The Chainsmokers’ s Sick Boy Hits the Charts

The Chainsmokers have been topping the charts for more than two years. Way back, they reached the top ten I 2015 with their song Roses, which led them to sashay their way on the top list of music billboards. Chainsmokers is a duo composed of Alex Paul and Drew Taggart who conquered the music world with their hit songs such as Closer (featuring Halsey), Don’t Let Me Down (with Daya), Something Like This and Paris.

Keeping in tune with their success, The Chainsmokers was expected to follow up with their conventional top rating tunes and songs that their fans love. However, Pall and Taggart embraced the darker side of music, which their fans have accepted and supported as well.

Recently they presented Sick Boy, which gave the duo their next career segment. Before they performed at the New York City’s Conrad Hotel where they granted a short interview regarding their latest hit Sick Boy. Drew Taggart admits that the tune for Sick Boy is more on the dark side. According to Taggart, the song is fundamentally about getting to know oneself and how this is related to being famous and hype on the social media. While Drew Taggart respects all the people business on Instagram, he would like to invite everybody to hear the lyrics of their new music and understand what the song is all about.

The Chainsmokers is a duo between Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The breakthrough in their career came in 2014 with their song #Selfie that went to the top 20 single of numerous countries. Their EP debut that came out in October 2015 – Bouquet showcased the song Roses that achieved a top ten rank on the Billboard Hot 100 of the U.S. Next came Don’t Let Me Down their primary top five single, which won the Best Dance Recording Grammy Awards given at the 59th ceremony awards. And then Closer which is their undisputed number one single on the charts.

Alexander “Alex” Pall is 32 is from New York, and Andrew “Drew” Taggart is 28 from Freeport, Maine. The genre of their music is EDM, electro pop, and pop.

Who is the driving force behind Tidal?

Desiree Perez and Tidal

Who is Des Perez?
In the highly competitive, fast-changing world of music, it’s hard to stand out these days. The businesses that do well now have to be innovative, smart and driven, and they have to be able to stay up with times that change in the blink of an eye. One of the companies that is really making a mark these days, however, is Tidal.

A Musical Renaissance

Right now Tidal is knocking it out of the park with a string of huge hits from its creative co-owners, Rihanna, T.I., Beyonce and Kanye West.

The amazing thing is that Tidal is having this breakthrough during a time of upheaval at the company. Several major executives have left the company (Tidal now has its third CEO, Jeff Toig from SoundCloud), and all of this has left many wondering just who exactly is behind this string of hits?

Industry insiders point to Desiree Perez as the key person behind Tidal’s current dealings. Perez has been a close associate of Jay Z for almost twenty years, and her resume includes a long period of running SC Enterprises. Perez’s husband, “OG” Juan Perez also runs Roc Nation Sports.

There’s no doubt that Desiree Perez is one of the smartest and toughest negotiators around, and she is said to be behind the deals for Beyonce’s current Formation stadium tour and Rihanna’s recent agreement with Samsung.

One of the innovations behind the success of Tidal is its focus on attracting young consumers (as well as future corporate buyers). Right now this streaming service is competing with Spotify and Apple Music, who without question have much deeper pockets than Tidal.

To stay competitive on a tighter budget, Tidal is going with innovation. Tidal is looking out for what is fresh and hot, rather than relying on a costly catalog of hits. Much of the success of this focus can be credited to Jay’s leadership and his amazing taste in music. He also knows a lot about having solid relationships with artists, and all of this is paying off big in Tidal’s current success.

Brian Bonar Breaks Into San Diego Cuisine With Bellamys

Brian Bonar has come over from Scotland to produce the best European food for people in the suburban San Diego area. Bellamys is sitting right in Escondido, and it fits in with the area because Brian Bonar selected the right name and style for the restaurant. he wanted to fit in with all the old places that were already downtown, and he also wanted to make sure that people felt like he as part of the community. He started with this restaurant to help establish the European cuisine that he wanted to make, and now he is expanding throughout southern California.

There are a lot of people who are trying to get into his restaurants to try the food, and he is making more places where people will be able to come to try his new take on European cuisine. He came over from Scotland hoping to make the kind of food that he likes, and he made sure that he started with something that everyone would want. He has a bar in the restaurant that has regulars, and it still feels old like the other family businesses that are in the area.

People who come to there are going to partake in a lot of good stuff that they will find for the first time, and then they might be interested in coming out to his ranch location for special events. The kitchen at that location is something that Brian Bonar has described as his dream, and he is going to have his head chef out there making the food in the way that it should be made. People need to make sure that they are going to come out for a special party or a wedding to see how good the food is going to be, and they will notice that there is a lot that can be done to help them make their events perfect.

