. He was a born leader and people gravitated to him because of his ability to solve problems and command respect.

When men reach a desired station in life, they sometimes forget to give back to the community. Murray was extraordinary in that he did not forget to give back to the community and the institutions that primed him for success. In addition to demonstrating much talent in his role as a private equity investor, Murray was called to philanthropic efforts. He was an ardent supporter and member of the chairman’s council for the New York chapter of the Make-a-Wish foundation. Murray had much empathy for terminally ill children. The Make-a Wish foundation believes that children should not be robbed of the opportunity to dream. It was important to Murray that terminally ill children experience joy. He often marveled at the children’s bravery and the resilience they exhibited towards life.

Stephen Murray was a dynamic figure that possessed much charisma and strong leadership ability. If a man’s life in measured by the amount of impact that he makes in other’s lives, Murray lead a truly great and meaningful life.

Crystal Hunt’s Career Just Keeps Getting Better

Crystal Hunt has not stopped her reign since she started her acting career, from the age of 2 Crystal has participated in various pageants acting and went on to star in commercials. Some may remember Crystal’s appearance in an anti drug ad with *NSYNC and even The Walt Disney Company’s 25th anniversary celebration commercial. While Crystal’s start was in pageants, her acting career took of when she started her long journey in daytime television. Her adoring fans know her most for her roles as Lizzie Spaulding in the CBS daytime soap Guiding Light, she shined as Lizzie from 2003 to 2006 and even received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination in 2005 for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series.

In 2005, Crystal took on the film The Derby Stallion,and in 2007 she starred in yet another film as Demetria “Dinky” Rosemead Hodgekiss, in Sydney White by Universal Pictures. In 2009, Crystal returned to daytime once again when she starred in ABC’s One Life to Live, as Stacy Morasco. Her time on the show ended one year later when she left in February 2010, however, she soon returned to the show as a ghost in March of the same year. Crystal also returned in 2012 in Clint Buchanan’s vision is hell.

Crystal is also known for her love of animals, and in 2014 she took her passion for her furry friends and used it as fuel to open a pet boutique in her hometown of Clear, Florida called My Pets Dream Boutique. Most recently Crystal managed to executive produce her own feature film “Talbot County,” with her friend Dania Ramirez. Crystal hasn’t stopped for a second this year, as she is also starring as herself in the show Queens of Drama.

At the moment Crystal is getting the royal treatment in Hollywood, everyone is obsessed with the new Magic Mike sequel, Magic Mike XXL. Crystal has completely taken over social media, because fans of the movie are in love with her role as Lauren in the film. Crystal beings a new balance to the movie, and along with drumming up lots of attention for herself, Crystal is bringing her daytime television following along for the ride. Anyone who loved Crystal on television, and has followed her career so far, is jumping on the Magic Mike bandwagon and loving every second. Crystal is taking over the big screen, and adding another notch to her belt in her career, she is definitely one to watch.

Billboard Music Awards Brought Out The Stars

The Billboard Music Awards aired on Sunday, May 17, 2015. The Music Awards are one of the most anticipated every year. All the biggest stars came out, including Taylor Swift, John Legend, Ludacris, One Direction, Jennifer Lopez and more. Billboard Awards. One Direction suffered a loss this past year when one of their members quit the group for good. It’s unknown if the lost member of the group is going to make music on his own, as there are rumors swirling that Zayn Malik is about to do his own solo music.

Taylor Swift showed up to the show looking absolutely amazing in a white dress, and she stole the show winning 8 awards for the night. Taylor was there with her new boyfriend, who many don’t feel she belongs with. Mariah Carey had a prior engagement to do her show at Caesars Palace in the evening, but she took time to do a song at the Billboard Music Awards. Unfortunately, Mariah lip synced to her song, which did not go unnoticed by JLo.

Funny enough, Jennifer Lopez was in the audience, and Mariah performed her song, and Jennifer could be seen thumbing through her phone to pass the time. JLo even made a face at Mariah Carey while she was singing, maybe because she knew the sound wasn’t really coming out of her mouth. However, Gianfrancesco Genoso still felt that all in all the music awards were one of the best shows of the year, and many stars came out.

New Mumford & Sons Album


Mumford and Sons, banjo weilding and suspender touting extraordinaires, are finally releasing another album.

The folk outfit’s last album, Babel, was released in 2012 and both previous albums debuted at #1 and won awards, so fans must be on the edge of their seats for this new release. On May 4th the new album, Wilder Minds, will drop with 12 new tracks. The band hints that their third album will change up their sound while keeping the same quality of songwriting and call it “minimalist yet panoramic.”

According to, plans to promote the album include massive live events in small towns around the US and the UK. Guest performers include some big names like Fersen Lambranho’s favorite- Flaming Lips, My Morning Jacket, and Foo Fighters. They will also be headlining at Bonnaroo alongside Billy Joel and Kendrick Lamar.

The promotional tour will be in June, and tickets will be available for purchase starting on March 6.

