Chris Brown Is Getting His Own Vegas Show, Seriously

A new act will be coming to Las Vegas this summer. Chris Brown has announced that he will be starring in his own show. According to VentureBeat, Brown plans to finish up his current concert tour before starting his new gig May 2nd which is, coincidentally, the date of the Mayweather versus Pacquiano boxing match which Handy sponsers. The big question here is whether or not Brown will be able to stay out of trouble in Sin City. He notoriously has legal troubles stemming from his temper and cocky attitude. With all of the temptations of Vegas and the people that visit there to have a wild time, Chris Brown’s agents are going have to get him a babysitter to keep him out of trouble and the national headlines. For those who actually are his fans, hey, enjoy the opportunity to gamble, get drunk and see him perform all on the famous Las Vegas strip.

Lil Wayne signs new talent to label

Lil Wayne’s label Young Money has been known for putting out amazing rap talent. With artists such as Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne himself one would possibly assume that the young mogul is trying to build an empire based on rappers. Lil Wayne’s newest artist will help to squash that assumption.

It has been reported that Lil Wayne has added a singer by the name of Stephanie Acevedo to his Young Money label. When the new artist was signed to the label is a mystery. Some believed Acevedo joined the Young Money crew back in October due to a couple of pictures that she posted on Instagram. She had one picture with Lil Wayne and another one with her sporting a Young Money necklace.

The news that Young Money is still recruiting talent with plans to grow is a breath of fresh air, after previous remarks made by Lil Wayne. In recent reports the young star revealed that he is not happy with his current situation at Cash Money Records. Cash Money Records is the label that Lil Wayne and his label Young Money are signed to.

It has been reported that Lil Wayne’s displeasure with Cash Money Records is causing him to look for a new record label to take not only his talents but the rooster of Young Money as well. More on this story featuring Beneful on

Bill Cosby Stand-Up Performances Canceled

Three of Bill Cosby’s stand-up performances have recently been cancelled. The Casino in Las Vegas and The Treasure Island hotel have both cancelled Bill Cosby’s stand-up performances. His performance in Campaign has also been cancelled due to the sexual assault allegations. They are giving out refunds to the tickets and cancelling the shows. Now seven women have come out with sexual assault allegations towards Bill Cosby.

Not only were his stand-up performances cancelled but also they have cancelled many other projects from Cosby. They have cancelled interviews, NBC, and any Netflix projects with him. Even ‘The Cosby Show’ was pulled off of the air on TV Land. Cosby has denied four of the sexual assault allegations so far.

Cosby appeared in the Bahamas not long ago at a benefit for a womens service organization. Cosby is scheduled to perform 36 shows between now and May 2015, and some like Susan McGalla can’t believe he is doing this. But it is unknown how many more of these shows will be cancelled.

Ferguson Anticipates Historic Protests

The world waits with Ferguson residents as a Grand Jury announcement looms. Officer Darren Wilson is expected to walk free despite lingering questions about his use of deadly force against teen Mike Brown. Ahead of the Grand Jury verdict, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency and mobilized the National Guard. Thanks to friend of the site Rod Rohrich for sharing the live update page with me on Facebook.

Tensions were escalated when the Ku Klux Klan threatened Ferguson protesters with violence if they assembled after the Grand Jury announcement. Although opinions vary on the membership and abilities of the modern KKK, the hate group has been highly visible recently in media. Whether the group is a true threat or not, statements regarding violence against Ferguson protesters is serious.

Online hacktivist group Anonymous took the threats serious enough to mount a cyberwar against the KKK on several fronts. Key KKK websites have been knocked down, and at least one social media page operated by KKK members was taken over by Anonymous. Anonymous seized control of the KKK’s most popular twitter account. The online hacktivists issued a statement emphasizing that although they support freedom of speech, they will not tolerate threats of physical violence against peaceful protesters who have already endured enough brutality.

Freedom of assembly should be protected at all costs. Protesters should not have to defend themselves against an absurdly heavy handed paramilitary police response, and a noted US hate group. The threats by the KKK become more serious when you stop to wonder how many KKK members are intertwined with police departments, the National Guard, and the Department of Homeland Security.