There are people in the San Diego area who are falling in love with the food that Brian Bonar makes, and he is getting a following based on what he is making downtown in Escondido. People can get there pretty easily to have a meal, and then they can drive back into San Diego if they want to.

A report from San Diego Magazine indicates that everyone has their own idea of what great food is, but no one can deny that Brian Bonar is making some of the best food in the area. Reviews on his dishes are amazing, and they love the way that he makes his restaurants feel special. The food has a taste of Europe that is hard to get in many places in California, and it is very accessible from anywhere in the San Diego area.


Jon Urbana Has More Flair Than Beyonce, Say His Twitter Followers

Jon Urbana is an inspiring human being. He is the founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp which is a youth lacrosse camp located in Colorado that is dedicated to refine the specific skill sets that each player has in their position. The kids that participate in the camp get instruction from top coaches and also some of the best professional players. Jon Urbana played lacrosse on the college level where he gained honors as an All-American defensive player at Villanova University. He took this passion and developed it into a way to help others and inspire kids to achieve their goals and develop their talents.

Jon Urbana lives his life pursuing his passions and inspiring others to do the same. Besides lacrosse, Jon is an avid photography, musician, pilot, and business entrepreneur. He shares his passions and talents through most of the common social media platforms and is a must follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Photography is something that many of us take part in because of the access to great digital technology, but it takes an eye to capture special moments in time and skill to do it with the right lighting and angles. Jon’s Twitter history shows that he has a great eye for snapping beautiful pictures of everything to do with nature, the animal kingdom, and humanity. His Instagram account will give you a great idea of what some of his work is about.

Music is also a passion for Jon Urbana and he has a wonderful ear for remixing in a new age and electronic sound. His tracks some of which are even originals can be followed on his SoundCloud account where he is starting to gain quite a following of enthusiasts of his work.

Publishing unique video is also something that we can enjoy from Jon Urbana. His Vimeo channel is full of great high quality video’s showing some of Jon’s interests and adventures. His channel page is a great place to also find links to everything Jon does online.

Living a life to it’s fullest potential is something we all aspire to achieve. Jon Urbana is a man that puts himself out there for everyone to see and he does so with the effort of helping others and giving back to his community.

Beat It Billy Jean

To all of you who thought Michael Jackson was dead… It is time to get Trilled he is back. Well at least in Brazil, that is. A very talented man by the name of Sergio Cortes has been paying tribute to “The King” for over 20 years. So even after is unexpected death his memory lives on in Sergio Cortes’s performances. Sergio’s was born in Barcelona where his life story began. He was so infatuated with Michael Jackson’s performances that he moved to Gary, Indiana where he was raised. Ever since Sergio was a teenager, he spent countless hours practicing his ever move and dance step and has nailed the Moon Walk down to a tee. The thousands of fans that follow him can attest that his hard work and dedication has paid off in making him one of South America’s most sought after Michael Jackson impersonators. Sergio is an employee of Destiny Projects which is a company that not only manages but specializes in artistic development. If you were a fan of Michael Jackson then you need to travel to Brazil, South America and get tickets to his concert. People think Sergio Cortes is the most Authentic Michael Jackson look a like that he even dresses in the same style as Michael. If you are a Facebook user you can go check out his page. He has videos you can view and over 9 thousand followers. You can also find him all over YouTube. Some people even mistake Sergio’s video’s for Michael’s video’s. To all you Twitter followers you can find him here as well. As of today, November 2, 2015, he has more than 800 followers.

People hope to soon see Sergio Cortes in a world wide tour. He brings Michael back to life in every way he walks, talks, moves, dances and sings.

He is the total package deal. If you have never had the pleasure of seeing Michael in concert Sergio Cortes is probably the closest thing you will ever see to seeing Michael in concert. He has performed every song Michael has every sang. Some people even think that Sergio is really Michael’s long lost twin brother. It is said that Sergio will premiere at the show in Las Vegas.

Make no mistake about it, we miss Michael dearly and he will never be forgotten. Sergio
Cortes will help keep Michael in our hearts living on through him and his talents.