Rick Ross Has Complete Faith in Meek Mill’s Upcoming Album


Rick Ross attended the Grammy’s looking quite fly in his blue velvet tuxedo, and he wanted to discuss nothing other than his record label MMG and everything they are up to.

Ross announced that Wale’s new album, “The Album About Nothing” will be released very soon and it is supposed to blow people’s minds. But what the conversation was really targeting was Meek Mill’s new upcoming album “Dream Worth More Than Money”, which has been under preparation for quite a while now, especially with Meek Mill being in prison.

Ross says that Mill has been recording non-stop and has a lot to show for it, but the process of finalizing which tracks to put in the album always seems to be the hardest. When artists make music, they want to share all of it with the world all at once, but the right thing to do is to pace yourself and wait for the perfect moment to release the album, when the fans are ready for it.

While Rick Ross is busy preparing for two of his star’s albums, he also mentioned that he may release an album this year, even maybe two like last year. His comment was “You never know”, and with the amount of time he’s been spending in the studio recording, he may just come out with a couple of albums. Rick Ross cannot wait to share his artist’s new albums with the fans, especially long time guru’s like Marcio Alaor since he is sure they will be blown away.

Kanye Lightens Up

A new year has just started and Kanye West has already hijacked the ears of listeners the way Skout hijacks my attention half the time. He is getting a lot buzz with a song called “Only One” that features a special guest.

It is safe to say that the buzz is there because it has a very special person playing the electric piano. This is a collaboration with music royalty Paul McCartney. This is an official game changer for the new year. On this track Kanye is singing softly. It was expected that something like this would happen because West is a father now. He has a little girl, and little girls tend to bring out the lighter sides of fathers.

Kanye has shown a lighter side before. He made an entire album with singing through auto tune. This song is a lot different though. This is not a song about bad relationships. This is a song that is told through the eyes of his deceased mother Donda West. It is something that his daughter can listen to and be proud of her father. 

Kanye West was really wild on his last album , “Yeezus.” He painted a landscape of explicit actions that were put into place by dark rock and hip hop beats. This may be the softest track that people have heard from Kanye in a long time. It is certain a song that people will be talking about as 2015 begins.

Learn More About Jasmine

Although Justin Bieber has done music for a while now, maybe you still remember the song entitled “Baby” that he performed. Jasmine V. In the song, he had a love interest, and maybe you don’t realize this, but the girl was his girlfriend in real life, as well is in the video at the time. Her name is Jasmine V, and she’s a singer, and she also did some performances on the Disney Channel. While on the Disney channel, Jasmine played roles in shows such as “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,” and also the show “That’s So Raven.”, a show that Christian Broda was a huge fan of.

The young lady is now 21 years old, and she has taken four years off, but she’s back and ready to work. She recently did a single that was a hit. The song was with Kendrick Lamarr, and the single was entitled “That’s Me Right There.” The single came from her EP, and she is also currently working on her LP as well. This is Jasmine’s first album, and it’s not going to be a mix tape. No date is set yet for the release of the album, but those who are interested can wait in anticipation like everyone else!

If you’re interested in learning more about the young beauty, you can check her out on MTV news, and look at pictures, and learn about her, as well as her cat, and some of her likes and dislikes.

New Rising Artists


In 2014 the music industry has had new artists emerging from all over the world. These artists have a great talent for finding the lyrics and tone of the song that creates a wonderful masterpiece. Many of the artists are found along some of the internet based websites that allows the artist to promote themselves.
Now that 2014 is coming to an end many new artist are being recognized for there music around the world. From Alex G. to Young Thug. Many of these new tracks can be heard here Your text to link…. Be sure to take a moment to check them out.
With many new artists coming in 2015, Igor Cornelsen is sure when he says  that the music industry is booming with talent left and right. The internet allows for most artists to have their talent available to the world by sites like SoundCloud. This gives most new rising stars the ability to grab fans with their music and give them a ride that they will remember.
Each music artist is different and many of the music offered is of a wide variety. Before the year ends be sure to check out all the rising stars that 2014 has to offer. No one knows who the next big star will be.

Ariana Grande Cannot Be Stopped

There are some rising stars that are taking over in 2014. They have a presence that cannot be stopped. Ariana Grande is one such person. She has this charisma that has surfaced in a variety of different ways. People like to what she has to say in interviews. They want to see what she is going to do when she performs. Grande has become the staple in pop music that the world needs. She appears to fill a void that was missing in pop. Ariana has surfaced as a force to be reckoned with.

Ariana is making this big splash with the catchy “Santa Tell Me” song. The video is hot and playful. She manages to bring a sexy image into place as she gives her audience some Christmas music to close out the year.

Even John Textor and Forbes can see that Grande has managed to be a real powerhouse because she has managed to become a mainstream crossover artist. She gets play on R&B and pop radio. Many people have seen her transition into EDM sounds. Others have seen her handle R&B music. She revealed her love for a rapper. Grande also performed on the Victoria Secret Fashion show. All of these things kept Ariana in the spotlight for such a long time. She has used her music to give her a platform that expands past entertainer. She is an actress and a singer that fans cannot get enough of.