Adam Milstein Encourages Self Sufficiency And Understanding One’s Own Problem

When it comes to business and life, one is often going to be faced with some of his issues on his own. This is one of the reasons that it is important that one is able to support himself in many different aspects of life as possible. One of the people that are able to support themselves is Adam Milstein. He has managed to run a successful business because he has developed many successful character traits as well as a successful mindset. This is very helpful in not only granting him the success in many different activities, but also getting him involved in helping his community.

One thing that Adam Milstein does is take the time to understand as much as he can about the activities he is involved in and also take the time to learn how to solve different issues. One thing that Adam Milstein understands is that he can’t rely on other people to do the work for him. This is one of the reasons that he encourages people to be self sufficient. He understands that depending on others is just going to lead to disappointment and in some cases, even betrayal. Fortunately, Adam Milstein knows how to protect himself from raw deals such as that.

Adam Milstein is not only a successful entrepreneur but is also someone who is willing and able to help people that are interested in bringing about better changes for the community. He has not only given out handouts but has also set up his own foundation in order to help the community. He is not one that is willing to just give out handouts. Instead, he wants to also help people make steps towards improving their own lives in a significant and lasting way. Among the things he could teach is business skills which o towards the success of an individual.

Hussain Sajwani: Succesful Real Estate Mogul and Philanthropist

Hussain Sajwani began his career life as a Contracts Manager in GASCO, which is a subsidiary of ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company). After his brief stint with GASCO, Hussain put together his own catering business in 1982. His catering business, today, is a market leader serving 150,000 meals daily in a spread of markets including those in Africa and the Middle East.

Being an early pioneer of property market expansion in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani built several hotels for the large amounts of people, in the mid-90’s, who were arriving in the emirate to conduct trade and business deals. In 2002, Hussain established DAMAC Properties, a residential real estate developer. By taking advantage of a Dubia government decree that allowed foreigners to own property in the emirate, he bought tracts of land in an undeveloped part of town and built up from there. His first sale of a 38-story residential building, before it was even built, was impressive and took place within six months of DAMAC’s creation.

Hussain Sajwani has had plenty of business dealings with Donald Trump and their history goes back many years. A lot of their ties have to do with Trump providing golf courses and golf related services as well as real estate building to DAMAC properties and real estate development clubs. For example, in 2014 the “Trump Estates” properties were unveiled, and it includes golf courses in an island community surrounded by exclusive homes. It is a community intended for those who appreciate the best in life and have no problem paying for it.

Hussain Sajwani is also a philanthropist who has donated millions to charitable foundations , such as, the UAE Red Crescent that helps refugees in need, and the UAECompassion campaign. He feels it is not only an honor but his duty to help those out who are in the greatest need. His humanitarian efforts have helped countless numbers of people to avoid suffering.

Hussain Sajwani studied at the University of Washington and received his Bachelor’s degree in economics. He has also sat as a member of the board of the Majan University College in Muscat, Oman. He now lives his life out in Dubai with a wife and four children.


Mike Baur: Using His Entrepreneurship to Make a Difference

The entrepreneur, Mike Baur, and his company, Swiss Start Up Factory, are really making great differences in the Switzerland community and even worldwide. Mike Baur co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory. In his company, he initiated a three month, accelerator program in which offers startups with financing, mentoring, coaching, services, and access to a huge investor and entrepreneurial network. Their mission is to offer talented, young entrepreneurs in Switzerland a top professionally executed platform that guides them through a business driven and dedicated process from A to Z with milestones that are ambitious.


The Swiss Start Up Factory also provides a co-working space with affordable prices for conference rooms, office spaces, and desks. They also feature other amenities, such as a conference room, welcome area, lunch room, free WiFi, storage space, fitness room, in house film studio, and Nespresso bar.


Another service that the Swiss Startup Factory offers is the accounting and finance needs for sole proprietorships and startups. They assist with financial planning and other stats for their clients’ companies. With their team of experts, a 360 degrees of services they provide consist of payroll, cashflow management, financial reporting, bookkeeping, taxes, invoice management, and VAT-declarations.


About Mike Baur


As a teenager, Baur was already fascinated with Banking and Finance. From his younger life, he pursued his passion as his career and profession. He has earned a MBA from the University of Rochester at New York, and he earned an Executive MBA from the University of Bern.