MJ Impersonator Keeps Things Lively

Sergio Cortes has become the Michael Jackson impersonator that everyone wants to see. He pulls out all the stops and presents a performance that is the filled with electrifying numbers. Everyone that has been able to see Sergio Cortes perform has become a fan of his. There are a lot of people that have tried and failed to present Michael Jackson and the light that Sergio Cortes has presented Jackson in. Old people that have seen a performance by Sergio through Internet videos is going to be interested in trying to find tickets for this tour. He has to outfits and the dance moves that make you applaud his ability to create an entire world that is a true reflection of Michael Jackson.

It makes sense perfect sense to take interest in someone who performs at such a high magnitude. He has for great ability to entertain and put fans in a state of comfort as they watch one of the best MJ imitators in the business. There are many impersonators that may do a great impression of a particular Michael Jackson song. They may have a strong desire to entertain fans with certain dance moves that Jackson was known for. What these impersonators have in common is there a limited ability to only present a portion of what Jackson did when he was alive. What Sergio Cortes has been able to do is provide an expanded look at the career of Jackson over the years. He has the ability to make it look easy as he takes on some of the past dance numbers and that Jackson performed when he was alive.

He is all about the energy and attitude of impersonators. Sergio has been able to sort out the songs that people remember most about Jackson. He is taking the songs and creating a show that sort of tells the story of the life Jackson through music. Fans that have been able to see Sergio Cortes on the stage are glad someone finally stepped up and decided to carry the MJ torch. They really do believe in him and what he is able to do. Sergio also has the ability and a strong desire to make each MJ impersonator show better than the last. This is the thing that is serves as the driving force and allows him to present himself to new crowds over and over again.

Man in the Mirror: Talented Impersonator Sergio Cortes Gives Convincing Perfomance As Michael Jackson

The passing of pop star and music legend, Michael Jackson, left a huge gap in the music industry. Many have attempted to duplicate Michael Jackson’s signature style as impersonators. Many have tried to successfully imitate the way Michael Jackson acts, walks and talks and have found it is quite a challenge. Add to that trying to duplicate a master performers vocal quality and vocal range and you will find that this challenge has been mastered by the impersonator, Sergio Cortes. On stage he is known as Sergio Jackson and he is attracting the attention of die-hard Michael Jackson fans everywhere. Cortes has gained immense popularity in his native country of Brazil. Fans claim that when he sings, it is hard to distinguish his voice from that of Michael Jackson himself. He is even able to accurately hit the high notes that Jackson was famous for. Cortes has also mastered dancing and moving in the exact style of Michael Jackson, who was known for his signature dancing ability. Some Michael Jackson fans are convinced that Cortes is the real thing and they are in awe of his believability. Cortes himself has been a huge Michael Jackson fan since childhood. He and his brothers enjoyed listening to Jackson’s music and as they watched Jackson perform on television they would attempt to mimic the dance moves. Cortes keeps his audience captured not only with his ability to sing and dance like Jackson, but also by duplicating his style of dress and his personality. There are countless YouTube videos available to get a glimpse of the magic he performs as he energetically and gracefully begins to convince you that he is the “King of Pop.” He has an amazing amount of talent and you can see how much he enjoys performing as he engages the audience in an experience to help them remember the master musician. Many people were unable to attend a concert performed by the original Michael Jackson, and Cortes is able to provide them with a second chance to enjoy the experience. Others who have attended concerts in the past are able to relive their treasured experience. Since Jackson’s death, many have tried to capture the essence of Michael Jackson, but one is rising above them all, master impersonator Sergio Cortes.

Sergio Cortes Is Keeping The Michael Jackson Experience Alive

Michael Jackson, also known as the King of Pop, passed away tragically on June 25, 2009. With his death, fans around the world mourned the loss of an R&B legend. While no one will ever replace the man who created the Moonwalk, a great impersonator allows us to still enjoy the Michael Jackson experience. When it comes to finding the very best MJ impersonator, you have to travel to Barcelona, Spain, to see Sergio Cortes, or Sergio Jackson, his stage name.

Sergio Cortes – Best Michael Jackson Impersonator on the Planet

For those that want to see MJ perform again but can’t travel to Barcelona, you will be glad to know the work of this nearly identical impersonator is available to watch on YouTube and social media sites. Fans of Cortes unanimously agree he is the best MJ impersonator on the planet. Cortes notoriety as the best impersonator on the planet is credited to his dedication to the craft.

Cortes has Made Impersonation a Full-Time Career

Sergio Cortes began impersonating Michael Jackson as a teenager and has mastered the way the soulful singer walked, talked, and acted on stage. In fact, if you weren’t well aware of the fact that Jackson died in 2009, you may not immediately realize you weren’t watching the real deal when Cortes in on stage.