Baur has acquired approximately 20 years in the Swiss Private Banking industry. He also advanced from being a commercial apprentice at UBS to becoming an executive board member of a big Swiss Private Bank. At the age of 39, it was 2014 when he began his entrepreneurial journey and co-founded the Swiss Start Up Factory with two partners. And as a result, his company has gain the reputation in being the No 1 Privately Financed and Independent ICT Startup Accelerator of Switzerland. Additionally, Baur works tirelessly for the Swiss, youth entrepreneurship, and he supports many Swiss Startups as a mentor and financially.


Use Talk Fusion to Add Videos Directly to your Email Messaging

Small business owners and entrepreneurs must constantly think about how to use all of the new technology in communication and marketing that is available in order to keep ahead of the competition.

Most people recognize that video is fast becoming a significant part of the online experience. Words alone are no longer enough to draw and keep potential customers’ attention. More and more small companies are searching to help to introduce video into their marketing strategy.

One of the leaders in the video communication business is Talk Fusion. This company makes video conferencing systems and broadcasting and social networking products designed to aid small companies in broadening their market reach and impact through the use of videos.

Talk Fusion has developed the world’s very first all-inclusive video marketing solution. The system was designed to help businesses increase their profits while maintaining customer loyalty and repeat business.

Talk Fusion won the 2016 Communications Solution Product of the Year Award recently from the Technology Marketing Corporation. The award honors and recognizes outstanding services in the field of voice, video, and data communications solutions.

Simple to Use

Talk Fusion is simple. When John Smith wants to send a video message to someone, he simply records it on his built-in computer Web cam or on a Flip camera. Smith then opens the Talk Fusion portal on his computer, finds the saved-video file and uploads it.

When Smith is ready to send that video out, he goes to the saved file, downloads it to a video email, and he’s ready to launch. He can use his company logo to brand the message and he can also use a pre-made template from a library of forms provided by Talk Fusion.

Once he’s combined the video and added the text, Smith has the option of sending the email to an individual or as a bulk send to thousands of individuals in his address file.

Because the videos are stored Talk Fusion’s site, then can re-used over and over. Talk Fusion can also provide hundreds of pre-made videos with generic messages in case you decide not to make your own.

Thirty Day Free Trial

This past April, Talk Fusion launched a 30 day Free Trail program in nine different languages to over 140 countries. Prospective customers anywhere in the world now have the opportunity to try the Talk Fusion’s all-in-one Video Marketing Solution completely risk-free for 30 days.

It took the team at Talk Fusion more than a year to bring this free trail to the market place. They strongly feel that prospective customers should be given the opportunity to fully understand all of the benefits that Talk Fusion’s video marketing system offers before purchasing their product.

Low Cost Program

The cost of the Talk Fusion video marketing system is extremely low.

The basic service is priced at a one-time fee of $175. The ongoing fee is only $20 per month. This basic service account user gets one account, storage for 1,000 emails and the ability to make unlimited videos lasting up to five minutes each.

There is an old adage that says, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Talk Fusion now makes it possible for you to cash in on that truism.

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The Mastery of Organo Gold Explained

Bernardo Chua is a global entrepreneur that rose to business success from obscurity as an entry-level employee in the Philippines. Bernardo Chua used unsurpassable business approaches’ and built his company Organo Gold up to an international success. As he rose to the top, Chua was proactively conscientious of abandoning people he works with behind, influencing them to share the triumph as the company climbs to further heights of success.

The master entrepreneur began as an employee for Gano Excel’s Philippines location, then transferred to the USA branch in California to manage this office in 2003. Chua possessed a great deal of knowledge about the herb Ganoderma Lucidium herb and out-reached the applications of this ingredient to include coffee and tea beverages to Gano Excel’s product line. In 2008 Chua left to start his own company Organo Gold. The company launched from Canada in the area of Vancouver, British Columbia. The humble start-up only initiated with three employees. Currently, Organo Gold operates out of 35 international locations with thousands of staff members and distributors.

Organo Gold was founded focused on creating healthier beverage choices for individuals who wish to achieve equilibrium, wellness, and opulence in their lives. Perseverance and dedication to success bring many business achievement awards to Chua. He was the recipient of the Direct Sales Company Executive of the Year several times and in 2014 received his first Business and Industry Dangal ng Bayan Award.

Chua traveled with two employees to Manilla, Philippines in 2015 to attend an awards ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by the National Consumer Affairs Foundation. There, Chua was acknowledged as Outstanding Global Entrepreneur. In addition, he accumulated two Dangal ng Bayan awards. The Organo Gold company also took the Number One Global Marketing Company award along with two People’s Choice awards for its outstanding healthy and organic coffee. The People’s Choice awards recognize the elite professionals of various industries and products for their exemplary offerings to customers.  Follow Bernardo on Twitter @OGBernie, as well as his Facebook page.