In 2012, people around the world began to take notice of the impersonator after he performed at the 2012 Michael Jackson Tribute Show, in Madrid Spain. Cortes’ physical appearance is very similar to the King of Pop, and his voice is nearly identical. It’s also obvious that Cortes loves his job. After all, who wouldn’t want to pretend he was the best-known R&B singer in the world for at least a day.

Michael Jackson Impersonator Recreates any MJ Hit

If you have a favorite MJ song, you’ll be glad to know Sergio Cortes can handle it. The skilled impersonator can recreate any hit including everything from Smooth Criminal to the infamous Thriller. Not only can Cortes perfectly emulate the late singer’s voice but he has also mastered his moves too, including the gravity defying Moonwalk.

Learn More About MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortez

If you love music, you must have heard about a singer called Michael Jackson, who is very popular for his production of good quality music. Many people would have loved to see him perform, but unfortunately, he died not long ago. If you had such a dream, you should not be disappointed. This is because impersonators will ensure you get the same thrilling experiences you would have received if Michael Jackson was alive.

It is a well-known fact that many people love to be imitated rather than being flattered. The case surrounding Michael Jackson is an excellent example of how true those words are. Many people have tried imitating Michael Jackson, but very few have been able to provide a perfect imitation of Jackson. It has been hard to many imitators to copy Jackson’s talent as a singer and also his character as an individual. Sergio Cortes has managed to work hard to become the best in the field of impersonation. When it comes to imitating Michael Jackson, Sergio Cortes has no comparison. He resembles Michael to very tiny details.

On the web, there are plenty of videos showing many of those imitations. If you have taken time out of your busy schedule to watch them, you must have realized how Sergio has dramatically improved his impersonation. He is now at a different level because some people even now confuse him with the legendary Michael Jackson. His imitation of the singing abilities of Michael Jackson is on the spot. At the same time, he has managed to create a perfect image like that of Michael. While performing, he can hold his group of an audience in the palm of his hand at the same time mesmerizing them with his wit and magical ability. He is traveling all over the world to deliver happiness to the Michael Jackson supporters who were deeply saddened by his death. He has come to fill the void that has existed since the demise of Jackson.

Sergio’s impersonation skills are impeccable. He is capable of imitating Jackson’s moves, voice, and looks. This has made him be a popular figure in Brazil, and his fame is now spreading across the globe. Just recently, he performed at Jackson’s Nature Tribute that was held in Milan, Italy. The main purpose of the event was to remember the life of Michael Jackson. Currently, for Sergio, the sky is now the limit because he has great career and opportunities ahead of him.

Pulse Evolution Company Announces its 2nd Quarter Results to The World

News that were originally reported on PR Web indicate that the Pulse Evolution Corporation today reported its results for its 2nd fiscal quarter that ended in December 31, 2014. Apart from today’s filing, the organization has announced its intention to file, in addition to the remaining 2015 important financials, an S-1 registration statement. This is in connection with the underwritten public offering and the listing to the national stock exchange.

Pulse Evolution company is a recognized pioneer and the leading developer of the hyper- realistic digital humans. The company is recognized for producing animated digital human likeness of Michael Jackson, the late famous musician. The animation appeared in a live performance in the Billboards Music Awards in May 18, 2014. It was seen by millions of television fans and it actually generated over 2400 articles for news and very many internet impressions. The company was founded by the world’s top leading executives and the producers of photorealistic digital humans.

While commenting about the reporting periods, John Textor, the company’s executive chairman told the press that he was pleased by the business and the technology outcome in the initial stages. The company has actually established itself as the one of those that is leading in the early market. The corporation has invested a lot in order to become the leading developer.

The Company does not only perform for their fans on stage or in film, but they also try representing individual consumers such as digital likeness avatars. in realistic and in fantasy form, they appear and interact on behalf of the consumer, either in electronic ,social media,mobile communication, video games and sometimes virtual reality.

The Total operating costs for the 3 and 6 months that ended in December 31, 2014 were $3,452,673 and $7, 024, 76. The Net loss attributable to the shareholders, for the three months and six months, the same year, were $3,292,373and $6,511,536 respectively. The proceeds emerging from the sale of stock during the three and six months, same year, were$2,096,588 and $4,253,309. Proceeds realized from the selling of the preferred and common stock that was sold from two separate strategic partnerships was$5,020,000.

Some significant amounts of the corporation’s expenses are channeled to the development of the digital likeness assets. The company has also devoted some resources to the improvement of software, relationships and strategies.