Human Resource Manager Brian Bonar Is Honored By The Cambridge Who’s Who

Corporations can’t return to the good old days when employees stayed around until they retired. Change is the word of the day in the current workforce. Employees are moving from company to company more now than ever before, and corporations are having a difficult time keeping their employees happy. Technology has also been a major factor in the way employees look at their jobs. The 2008 recession did more to hurt the image of workers than any other event in recent history. Corporations are faced with an enormous challenge, and many of those companies are turning to Dalrada Financial Corporation for help. The reason corporations are enlisting the help of Dalrada to solve their human resource issues is easily explained. Brian Bonar is the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada and his reputation is well known across the country. The San Diego entrepreneur is considered one of the best human resource managers in the country, and Dalrada Financial Corporation is Bonar’s baby.

Bonar told recently that corporations have to do more with less. Bonar explained that Dalrada Financial helps companies do more with less by redefining responsibilities and staff roles. Brian Bonar also said that companies are changing their systems and redefining the services they offer to employees and their customers. Employees like to make quick decisions, but those decisions have to conform to the corporate mentality, and the two don’t always jive, according to Bonar. The need for a flexible, clean and open work environment is essential today, and Dalrada Financial helps clients reorganize to achieve their human resource and financial goals.

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All About Brian Bonar, Leader and Executive

Brian Bonar –

The Cambridge Who’s Who recently honored Bonar by naming him one of the four people across the country that meet the requirements of the Cambridge Who’s Who achievement honor. Two women and two men are honored every year for displaying character, integrity and the desire to go one step beyond the norm to reach their goals. Bonar is considered a prime example of an honoree. The San Diego-based Bonar has done a lot for corporations that need human resource expertise, but he has also helped the city of San Diego become a leading tourist attraction. Bonar recently made a dent in the restaurant community in San Diego by opening a French Bistro in a town that thrives on Mexican cuisine. Bonar also plans to open an entertainment venue not far from Old Town, and that will also change the face of the city.

Brian Bonar has accomplished a great deal in the 30 plus years he has been involved in the human resource and financial industry, but he considers his charitable work his greatest achievement and the people of San Diego agree with him. 

Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Laidlaw & Company lays out Investment Options for you.

Investment banking has endured a sea change over the last few years but a few companies still stand tall in the crowd. While many companies are consolidating or folding, some are gaining in prominence. One of those firms is Laidlaw & Company.

Laidlaw & Company is one of the leading investment banking firms with offices in Europe and the US. The company has over 170 years of expertise as an independent investment bank. It has provided its financial advice for public and private companies as well as high-net worth individuals. The firm now has over 150 professionals.

The company is particularly proud of its wealth management unit. The unit offers a number of investment and management options including stocks, bonds, insurance, tax protection and retirement planning. These advisers help to steer clients through the rough waters of global finance to preserve and grow wealth. During the financial crisis in 2008, many clients were saved from catastrophic losses due to the foresight of the advisers at Laidlaw.

Today, many new clients are coming to Laidlaw because they always keep the highest fiduciary standard. Whether it is with their corporate clients or their wealth management clients, people can trust in the advice and counsel of the firm. Because of its enduring brand and track record, the firm will be around for a long time to come.

Helane Morrison: The Compliance Mentor of San Francisco

It takes a particular individual to keep up moral trustworthiness all through their whole lifetime. I cannot stop myself from remembering the good works of Helane Morrison. I cannot bring myself to ignore her remarkable qualities. Her character, perseverance and organization abilities provide a strong demonstration of her abilities. Surely, Morrison will reliably be on the precise 50% of history. It wasn’t long until the government took notice of her personal capacities.


The compliance bit of corporate transactions is increasingly gaining relevance. Firms avoid contradicting regulative statutes because of the danger of disavowal of licenses and fines. Moreover, the proximity to different governmental bodies in each industry requires the arrangement of firm departments. Helane Morrison has turned into the mother of compliance issues in the San Francisco region over the present decade.


Her skill in this division started while she served as a director of the Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco. Morisson ascended the positions and in the end turned into the top female executive of the division. Amid her residency, Helane built up a firmly sew consistence base for the SEC. She supervised various states in the Northwest. Her standard zones of operation included control and approval of securities exchange, furthermore arraignment.


She additionally has extensive experience with Law accordingly her capacity to release every one of these obligations.


Helane Morisson went to the Berkeley School of Law at California University where she was a dynamic legal undertakings essayist and supervisor. Before that, she had figured out how to graduate with a Degree in Journalism from the Northwestern University. She went ahead to manufacture her profession in law somewhere around 1986 and 1996.


Lobby Capital, a speculation Bank in San Francisco has been the center of Helane’s opportunity since 2007. She accepts the part of a Managing Director accountable for Legal and Compliance issues. She works with two other ladies in charge of the association and her time there has gone before critical accomplishment. Apparently, Helane Morrison’s informed character and experience imply that she can undoubtedly impact the compliance sector.


She in this way shares her insights through creativity. Together with her associates and professionals, they have distributed journals and books in compliance. A case of such materials talked about strength in showcasing and gathering pledges and was the aftereffect of a meeting held in 2012. For Helane’s situation, covetous eyes are thrown on her celebrated profession and now holds up to see the move she could make in future.

Brian Bonar Breaks Into San Diego Cuisine With Bellamys

Brian Bonar has come over from Scotland to produce the best European food for people in the suburban San Diego area. Bellamys is sitting right in Escondido, and it fits in with the area because Brian Bonar selected the right name and style for the restaurant. he wanted to fit in with all the old places that were already downtown, and he also wanted to make sure that people felt like he as part of the community. He started with this restaurant to help establish the European cuisine that he wanted to make, and now he is expanding throughout southern California.

There are a lot of people who are trying to get into his restaurants to try the food, and he is making more places where people will be able to come to try his new take on European cuisine. He came over from Scotland hoping to make the kind of food that he likes, and he made sure that he started with something that everyone would want. He has a bar in the restaurant that has regulars, and it still feels old like the other family businesses that are in the area.

People who come to there are going to partake in a lot of good stuff that they will find for the first time, and then they might be interested in coming out to his ranch location for special events. The kitchen at that location is something that Brian Bonar has described as his dream, and he is going to have his head chef out there making the food in the way that it should be made. People need to make sure that they are going to come out for a special party or a wedding to see how good the food is going to be, and they will notice that there is a lot that can be done to help them make their events perfect.

There are people in the San Diego area who are falling in love with the food that Brian Bonar makes, and he is getting a following based on what he is making downtown in Escondido. People can get there pretty easily to have a meal, and then they can drive back into San Diego if they want to.

A report from San Diego Magazine indicates that everyone has their own idea of what great food is, but no one can deny that Brian Bonar is making some of the best food in the area. Reviews on his dishes are amazing, and they love the way that he makes his restaurants feel special. The food has a taste of Europe that is hard to get in many places in California, and it is very accessible from anywhere in the San Diego area.


Igor Cornelsen: Preparing for the Future

Igor Cornelsen is someone that always has his eye on the future and making sure the people he works with are well-equipped and prepare for whatever the future throws their way. That’s the funny thing about the future. As much as we might think we know about it, we really don’t. We can try and guess, predict, and figure out what is around the corner, but it’s unpredictable. With Igor Cornelsen working by your side, he can help investors make the right long-term investments on As they often say, if you take care of the present, the future will take care of itself as well.

Igor Cornelsen talks to talk about something known as a passive income. Why this works is there is no direct involvement. Oftentimes, it is too hard complicated for people to understand or comprehend the ins and outs of investing. Sometimes they just throw their hands in the air and give up, out of pure frustration. As we all know, that isn’t the answer. Instead, with passive income, it allows you to focus on other things and let your money work for you and do its job. All it requires is that you check in on it once in a while, which isn’t too heavy of a commitment, if you ask me.

Another thing Igor Cornelsen has talked about is people not having enough time. Time is valuable these days, especially when it is vital that you make time for your wife and children. With Continuous Flow of Income, it is working for you, without a ton of time required. It still requires effort on, but it won’t drain you or leave you exhausted. However, it still keeps the money coming in, which is what everybody wants and needs these days. You can never have enough of it. It’s not being greedy. It’s just practical and smart.

That is why it is so important to listen to Igor Cornelsen, because if you look online, there are more than enough articles and information on the man. He is willing to give out his years of experience to people. Igor Cornelsen is not a selfish man or only looking out for his own interests. He truly cares about people and wants them to have the best things possible. That is what makes him a unique human being and a rare person in today’s society. He knows how important it is to have that security.